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  1. possibly the greatest match play golfer of all time who is beloved here at Golfwrx. Clutch up & downs is why he is headed to the Golf HOF with 9 wins and counting before entering his prime golf years.
  2. This sounds like a job for Gary Van Sickle and his son
  3. He’s a fantastic player and someone to be admired but I’m sure he’s very disappointed at this point where checks aren’t the goal. Issues are apparent: 1) lacking killer instinct and passively relies on physical ability (ie. not a mental heavyweight on the course) 2) when under pressure he flinches or decelerates on putts, kiss of death
  4. It seems complicated. There is no way these people are this lame in person as the collar of faux-optimism golf telecasts require would be lifted. They are as close to Stepford-like people as can be and that makes a lot of low energy people comfortable. In the real world, people are pretty critical of others and things...that's how we get evaluated at our jobs and discern the types of things we like/dislike. But tune in to a golf telecast and there is no candor...period. Paul Azinger has been incredibly disappointing with his enuch-inspired delivery...makes Lanny Wadkins look like Sid Vicious.
  5. Pretty good advice for a 12 year old I think this commentary is more reflective of the ‘dance-off’ subculture mindset. Started w/West Side Story then Beat Street-Electric Boogaloo.
  6. Lol...don’t worry about right politics being part of the agenda. There will eventually be a Bubba Smollet NASCAR-type controversy for the PGA when the time is right. Like NASCAR, the PGA is predominantly white males as we know so you know it’s on the radar of the Bolsheviks.
  7. He appears ready for his first rave...if that was still a thing
  8. Lol...knew that was coming but just really tired of people piling onto an incident when it’s obviously establishment-driven, especially when it’s a really cheap shot having squared things away with the officials. I have no idea what’s to gain from it The bunker thing with Reed is a different story. I don’t care for Patrick Reed or Tiger for that matter as human beings but love to watch them play golf. Sorry so long but I just think something that inflammatory should have a lot more detail. It was half a** and obvious the journalist had other motivations.
  9. Total BS and conveniently timed hit piece. I’m sure Patrick Reed absolutely owned this kid from every interaction they ever had leading up to this and embellishments or outright lies are not unusual coming from a lot of golf brats where envy & jealousy run high. In this age of worshiping at the altar of your child I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy buys everything his child tells him no matter how far fetched. Major indicator of this being a lie is to pen something so outrageous to be so vague. Missing specifics: -where was Van Suckle in relation to Reed who was so f
  10. LOL....classic logic vs. emotion-driven mindsets in this debate. They were really championing this phantom marshal today on the telecast... I think it would’ve been more creative had they said a vicious dangerous animal interfered with Rory. Totally Stepford-like comments from these product placement analysts. Seems like anybody in the media can just make up anything these days. Just trying to instigate something to draw more viewers like Jerry Springer ‘who’s your real daddy segments’ now that the era of Tiger is waning.
  11. Reed exonerated by tour officials. For the folks caught up in the media generated soap opera aspect of the Reed-Spieth Ryder Cup controversy, Spieth fans might as well embrace Reed as he will always be the dominant player. One had a Jennifer Capriotti like run and has been over for four years...the other is here to stay. Reed is the Tour’s Tanya Harding and Justine’s family is... not like other tour families. Except for a couple of scrappy tour wives who violently abuse their husbands for not winning, and by extension, not supporting their lavish lifestyle, the Reed family dynamic
  12. I’ve wondered over time if Tiger has Asbergers given how he has chosen to handle relationships with other humans. The dalliance with the Perkins Fried Chicken waitress was a sad case... she seemed bowled over by things he had promised her but of course he was insincere to her as with the others.
  13. This could be an opportunity for JT to really become involved with the transsexual and homosexual communities across tour stops. He probably has no idea who Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, or the Pet Shop Boys are so it would not be a lost cause for him to become more cultured. Could totally be a blessing in disguise for young JT.
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