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  1. Quick update to this, the Aldila 2XKV Green seems to be an excellent replacement and didn't break the bank! I'm not good at describing "feels" when it comes to how a shaft loads and things of that nature, but it is producing the same penetrating flight with low spin that I liked from the Black Tie. Would recommend for anyone looking for something similar!
  2. Update to this... Have an Aldila 2XKV Green 75X and an Xtorsion Copper Mamba 70X on the way. The Mamba will be a little different, especially with it being a counterbalanced shaft, but I have a Black Mamba in my 3 wood and love that so we'll see how it performs in the driver. If that doesn't work I think the 2XKV will be a good option.
  3. I'm pretty sure I got a fake when I got another Black Tie to put in a TS3. Horrible results with that combo.
  4. Yes, it was the stock shaft. Post in here with your results from the small batch if you think of it!
  5. "He has to match the line and the speed" really drives me nuts. Ya think?
  6. I had a Smoke Green that came with my SIM. Loved it initially but my misses were significantly worse than with the Black Tie.
  7. I've used a Matrix MFS Black Tie 70X in my drivers for the past four years and absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I think my shaft is about break (keep hearing a clicking from it when it flexes), so I'd like to go ahead and find a replacement. Can't seem to find these very easily anymore so I'm looking for a similar more modern shaft. Not looking to break the bank, something under $150 would be ideal. Thanks!
  8. Looks like the Soto model (rounded bumpers) with a plumbers neck.
  9. Have you tried to reach out to them?
  10. Tiger's yacht is supposedly on the way to St. Simons Island.
  11. I'm actually going to go out on a limb and say that is a very cool putter and a great find in a random shop. How much did you pay for it? Seems authentic because it has the vertical mill marks from the bumpers to the topline, and also appears to have mill marks in the cavity. Blank sole is indicative of a tour putter and I don't know how common replicas were of those. Either that or it's a cast replica and they tried to replicate the mill marks as well. IDK, the more I look at it the more skeptical I get, hah.
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