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  1. Golf time is too precious to be annoyed at all. I would allow this once, explain it’s unenjoyable and inappropriate ,but I’m gone at the second time seeing this
  2. I’ll never hit if someone could be hurt, no one can pressure me into that.
  3. Slow golf has really gotten to me. COVID has courses packed even during the week. We live in such a soft world now no one educates new golfers as it appears condescending or aggressive rather than helpful. Under 40 generation is me me me, couldn’t be bothered with courteous or conscientious golf. Courses don’t care once register gets filled.
  4. That golf has again grown to full tee sheets 7 days a week in my area
  5. Ping irons never looked aesthetically pleasing to me Nike for Political reasons
  6. Ping anything G or later will go far and straight
  7. Titleist 905R is the greatest driver ever made
  8. waiting on the group in front of me as usual
  9. there are so many putting aids; be it alignment sticks, mirrors, rulers, string, there really is no need for the old chalk line, as it does last 2 days or so. The sharpie I can not speak to, as I have never seen this used.
  10. firethorn in some years has a new years discount on membership initiation that was substantially lower. Covid may have reduced vacancy however.
  11. Charlotte is very much a north of the city / south of the city thing. Where are you located? you'll get a lot better information.
  12. Never played with more than 4...... won’t play anywhere that would allow more than 4
  13. The walker that’s faster than a cart is the” you can’t hear my music guy”, the” I pick up my cigarette butts guy”
  14. My advice to the OP, Don’t ever see a tournament at Bethpage black
  15. On an open course I love to play alone, on a course filled. I’d rather be paired up to find a rhythm and not waiting. One unmentioned thing. If you’re somehow out on the course as single on a crowded course, you get to play 1 ball like the rest of us
  16. Making a simple question so complicated. No push carts means extra money(carts). faster rounds( less walkers). Excluding all GolfWRXers who walk faster in their fivesome than any twosome in carts
  17. I wore them yesterday feeling as goofy as I thought my Dad looked when I was a kid wearing no shows, they are the style
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