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  1. Good luck. Hope you make it and report back with the news.
  2. http://thesandtrap.com/b/clubs/miura_cb-501_and_blade_2007_irons_review Some decent photographs.
  3. [quote name='youngwaldo' timestamp='1304171585' post='3197908'] [quote name='agentXIV' timestamp='1304105784' post='3196613'] [quote name='oldpalmbum' timestamp='1304103062' post='3196529'] [quote name='jeremy83' timestamp='1304097626' post='3196313'] [b] I was just look at the pic's of 2011 Heritage Classic Tuesday Pics Part 3, and i seen that Francesco Molinari was play the new set of vr pro combo's but his 8i-pw are not blades. has anyone else seen this.. does anyone know if nike is planing on making a vr pro split set. [/b] [/quote] they r tour only [/quote]
  4. 983k is still my gamer so that gets my vote. Truly sweet.
  5. [quote name='Jeph62' timestamp='1303576996' post='3179278'] [quote name='saleamua' timestamp='1303569098' post='3179011'] Sweet Proto's. Look like either -14s or -29s, but without the model # or the Mizuno script. [/quote] Thanks, I'm having a hard time actually getting rid of them. [/quote] Hi Jeph, I'll take them if you will PM me regarding shipping and PP ID. Milo.
  6. Jackie Gleason. Pampered tour players wouldn't know what hit them. Shame he's no longer with us. Might have considered Feherty but he's turned into a butt-kissing yes man. The box needs someone with the danglies to call out rubbish play or poor behaviour.
  7. If I had to I would put it on Woods. But I think there might be a youngun take the title this year.
  8. If, for any reason, these come back I would be interested to buy them.
  9. Played forged and became fed up with them being dinged all the time so I switched to cast and played R7TP for a year until I was craving a better feel and moved back to MP37s. Current set is 690.MB and I am resigned to the dings but tempted to try the S56.
  10. Does anyone think Scratch took a hit to their reputation from RM leaving just days after Ari stated he wasn't going anywhere?
  11. So much for the post from Scratch just a few days ago saying that Ryan Moore was going nowhere. I hope Sergio stays with TM, sorts out his love life and gets the game back. Still young and could certainly hoover up some major titles if his head is right.
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