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  1. Our state team championship is on Monday. 29 groups for a 9:00 shotgun. Probably get done at 3:00 or even later. So stupid. Year after year people complain about this and nothing is done.
  2. PA is coed to an extent. Some schools have girls teams. If a school doesn't have a girls team, then a girl can play on the boys team. It is somewhat rare though. We won the subregional match today 288-315. We shot 71,71,72,74 and 75 was our non counting score. To give you an idea of our depth, the 2 71's today shot the 2 highest scores of the 7 players we had playing at districts last week. We had 7 players, 5 team and 2 individuals. One of those 2 individuals made it though to states. Our 6,7 and 8 are every bit as good as our 3,4 and 5. That is why I wish we could bring all 8.
  3. Topping an old thread. My son's team is undefeated this year, winning the league and district tournaments. My son also won the individual district tournament. We have a sub-regional match on Monday and the winner moves on to the state finals the following Wednesday. It will be a close match. We lost to this team last year but we were not playing particularly well leading up to the match and it was at a course of their choice. This year we are playing really well and we chose the course. I still wish we could continue to play 8 and either count 5 or 6 scores. Only 1 team in the state would have a chance to beat us if we did.
  4. I love the Adidas Go To pants. They are the best I have worn in hot weather.
  5. This is what I get out of this as well.
  6. That can still be the outcome when the pro from a place like Winged Foot, Shinnecock etc. makes the call. Happens all the time.
  7. It's amazing how the momentum swings back and forth.
  8. This is one of those topics where blanket rules or procedures are foolish. Especially across different sports. There are situations where playing a senior on JV make no sense and there are some rare occurrences where does. Leave it up to the discretion of the coaching staff.
  9. I saw it a few times coaching girls basketball with some smaller schools. Some programs had so few girls that it made the difference between having a jv team or not so they kept a couple girls who were willing to do it.
  10. I find it hard to believe that someone who takes a few shots to get out of bunkers can post low 70's on any course.
  11. Peter Jacobsen would be an easy switch.
  12. Who will Bryson and Brooks be paired with? I wonder if DJ would be cool playing with Bryson. The guy who lets nothing bother him seems like a good partner for Bryson. Not sure who would be good for Brooks now that he burned his bridge with DJ.
  13. I agree. It drives me nuts that even the marshalls are egging the crowd on. And I wasn't trying to correct you about Watson or Weekley, just asking to see if I remembered correctly.
  14. It is just so forced with them. They do it constantly. After Lexi made that long putt to win the match this morning, she did the get up thing with her arm in between the two hugs with her opponents. Really? Bad timing and the crowd was already up and cheering.
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