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  1. 2016 M2 remains my favourite Really didn't like the 2017 M1/2 (feel) so sold those and went back to the 2016 Loved the SLDR, had 3 of those Wasn't a huge fan of my R15 R7 Superquad was great too Haven't tried anything newer than 2017 yet, though I did pick up the SIM in store, but preferred the deeper face of my M2 at the time
  2. I picked golf back up this year after just buying our first house. Being in the UK it wasn't exactly warm and I realised I had sold most of my winter gear when I stopped playing a couple years ago. I may have gone a bit crazy with purchases and now wondering whether others have this much to choose from Base Layers; Short Sleeve Nike Pro Combat Footjoy Lighter weight Gym Brand Mid weight with breathable panels Under Armour Cold Gear Lightweight Pullovers; Nike Dri-FIT Knit 1/2 zip x 2 Under Armour Tech 2.0 1/2 Zip Mid Weight; Ping Ramsey 1/4 zip Adidas Climalite 1/4 zip Nike Dri-Fit Heavier Weight; Adidas Climawarm Hybrid Quilted 1/4 zip Ping Edison 1/4 zip Vests; Adidas Cold.RDY full zip Mizuno Quilted Gilet Obviously not all of these have been brand new, I've been on eBay searching, buying, testing and selling so hasn't really cost me anything on those that haven't worked out so far. I'm 6' 2" and about 185-190lbs, fit can be a real pain because I have a broad chest and long torso so generally wear medium but some brands, UA for example, make some really short mid layers that just mean I can't even consider most of their stuff as a size Large is then huge on me! Nike stuff fit's me well but found a lot of their heavier weight stuff doesn't stretch like Adidas so when it fit's well it doesn't feel as comfortable to swing in. Adidas sizing is all over the place but they make their medium a bit longer in the body so that works well for me.
  3. They definitely do at least 2 different size heads in the 7 Had the Versa 7 BWB and that was the smaller profile, bought a Versa Works 90 and that was the larger head. Then moved to the X7M and would say that almost identical in size to the larger profile. Now have the White Hot Pro 2.0 and that is again the larger head similar to the Scotty X7M Personally quite like the look of the smaller profile, but the head weight was a bit low for me at the time
  4. So I'm considering swapping my Ping i200 for something with a little less offset in the longer irons. I've always bought custom fit but I'm not sure I really want to waste the money on brand new clubs this time. 6 iron length for me is 37.75 inch so only 1/4 inch longer than standard nowadays and ping yellow dot. If I end up going for off the rack clubs from eBay, how much difference is this really going to make? Looking at 716/718 AP2 and CB
  5. Another update on this In the end I bought both the reactor and Daytona and both have now arrived The reactor is a really nice top, feels lovely and warm in the arms but slightly less so in the chest somehow, only issue is fit really, the arms are shorter and it’s tighter all over than I’m used to The Daytona looks much better in my eyes, also the material is beautiful. Fits like I’m used to with the medium UA gear for me. Wore it to the range this evening and it was perfect. Reactor is on eBay and the Daytona will be out on the course in 10c on Sunday.
  6. Ended up buying the UA ColdGear Reactor, I got it for £20 with a discount code i had so couldn't really argue with the price. Now just waiting to see how it it when it arrives. As someone said above, the worst thing is when the arms are fleeced on the inside in a way that makes them stick to the baselayer, i hope that wont be an issue. Theres 10% off on eBay UK so im still really tempted with the UA Daytona that i linked. Although im also looking at a vest to go over the other layers too. Has anyone compared the Ping Norse to the Proquip Therma? Interested to hear how the Proquip fares seeing as its less than half the price here.
  7. I just returned that one to Nike unfortunately, found it really tight on my arms but very loose around my waist and chest strangely. It’s a shame as they are really nice otherwise.
  8. Aesthetically or performance wise? They Are significantly more expensive so wouldn’t be upset hearing the reactor is better ;)
  9. I'm looking to add to my winter collection of clothing. I'll start off by saying I have the Mizuno Windlite and I'm not really a fan, it is too warm for me most of the time and i find it quite annoying to swing in, i just know its a fan favourite round here. Right now I have a couple of baselayers that I use but just recently i've been really struggling to swing when using them under a non-golf 1/4 zip that i use, so im looking to add another pullover. I've tried most of the Nike stuff as I have an obsession with their gear right now but wasn't a fan of it so now I'm looking at the UA stuff, specifically these 2; https://www.clubhousegolf.co.uk/acatalog/Under-Armour-Storm-Daytona-1-2-Zip-Thermal-Golf-Sweater-Zinc-Gray-Rhino-Gray.html#SID=8971 https://www.clubhousegolf.co.uk/acatalog/Under-Armour-Reactor-Hybrid-1-2-Golf-Sweater-Mediterranean-Blue-Black.html#SID=8971 Has anyone got either of the two above and could you offer some thoughts? Also, at what sort of temperatures would you go between; Baselayer - Polo Baselayer - Polo - Vest Polo - Pullover Baselayer - Polo - Pullover
  10. My home course is relatively short but extremely tight with heather as rough. I'm one of the longer hitters off the tee at the club so the majority of holes I'm hitting a short iron or wedge into a green. I hit shots between 130-100 regularly enough to make full shots the main consideration. I've been putting off moving to 3 wedges because I didn't want the confusion with shots around the green but changing my irons last year means the gap between PW and Gap was too big and I was often in that awkward distance. I've just taken the plunge and ordered 50, 54 and 58 Ping Glide 2.0s I still don't know exactly what will be my main club for round the greens, but I want to make one the go-to and the others for speciality shots.
  11. I have worked my way through a ridiculous amount of shoes in the past 2 seasons trying to find the best fit for me. Think that's the biggest problem you'll have on here, its all down to fit in the end. I agree with the majority on here the Adidas Boost is extremely comfy in a static test, but start walking my course and for me its a nightmare of blisters. Here's what I've worked through so far Puma Titantour Ignite - Most heel slip ive ever experienced in a golf shoe Adidas Tour 360 Boost - Hated the heel and gave horrendous blisters Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 - Visually it looked like they sorted the heel but inside there is quite an aggressive cup on the heel which rubbed badly in just a few holes Footjoy DNA Helix - Footjoy fit me perfectly and they are comfy but my feet ache because of the added arch support Footjoy Hyperflex 1 - These in wide were just made for my feet, they feel like a custom made pair with regards to fit, comfort isnt spectacular but theyre the only spiked shoes that have never caused any discomfort. Footjoy Hyperflex 2 - As above, but just had to send mine back to footjoy as they split at the front where they crease from walking, hoping to get sent a warranty replacement. Footjoy Contour Fit - Very comfy, love the heel pad Footjoy Pro SL - Took a while to break in but absolutely love these Nike Lunar Control - Just too narrow Nike Lunar Command 2 - Love how stable these feel, love how low to the ground you feel and almost zero drop, just cant get them wide enough again Skechers GoGolf Pro 2 - Extremely comfy, looks are meh. Got rid of them because of the spike placement in the end, just felt like i was going to roll an ankle because the spikes felt a long way from the outside of the shoe Ecco Biom G2 GTX - Didnt get these onto the course because they were so expensive and the heel felt like it was going to rub so returned. In the end I have just settled on the Lunar Control Vapor 2, most comfortable shoe I've ever worn full stop. Added to my rotation of FJ Pro SL and FJ Hyperflex 2.
  12. My Ping Zero gravity arrived today, comparing it to the Kjus dexter... The Kjus is certainly lighter and thinner The ping is significantly quieter and stretchier The Kjus waist adjustment is better Both are unbelievably waterproof I think I’ll keep the ping and return the Kjus, the fabric is much nicer overall imo and the Ping is wider in the shoulders but slightly slimmer in the waist so fits me better Have to say I wasn’t massively impressed with the Kjus stuff that arrived, spent £209 with them and returning £200, the hat that I decided to keep stained after just one use
  13. My LC2s arrived yesterday, they fit completely differently to the LCV2 on me, they are too narrow. To me it feels like theres a little more cushion on the Vapors as well so i think ill just keep those. 20% off at nike so got them for £72 and 11% quidco to come off that too!
  14. I have Pro SL and Dryjoy casual, both are fantastic and some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. As above though, i wish they had removable spikes though because both have worn down somewhat quickly. Ive only had my Pro SL for 10 months and in use for less than half that and already the front and back spikes are wearing down.
  15. Ive now worn the LCV2 for a few rounds including one in the pouring rain and they have been fantastic so far. Grip is unbelievable and they are far more waterproof than the Footjoy Hyperflex also in my rotation. They definitely have more cushion than the Pro SL but i couldnt tell you which is better because they are both superb. Nike has it for out of the box comfort because i had to break my Pro SL in for 2+ months of starting the round in them and switching half way through. Pro SL are more aesthetically pleasing to me though. Both are more comfortable than the Hyperflex Ive ordered LC2 in BOA and Lace now to compare.
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