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  1. [quote name='DanyBoy' timestamp='1384008462' post='8123366'] How long the Blueboard 83 has been tipped...? [/quote] Sorry, the shaft measures 42" from tip to butt of grip. Will play 43" in a 910F. I can't verify the tipping, as I am not the original owner. Sorry.
  2. [quote name='Medson' timestamp='1383975078' post='8122572'] Imagine if that putter is from SC. it's gonna cost you 20X. GLWS. [/quote] One thing's for sure - SC is a marketing genius.
  3. Hey guys, I have some stuff for sale that I'm not going to use and don't want to hang on to through the winter. Prices are OBO, include paypal and shipping to the 48 US. Trade offers are ok but I don't have anything specific in mind. 1. Titleist 910D2 9.5* driver head and matching head cover. Both in good shape, but see pics for condition SOL 2. Titleist 910F 15* head. I can include a 913F cover if the buyer is interested or I will sell without. I'd say the condition of the head is fair. Shows plenty of use but performs perfectly well. Again, see pics for condition. 913 cover is basically new. $55 with cover and $40 without. 3. Diamana Blueboard Flowerband fairway wood shaft. 83x5ct Stiff flex with brand new standard sized Multi-Compound whiteout (black) grip. Very few, very small scratches can be found if you are really looking for them otherwise I'd say the shaft is in near mint condition. Sold 4. Xenon Golf Co. Hand-made damascus putter. This putter is hand-milled by Ken Uselton (aka Lumpy) from a solid billet of Carbon Steel Damascus and has a welded stainless steel neck. It's finished with a baked enamel so there should be little or no maintenance required. It's 35" long, 357 grams, 2.5* loft, 69* lie and about 3/4 shaft offset. Comes with standard size black leather (cow) Gripmaster grip and matching head cover. For those not familiar with Xenon Golf, check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Puttertalk.com and see for yourself. I own 4 other Xenon putters and can't say enough about Ken (Lumpy) and the putters he's making. Want a true American hand-made damascus putter for an excellent price? Here's your chance. This putter is marked with serial number 63 representing only the 63rd putter that Lumpy milled since starting Xenon Golf Co. $400
  4. Any putter from Xenon Golf Co. Maybe the KUrve or 84.
  5. Hey Guys, I have a couple of items up for sale tonight. Prices include Paypal and shipping in the U.S. I'm looking to sell these but I'm always a sucker for trades. I'd consider a 913h 24* or 913h.d 23* with upgraded 90 gram stiff shaft or head only, Yururi, Chikara, or Vokey M grind wedges, and I always have a soft spot for nice putters. 1. Titleist 913D3 8.5* head with matching head cover. I'd say cover is "like new" and head is in Great condition. The only marks are light brush marks on the sole and a couple spots from hitting white tees. Where the crown meets the face is perfect. No chipping whatsoever. Face has a couple of light marks. If the buyer is unhappy with the condition I will be happy to take it back. $175 shipped. 2. Titleist 910F 15* with Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S shaft that I ordered from Discount Dans last year. 100% authentic with authentic Titleist adapter. I couldn't find one mark on this shaft. It is gripped with a standard size light blue Golf Pride NDMC whiteout grip, also in excellent condition. The head is a different story. Perfectly functional but not in great shape. It shows plenty of wear and has plenty of scuff marks where the crown meets the face. Value is obviously in the shaft here but I'd much rather sell as a package because I have no use for the head anymore. $175 shipped 3. Titleist wrench kit with manual and nylon pouch. $20 shipped
  6. You should also check out Xenon Golf Co. from Tennessee. Awesome hand made putters built from scratch, start to finish by one of the best guys you'll ever speak to. Ill be happy to answer any questions you might have, as I have 5 of Xenon putters and love every one. Of course, I'd be hard-pressed to find a negative word to say about Slighter, Byron or LaMont. All awesome guys who make phenomenal putters. Lee
  7. M10, Acid Etched with a hand bent flow neck. 365 grams, 32.5" long, 3* loft, 68* lie, around 4:00 toe hang. Great giveaway. Thanks!
  8. Well I couldn't hold out any longer and wound up acquiring my second (#5) of the limited run of 6 Copper Nickel putters. Here is a link to #1 in case you are interested. http://www.golfwrx.c...l-84x-in-cu-ni/ This putter is a winner on so many levels. Aesthetics: The chocolate brown color of the torched Cu Ni head paired with the Mokume C-Plow (Centered - plumber/flow) neck is simply gorgeous. Add the Shingled cavity and flowing lines from any angle and this putter becomes a work of art. If that’s not enough, it is fitted with one of the new XGC Signature Peanut Brittle Ostrich grips, a polished brass shaft-band and a First Run (1 of 6) head cover to top it off. The subtle, non-paint-filled stamping, including the Xenon element stamp on the face (with serial number not atomic number), get the message across but do not take any focus away from the real star, the neck. Design / Functionality: This head shape, The KUrve, is the culmination of a collaborative design effort between Lumpy and Bruce Rearick. The natural alignment aides – i.e. heel to toe length = the width of the hole, cavity = width of the ball, produce a very clean, non-distracting view from address that is simple to aim. The versatile C-Plow neck allows for a free flowing, perfectly natural looking, 1/2 shaft (or whatever you desire) offset plumbers neck. A very well thought out design element from Lump, especially for the guys that can't get used to a shaft-over-hosel attachment. The Shingled cavity adds a cool antique appearance, but I found it also helps to concentrate my focus directly behind the ball when at address. Nice touch! Brief Review: I received the putter last Friday and I had it out on Sunday morning for its first 18 holes so I will follow up with more feedback as I have some to share. My initial thought was that the putter sets up very easily. I tend to fight with putters at address sometimes when I’m trying to get comfortable with my aim/stance etc. before beginning my backstroke. What I found with this putter was that I could choose my spot, sole the putter, grip it, tweak the aim a touch and stroke. No hesitation. At 350 grams, it is noticeably lighter than my previous few putters which took me a few holes to get accustomed to, but at the same time my distance control was pretty good right from the start. By the end of the round I was very confident that I could start the putt along my chosen line and I had the speed dialed in as well. I wound up with one of my better putting rounds of the year. Every putter that comes from “The Shack” is a true one-of-a-kind and a clear example of the passion Lumpy has for his craft. I think this one received a particularly large piece of Lumpy’s heart & soul. Lee Now on to the fun part.
  9. [quote name='heinenkugels' timestamp='1372131264' post='7318260'] That is an Awesome putter and coloring!!! Is the shaft fluted? If so - nice touch... [/quote] It is fluted. I've never putted with one before, so I'm not sure if that's part of the reason it feels so good or not, but this putter is super smooth. He has an incredible ability and a wide open mind. Thanks again, for this beauty, LaMont. Lee
  10. Hey Chris. There's only one of these left I think. Not sure when we'll do more CuNi. Lee
  11. [quote name='Hot Rod 71' timestamp='1371903392' post='7302244'] That is one awesome looking putter. I love the wide look at address. Reminds me of a Squareback. How does something like this set you back? How long did it take to get it? [/quote] Sent you a PM.
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