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  1. Got it with the stock Recoil 95 and figured I'd swap it out asap for something else. Didn't have time to before my first round with it, and found zero reason to switch. Obviously do what fits your game, but even bone stock, the club was perfect for me.
  2. See, I didn't think it was bad, coming from a PXG driving iron. The Srixon beat it in every way, shape or form. I will say I haven't hit the U500, only quickly looked at them, and haven't seen or hit the Honma in person. I love the ZX irons too. Combo set is going to be kicking my gamers out of the bag. Srixon has always bad great looking irons, but man, this ZX line is good (for me).
  3. ZX utility might honestly be my favorite club in the bag. Point and shoot. So much forgiveness, solid distance, and it just wants to go straight. Big ups to Srixon on this whole line.
  4. Two things up for sale today. No trades: First is a set of PXG Gen 3 Combo Set HEADS ONLY. 4 - PW. 5-pw was ordered through club champion (specs attached) and 4 was ordered direct from PXG. 4 - 7 Iron Gen3 P 8 - PW Gen3 T Clubs have been gamed for one season. PW was dropped on cart parth, ding on the toe is pictured. Doesn't affect playability (I guess unless you hit it straight off of the toe?). Some bag chatter and sole wear from use. Asking $1,000 shipped OBRO Next is a PXG Gen 2 3 iron Driving Iron with a HZRDUS Black 85g 6.5 flex shaft. Ordered direct from PXG, gamed sparingly, in great shape. Standard loft and lie. Asking $100 shipped OBRO SOLD Any questions please ask. Lowballs will be ignored.
  5. One item. No trades please. Price shipped CONUS. Any questions just ask. lightly used set of Arccos 360 Gen 2 smart sensors. These do NOT require the subscription to use unlike the new Arccos Caddie, yet has all of the same functionality. Bought these new on here and used for 6 rounds according to the app. Also comes with extra superstroke attachment and sensor for counter core grips (extra $20 on Arccos.com). So in total, 13 smart sensors, 1 putter sensor, and 1 super stroke putter grip sensor. asking $160 $150 shipped OBRO
  6. 2 items today: No TRADES Prices are OBRO Shipped CONUS 2017 Taylormade P790 4-Pw. Spec sheet of loft and lie from order in 2018 listed below. Gamed for 2 seasons. Project X 6.5 shafts. Disclaimer: the ferrules are ugly Bc I’m bad at turning them. Whoops! PW and 9 iron show most wear on face so pictured up close PW has small nick on sole that doesn’t impact play. Grips are Lamkin crossline 360 that have only been used for 4 rounds. asking $625 now $550 Shipped OBRO Next is a used Leupold GX-3i2. Good working condition. The D in the screen is faded but otherwise works perfectly. Comes with old bushnell case. Asking $195 shipped OBRO
  7. @mxskier I don't mind the transition personally, but like I said, I'm coming from P790s, so the T would be more different if anything. I don't mind the difference between 7 and 8 moving from P to T. Slightly larger head and offset just give me more confidence standing over the ball. I think PXG did a good job of making the offset look minimal, and the topline doesn't look massive, which is a huge plus for me.
  8. Regardless of my handicap, if the numbers say 7 in the P, get the 7 in the P? I'm around a 9 currently, but there are other factors other than handicap that should go into the decision. For me, I just knew 8 iron down, I can find the center of the club face. 7 I usually do, but I wanted the added forgiveness, so I got the P. IMO, go with the P in the 7 if that's what the numbers tell you.
  9. Trying calling odyssey. Callaway customer service is typically awesome so they’ll probably send you a new one for free.
  10. One item today: Ping G400 Max 9* head only. Pics show condition. One small nick in paint not noticeable at address but picture 2. Crown and top line clean. Sole shows slight marks from use. Face has typical wear. Great overall condition. (Mods, to be clear this isn’t the same one I sold a few weeks ago!) Asking $225 shipped OBRO CONUS. NO TRADES thanks!
  11. One item today. No trades please Fujikura Ventus Blue 6s with TM 2* tip. Came from a stock SIM Max that was new in plastic. Never used, still has tags on it. Std length, stock TM Golf Pride Z Grip. Straightforward sale, PM with questions. Asking $100 Shipped CONUS OBRO. Ships Monday due to holiday if sold this weekend.
  12. I did a combo set, 8-pw in T and 4-7 in P. I have the Oban Ct 115 in mine and they're fantastic. Great feel throughout and good forgiveness in the long irons. The Oban's are just amazing. Finally kicked my original P790 out of the bag. Try them with the same shafts and you'll feel differently is my guess
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