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  1. In my opinion the proper answer for the OP is it’s just not that large of a market when it comes to companies such as Apple, Samsung, etc.
  2. I’ve heard the number of sponsors you need at the Mink is 8. I do not know how many at Merion. Both are obvious gems and in my opinion for different reasons. Don’t take this the wrong way but starting this thread is not the best way to get into either. Good luck.
  3. So, pardon my ignorance about this subject. Will I be able to use this in my garage, hitting balls into a net thats say 5 feet in front of me?
  4. Hey guys thanks for looking. I am posting this fairly quickly so if you need more pics of something just PM me. I will list as many details as possible to make it easy for you. PLEASE NO TRADES. I HAVE TOO MUCH. - Ventus Black 6x with Titleist adapter. The shaft is untipped. Shaft measures 44.25” from end of tip to butt end of grip. Grip is standard size GP Z cord. - $235 shipped. - Ventus Black 6x with Taylormade Adapter. The shaft is tipped 1/2 inch. Shaft measures 44 1/8” from end of tip to butt end of grip. Grip is a GP Multicompound mid size. (Happy to remove it if you don’t want). - $235 shipped. - Ventus Black 6X with Taylormade Adapter. The shaft is tipped 1/2 inch. Shaft measures 42.75” and is ungripped. I ordered this for the mini driver and never used it. Would be great for mini, fairway wood, short driver. - $225 shipped - Ventus Black 7x with Taylormade adapter. The shaft is tipped 1/2 inch. Shaft measures 42.75” and has a GP Multicompound mid size grip (happy to remove if you don’t want). - $225 shipped - Tensei Orange Pro 60 TX with PING G400 adapter. Shaft is unzipped and measures 44” from end of tip to butt end of grip. Has a Super Stroke midsize grip. - $160 shipped - Taylormade Sim2 15* 3 wood head. Comes with head cover. Can take lead tape off the bottom. Pictures shows condition. - $210 shipped. - Taylormade 300 Mini. 11.5* version. Comes with stock stiff shaft. Hit maybe 10 times. Looks new. Comes with head cover. - $325 shipped or $450 with either fairway shaft above. - Brand New Bushnell Tour V5 Patriot Pack range finder. - $270 shipped.
  5. Hey guys thanks for looking. Please, no trades. First to pay gets the item. Price is shipped via USPS Priority mail. Titleist TSI3 10* with Ventus Black 6X. Plays 45.25”. Shaft is untipped. Comes with stock head cover. - $550 shipped Taylormade Sim2 3 hybrid with Ventus Blue 9X with Velocore. Plays stock length. Comes with new headcover. - $300 shipped Taylormade Sim2 TI 3 wood. Brand new with stock Tensei Blue 75X. Comes with new headcover. - $325 shipped.
  6. Hey guys thanks for looking. Prices are shipped. I’m not looking for any trades. Sim2 Max 10.5* Ventus Blue Velocore 6X - $OLD shipped. I had this on order and was fit into a different set up so want to move this on at a great price - brand new in bag -1/2 inch short (45.25” playing length) - shaft tipped half inch - order with grip unattached Titleist TSI3 10* Hzrdus Smoke 6.5 60g - $OLD shipped - stock length - with Headcover - head has two marks that are pictured. I let someone try the club for a round. Never again. - shaft graphics are aligned for under in the A4 setting.
  7. Hey guys thanks for looking. One item, quick and easy. Can ship same day depending on time. If not next business day. Price is $250 shipped. Please no trades.
  8. Hey guys. Please no trades. Price is shipped and include all fees. First to pay gets it and will ship out following day with tracking via USPS priority mail. 1. Sim Max 19* hybrid with AD DI 85s. Stock length. Comes with headcover. - $215 shipped 2. UA medium jacket. Brand new with tags. Says “rain resistant” but this material sure seems full rain proof to me. It’s the storm model. - $70 shipped
  9. Hey guys. Thanks for looking and happy New Year! I am doing a closet splurge and these were too nice to just go to GW. I feel my prices are fair but if you think other wise I’m happy to listen to an offer. First to send payment will always get the item. Please, no trades. I’m trying to clean the closest not add more! 1. Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Size 13 - $100 shipped. Worn once and cleaned. Just not for me. —— SOLD 2. Size 38 shorts. - $70 shipped. The two on the right are puma and the one on the left UA. All are new never worn. 2 with tags. Price is for all 3. ——- SOLD 3. Footjoy size Large polos with Titleist patch on sleeve - $150 for all 3 shipped. Not splitting. These have never been worn. They are regular fit, not Athletic fit. —SOLD 4. Footjoy Rain Jacket and Wind shirt combo. Size XL - $125 shipped for BOTH. Both have been worn a hand full of times. No stains, rips, nothing.
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