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  1. My advice to the OP, Don’t ever see a tournament at Bethpage black
  2. On an open course I love to play alone, on a course filled. I’d rather be paired up to find a rhythm and not waiting. One unmentioned thing. If you’re somehow out on the course as single on a crowded course, you get to play 1 ball like the rest of us
  3. Making a simple question so complicated. No push carts means extra money(carts). faster rounds( less walkers). Excluding all GolfWRXers who walk faster in their fivesome than any twosome in carts
  4. I wore them yesterday feeling as goofy as I thought my Dad looked when I was a kid wearing no shows, they are the style
  5. I got thrown out( escorted out ) of the Honda classic for slapping a guy who yelled Bababbooie in the noggin. While violence is never the answer, The beer was especially tasty and rewarding in the bar across from the police station.
  6. Reed is not a fitting representative of the USA. His schtick is old. the people who call him Captain America could do a lot better
  7. its an interesting take. I always felt these players hid in the anonymity of the group and failed in individual tournaments. Specifically Monte and Garcia.
  8. If it fits it’s fine, remember it’s the wrench that gives not the screw. In reality a 1/16 of a turn more or less would be meaningless.
  9. I'm afraid I missed my chance. Does anyone know where to pick up a face balanced, 2 ball 10 with the white hot face and red shaft. I saw a few at GG, now gone, they told me they're not getting more and I'm striking out online
  10. after some illness and surgery I became very short off the tee for my age. I can tell you GOLF SUCKS when you have to hit three wood into every green. I moved up a box and have never been happier
  11. But irrelevant for weather more than 1/2 the year.
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