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  1. Buying a fairway wood as easy as getting any ping made in last 20 yrs Camerons are no better than any quality putter I can work a hot metal as good as you can an MP 14 Titleist irons are junk Most of us should have 3 fairway woods and hybrids to the 7/8 iron
  2. “Hi guys, you fell off pace.please pick up, pass the green and tee off on the next hole”. No Ranger since 1988
  3. Like em all till the 3rd or 4 th time. Then sunscreen makes them yellow
  4. 4/5 way. No better sound on earth than clubs clicking each other
  5. I have no problem paying for a quality shirt and own a lot of the above mentioned. I find sunscreen to be the almost destruction of good shirts, very frustrating
  6. Black shoes go with black pants, I moved away from NY to not wear pants. I don’t own black shoes
  7. This is my issue, I also don’t like to see the bottom frame of the glasses, I do now wear the half jacket style that are just the frameless lens on the bottom despite looking a bit goofy. I find glasses really help with allergies as well as protecting the eye
  8. I’m trying to deal with constant music on the course, now I have to deal with babies crying?
  9. Currently playing ust mamiya recoil f3 regular irons shafts in Mizuno hot metals. They are getting destroyed with chips and scratches somewhat significantly. Is there a generally accepted idea of a brand and model in steel that would be most comparable . Thanks
  10. I just hit the 5,6 so much better than the pros
  11. I’d like more up to date info, ( search showed results many years ago) best public courses in the Lake Norman area.Thanks
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