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  1. Has anyone ever gamed this setup?? How did it go and what was your split?
  2. Does any other companies make versions of irons like ping does with their power spec? Or is it just a custom build?
  3. Hey guys my 14 year old daughter is looking to start golf. Is there any videos or advice on how I can get her started. I was self taught and I don’t want to teach her my ways. She can hit the pw 30yrds straight but lacks a full swing and troubles with the grip. thanks all in advance
  4. bubs126

    1020 irons

    Unsure if this should be here or golf tech. Also may have already exists but I could not find it in the search but is there a list of all the 1020 carbon irons out there?
  5. Looking at building a set of sub 70 irons. Thinking on doing graphite. Since they are lighter should I go from stiff steel to x-stiff graphite due to a faster swing speed??
  6. I have never knew this existed!!
  7. I know I asked this about blades but mostly mb style blades. Not cb.
  8. So then that leads me to the next question out of the players distance irons (doesn't have to be this years) which to each person do they find the softest and furthest? I know that lowest lofts don't always mean the furthest but.... Also ones that don't give any flight height difficulty.
  9. So pretty much anything from the new players distance category is what I should be looking at?
  10. Hey all, looking to try some new irons from my 710cb and maybe gain a few yards. Anyone know of any stronger lofted blades/players irons I should look into. Never really liked the bulky club head irons (g710, ap2 etc). Thanks in advance!!
  11. bubs126

    CB TO MB

    > @balls_deep said: > BUT WHY. Honestly, I don't think you gain anything in feel but he CB is drastically more forgiving on slight mishits. If I were you, I'd grab a set of 718 or 716 CB and call it a day. I use a 46 vokey in lieu of a set PW because I hit it better/it feels better. If you really want to, combo in 8-PW in MB but the CB feels amazing, looks amazing, and is forgiving. Everyone, including pros, need a bit of forgiveness. I agree, if im improving why change. Some MB look beautiful and Just wondering what would have more of a size face and top line as a vokey.
  12. bubs126

    CB TO MB

    Should I stay or should I go? I have improved my game and was thinking about switching from my 710 CB to a MB? Has anyone made a switch like so and if so how did it go? Any certain models I should look at? (Looking for a club that resembles a vokey wedge) 215yrds with 4 iron 180 with 6 iron Thanks in advance!
  13. Check out twoguyswithballs.com nicely priced and the eagles are damn near brand new.
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