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  1. It's a stark contrast how he seemed during his previous ups and current downs though. I assume the only reason he played the Zurich this week was because of some Taylormade commitment so they could parade Morikawa and him out in matching TM gear. I do feel for him. Specifically with regards to how Gankas talked about him as a disruptor and someone that would change the game of golf, Wolff seemed to embrace it but I can only imagine how much pressure that creates on a young pro just beginning his career. I hope he figures it out from a personal aspect more so than how it relates to
  2. Been wondering this for awhile too... I think it's especially jarring because he seemed so full of enjoyment when he was finishing college and came out on tour, but now looks completely disinterested and dejected on the course. I watched his shots from the round where he got DQ'd from the Masters before the green coats took them down and it was particularly striking how much he did not want to be on the golf course. In the Masters. I really like his style of golf and his personality, and I hope he can figure out whatever is plaguing him, but I think it's one of the more interesting
  3. Not recently... dude has been a black hole of bad attitude recently. Couldn't imagine being paired with him due to both his form and apparent mental state right now.
  4. I'm not as concerned about the form of his game but rather his mental state right now. That guy looked like he had no interest being on the golf course yesterday some of which was backed up in this article. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/isolation-era-can-be-difficult-players-game-and-psyche
  5. SIM Max 9 degree head in great condition, used for one season. $260 shipped OBO.
  6. Not sure why it popped in my head, but what's the most recent on Smylie? Looks like he hasn't made a PGA/KFT start in almost a year. I've seen he's pretty active on twitter, but nothing golf related.
  7. Chip at Black Lab Golf does some excellent work at very reasonable prices.
  8. Dude went from working on an assembly line to making over $6.5MM on the course over a 14 year career. Doubt he has many (golf related) regrets.
  9. Maybe JT got a call from Polo after Monday, no more RLX.
  10. I was curious too, looks like he's still in the RLX gear.
  11. Got 36 holes booked at Jacaranda for the Friday that we'll be there! Stinks that you can only book a week out on the public tracks in the area. Keep the advice coming please! Appreciate the replies so far.
  12. Taking a Miami golf trip with my wife (she's more of a golf nut than I am) and looking to play a bunch during the four days we're there. Right now we booked Red Tiger at Trump Doral for the day we arrive, but other than that our schedule is open. Will have a rental car so we were thinking we'd head towards Ft. Lauderdale one day and try to play 36 up there. From what I've seen we need to play Crandon, which is about 15 mins from where we're staying, but they'll only book tee times a week out. What are some other recommendations? Not looking to pay $450 or whatever it is to play the Blue Monste
  13. Quick update to this, the Aldila 2XKV Green seems to be an excellent replacement and didn't break the bank! I'm not good at describing "feels" when it comes to how a shaft loads and things of that nature, but it is producing the same penetrating flight with low spin that I liked from the Black Tie. Would recommend for anyone looking for something similar!
  14. Update to this... Have an Aldila 2XKV Green 75X and an Xtorsion Copper Mamba 70X on the way. The Mamba will be a little different, especially with it being a counterbalanced shaft, but I have a Black Mamba in my 3 wood and love that so we'll see how it performs in the driver. If that doesn't work I think the 2XKV will be a good option.
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