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  1. PXG Irons 0311XF Gen2 with Aerotech SteelFiber Regular Flex Shafts and Midsize Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grips, 4 iron - Gap Wedge These irons were purchased new from PXG and used very little. My FIL has been a Ping guy most of his life but wanted to try something different. Even though he really liked these clubs he just couldn't get over looking down and not seeing a Ping iron. He played two rounds with these and used them at the range 3 times. Some of them haven't even been hit. No wear on the grips and the shafts were a $55 per club upgrade. All in all this is a really really clean setup of nearly new irons. $1,200.00 New Price $1,050.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Paypal goods and services only.
  2. I have been a person that tinkers with everything, swing and clubs included. I'm currently a 9 hcp lowest ever and I believe it is 100% because I am able to play and practice more and has nothing to do with the tinkering. So as I'm getting better I'm trying to force myself to stops making changes. I'm selling all my extra clubs and putters and have settled on one set. I've stopped watching youtube swing tips and am really just trying to improve with the clubs and the swing that I have. I love buying shiny new clubs and will miss that but I also really enjoy the process of getting better so I'm excited for the change.
  3. Paypal G&S only, prices include shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Sold Phantom 5.5 - Bought new this year. I gamed it for a few rounds and really wanted it to be "the one" but it was not. 34" Super Stroke Grip - $425 to your door Sold Phantom 11.5 - Bought new this year while I waited on the 5.5. I had it cut down from 35" to 34" and did not change the weights. 34" Super Stroke Grip - $375 to your door Both putters are in like new condition other than the grips being changed and the 11.5 being cut down. Did not use the headcovers so they truly look brand new.
  4. I agree put the dot on the LaGrange instead of the line and its perfection.
  5. This beauty arrived today. Not sure the pictures will do it justice but this is probably the prettiest finish color I've ever seen.
  6. Used Ping G425 LST. I bought it new and have used it for the last 4 or 5 months. Rogue Aldia 70 Stiff Shaft. Stock headcover and a Pingman Headcover, both included. $375 shipped in the US. Paypal Goods and Services Only
  7. I think practicing on a green is essential to really improve putting but I put on the carpet at home a lot and use a mirror to help with consistently. Anything that helps you get a repeatable stoke and motivates you to practice more is going to be helpful.
  8. Ordered a set of T100s first week of September and still waiting. I'm currently playing the previous model T200's and I had to send my six iron in almost a month ago because something came loose on it. Nothing was moveable on the back of the iron so I'm guessing it was the internal weights. Anyway it was supposed to be back this week but the golf shop says Titleist doesn't show it to be shipped yet. I don't think the delay would be directly related to delay's with new clubs but it appears nothing with Titleist is moving quick these days.
  9. I do think its the spin around the green that's keeping me from really liking the left dash. There just isn't much of it. The crazy pricing on the left dots are tough to swallow. I'm going to try to the left dash again this weekend and then maybe give the 2021Prov1 a shot. Good times.
  10. Congrats. That's an awesome accomplishment.
  11. I played 27 holes with the left dash ProV1X. In general its shorter than the AVX especially with the irons but it flies so straight. I shot 6 over for 18 on Sunday with a triple on one par four. In other words played one of the best rounds of my life with the left dash but I'm still on the fence. I'm going to try it again this weekend and see if I can duplicate those results.
  12. I paid my deposit and did not hear back from her until she was ready to start the design process. From that point to delivery was about two weeks. Full process took about 2.5 months. Worth the wait though.
  13. I ordered June 28th and recieved it today. Not quick but not 6 months. The made to order aspect takes some time. Of the two I think Swag slightly edges out Hatch. The material swag uses is very sturdy. Feels like it will last forever. The hatch I have is actually blue birdie which i believe is the same people just different names it they do have different styles now so they may use different materials also. All three of these options are high quality products.
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