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  1. I find it aggravating but unfortunately the can of worms is opened and it is only going to become more prevalent. It does vary from course to course. On courses that are more spread out it is less of a problem but the course I played at last year is one with every green and tee box right next to each other with a lot of parallel fairways so it was normal to hear multiple groups playing music at the same time. I only lasted one year at that club.
  2. At the risk of being curt, there is no way anyone on here can answer this question. You said he takes private lessons. Ask that person.
  3. Whether it has been helping my son with golf or the 23 seasons of HS basketball that I coached, I have always found that the more specific I was, the more effective I was and the better the message was received by my son, my players and their parents.
  4. -Family of 4 with 2 teenagers and we have done a TON of online shopping. A TON. If a day goes by that a package doesn't come from Amazon or one of the carriers, that day is an exception. -I am only holding TGW responsible for their role and lack of customer service in response to an unhappy customer.
  5. After ordering 2 pair of pants on 4/19, they finally arrived today.
  6. My package finally made it to Pennsylvania. Still don't think I get it before Saturday.
  7. Package is still sitting in the same spot in Kansas. TGW unwilling to do anything at all until 5/4.
  8. What shirt is Joaquin Niemann wearing today? The color looks like Real Gold from a few years ago.
  9. I hear you but in the end, I will get the 2 pair of Adidas pants 40-50 dollars cheaper than anywhere else.
  10. FedEx is just as bad. My last 2 packages from TGW have had long delays. One I paid for 2nd day air and it sat in Memphis for 4 days without moving.
  11. I am now having issues with a second package in a row from TGW. The last one I paid for 2nd day air and the package sat in Memphis for 4 days and took 3 phone calls to FedEx to get it moving. I figured that is not the fault of TGW. I made an order on 4/18 and didn't pay for the second day air since it seemed like a waste of $$ after the last package. The package did not ship until 4/22 and today it is still in Kansas (where it originated) and I live in PA. I've called FedEx 3 times and all I get from them is double talk and TGW takes no responsibility for it. So pissed about it.
  12. I love white pants. Not sure why some are so against pants that are not gray, navy, khaki or black. Do the people who don't like white pants also not like white shirts? or white pullovers?
  13. Loving the purple pants that Victor Hovland has on today. I don't have the balls to wear them, but I like them.
  14. From the situation you described here, it sounds like your son is managing it on his own just fine. Some kids cry at that age. There is really nothing wrong with that. He is handling his frustration and not letting it ruin the rest of his round or day. I would suggest to continue to let him manage his emotions on his own and only attempt to help if he exhibits some lack of control like throwing clubs, interfering with other players etc.
  15. Topping an old thread. Anyone play GAP Team Matches last week? I am bummed this year is the first year in 11 years that I am not playing (aside from last year when they were cancelled). Weather was perfect for the matches.
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