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  1. Looking for a fitted hat in Maroon, any ideas on custom colors
  2. Taking away from their slave market sweatshop vibe
  3. As this game requires tracking who holes out first it is a destructive a force to pace of play ever conceived , be forewarned
  4. Sticking with my new plan, I hear your music you hear my bagpipe music
  5. Oh but my fivesome plays fast
  6. Playing with my Dad and get paired with two of those guys, you know you won’t like. For me maybe three -five guys in forty years of playing were that objectionable ? 5Th hole I tell guy , The green is downhill and he can reach the group in front. So he hits into them anyway. The green is close to trees so we don’t see guy waiting behind them. I drop my dad at his ball and I’m first to get to guy. He is MagnusVonMagnusMountain of muscle. Flaming red hair and 6’5”. He’s tomato red and angry. I get a lump in my throat and bark,” don’t say a word to me, do not talk to that man, he’s my father, W
  7. In my mind buying a round for the bar is buying more luck for another ace sometime
  8. Regular group if your not in the way, literally, we just putt. I also find playing with strangers go the extra distance etiquette wise at first, you can lighten up as you read the group. But I agree the guy who needs to pick up after every putt is not doing pace of play a favor
  9. Four pages of responses I did not read,I’m hoping someone said, play what you want as long as it doesn’t delay one more minute than necessary
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