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  1. How do these shafts compare to the kbs prototype hybrid shaft? I have that shaft and love the feeling. Looking for a similar flight with my irons. I was fit into the Oban steel iron shafts, wondering if these are any bit comparable.
  2. R15 should have two weights FYI. Everything looks off on this thing, although it may be a JDM release idk. I would steer clear.
  3. I have a bunch of VV stuff. It’s great fits well, holds together really well. I use it for golf and work also.
  4. OP if you decide to split or someone wants the 20* I’m interested in the 23*. Pm me
  5. I have them and have been using them for about a month. I have the all white ones btw. They are very nice, light, and comfortable. Tough to wear in the morning because the all mesh get wet quickly with the dew I wear them with no socks sometimes cause they're that comfortable perfect for the range or walking 9 holes in the afternoon.
  6. Really hoping this guy breaks out this year. Seems like a cool guy
  7. They just showed someone chipping in Ryan Moore missing a putt and then matsuyama and Thomas hitting onto the green the back to commercials. This is really getting old every year I hope they change they never do.
  8. Jason I'll give that putter a shot when you're done with it! Great bag. Love seeing the mix of clubs.
  9. Anyone have a link to that putter grip? TIA
  10. love all the NIKE bags slowly getting changed. thanks for the pics as always
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