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  1. I actually played on Kauai earlier this year. I only had time to play Poipu a couple of days but it was pretty amazing. Chickens literally everywhere on the course.
  2. Looking for recommendations for great golf courses (public or private in the US) that you would consider truly rural or in the country. My wife really enjoys those kinds places away from the city life where you can go hunting, fishing, and horseback riding and I’ve always been a fan of playing golf in really peaceful places where you don’t get the constant sounds of the city. Places like The Preserve Golf Club in the Santa Lucia nature preserve are dream clubs for me but unfortunately it’s gonna be tough to find a way to play out there.
  3. Right now I'm an 18 handicapper, and I feel my with my swing I should be lower, but I'm a very inconsistent ball striker much of the time. I've been at the range about 3-4x a week lately and it has been slowly getting better but the inconsistencies with my ball striking are still there. Any advice is appreciated. I know my head moving forward is an issue and I'm working on that right now, but I'm sure there is many other issues with my swing aside from that. My normal misses are either open faced strikes that end up short right, or random thin/fat shots that are on line.
  4. Just played 2 of the local country clubs in my area this last weekend. The first of which is owned by American Golf and it was less country club-ish than the other, and was pretty busy for a private club. The second club I played was great though. Went out in what they told me was their absolute busiest time of the week (Sunday morning) and is the only part of the week that they accept tee times. Even during the busiest time of the week, I was able to play with 2 others and finish in under 4 hours. I have to say being able to play in the morning on a weekend at a quick pace is something I haven't done in years and is almost worth it on its own, but their fantastic practice area really sold me on it. The driving range was in great shape, with no mats, all grass. The chipping and putting greens were in perfect condition and the course was tough but fair. Hopefully I will be joining in the next month, but I can say it seems completely worth the money!
  5. Recently I took my first golf lessons in almost 4 years and the first thing I wanted to deal with was my awful putting on the course. I was 3 putting from pretty much anywhere on the green with inconsistent speed. After taking 3 putts the instructor immediately told me I was decelerating through the golf ball with a large back swing, and instructed me to start taking much shorter take aways and accelerate at a consistent speed through the ball. After practicing for a couple weeks I can say for sure that my long distance and medium distance putting has improved dramatically, and my speed on those putts is getting near perfect most of the time. However my short putts have taken a turn for the worse, and I am missing even 2 footers with break. I am having the hardest time with 2-6 footers on faster greens because I feel like I cannot take a small emough backswing while accelerating through the ball to make the correct stroke. Sometimes I find myself coming up short on downhill or level 3-4 footers because I am afraid to take the stroke and blast it way past the hole. Is there anything that you do to control the speed of your short putts while still maintaining acceleration through the ball?
  6. [quote name='Xpicc19' timestamp='1313719029' post='3500818'] [quote name='Oaks' timestamp='1313685175' post='3499179'] To me joining a club allows you the flexibility with your game. You can play 18 after work, or heck you can play 3 holes after work and hit some balls at the range. To me it is the convenience and having a track that I love to play every day. [/quote] i absolutely agree. i can play any time i want and the freedom that i have there is priceless. +1 [/quote] I agree, it could be amazing to get off work at 4 or 5, jump on to the course and play 9 holes in an hour and a half without feeling like I wasted money by not playing 18. I even found a nice country club in the area with $500 initiation and $275 a month, no food minimums or other hidden costs (aside from the standard cart fees). They even offered to have me come play a free round on them this saturday with a couple of members.
  7. It sounds like there are a lot of perks in joining a club. Since I started playing golf, I have only had 1 group that I have ever regularly played with, so it would be nice to play regularly with new groups of people. (Plus the people I play with are usually lacking any kind of class, anger management or courtesy for the most part, so I could certainly do with some change on that part)
  8. [quote name='wingedfoot97' timestamp='1313647368' post='3498199'] I joined a club several years ago that had a very nice course with a few perks (no gym, but tennis, pool, restaurant, and racquetball). This was the course I had grown up playing when it was a semi private or open course (anyone could pretty much play it whenever). It was the only course in within about 30 miles of where I lived. When I joined it was a private course that had upgraded its facilities and no longer let just anyone play. I found out that, after I had been out there playing, there was stuff that pretty much peed me off... A couple diffrent types you may run into while playing.... [u]The playing membership[/u] - these are the folks that actually play. Within that there were several different stratas of players, cliques, etc. I fell in the young, single, very good player category that didnt have any trouble finding a game. However most games I found were with older retirees that thought they were better than everyone else at the club and were somewhat rude (think Judge Smails). I know, I know you run into that at country clubs but these people committed cardinal sins that hell has special places for. They wouldnt let anyone play thru. They would play sixsomes and sevensomes. They didnt repair pitch marks on the greens. I didnt play with them much. At 8 AM and 1 PM each day about 10-30 of these would tee off about half on the front, half on the back. If I wasnt playing in that group, I was screwed and couldnt play through. Even asking would bring about a "no" or a "what are you asking me that for" look. [/quote] I have always wondered how the people of a club would treat someone like myself who would be a really young member who is not affiliated with any current or previous member. It's safe to say that most people my age simply cannot afford something like this unless they come from money (which I do not), so I wonder whether or not the existing members would treat me with the same respect they treat each other, or would I be looked down upon since I am young and completely new.
  9. [quote name='Swingie' timestamp='1313612114' post='3496727'] Yes its worth it if - the layout is challenging and exciting enough to keep you interested, and you can grow with the course. I like difficult courses that you can feel like you are playing a differnt place depending on how you play that day like trent jones tracks. That being said, you will need to interview the membership as well to make sure they are the group you want to play poker with etc and hang out with on the course. Lots of good options and you are in the drivers seat - good luck! BTW - At 24 i hope you are putting away an equal 300 a month in your 401k to allow you to play golf later in life too; always invest in yourself first before 'things' [/quote] I actually worked at a Trent Jones Jr. track called Rancho San Marcos a few years ago, and the layout there was so great, I could play it 5 times a week and each round would feel unique because the layout was so perfect! Unfortunately I live too far and it is much too expensive to play regularly.
  10. [quote name='hef63303' timestamp='1313611598' post='3496688'] I would say that, if you are considering joining a country club to save money per round, you are not going to be happy. You join a country club because you enjoy being a member of a club. This includes using the other facilities, such as the locker room, the pool and the dining options. You also will need to enjoy the other members, as that is who you will be playing most of your golf with. Unless you are joining with 3 other buddies, you will be playing with new people. There are many benefits to being a member, but rarely does it involve saving money. [/quote] Saving money by joining a club had never entered my mind until I found out how cheaply I could get in as a Jr. I also would be able to drop my $80 a month gym membership since the club has a full workout facility. Probably the largest perk would be, being able to play golf in the morning on the weekends and not having to pay $75 per round like all the courses in my general area. I have become somewhat of a twilight only golfer since I started playing again, and almost never get to play a round where it is almost dark when I am on the last tee. Paying weekend morning rates at any course in my area more than 4 times a month would already be more than the cost of the monthly dues, but would come with 5+ hour rounds with less then great course conditions and layouts. Anyways the membership director has arranged a tee time for me on Sunday along with a course tour, so I hope the course is a great as people have said it is!
  11. So recently I have been considering joining one of the many country clubs in my area after playing a round with a few members at a local club. I had always assumed that country clubs cost somewhere in the realms of $20k+ just to get initiated and $600 a month after, but was surprised to hear that the members at the local club said they offer Jr. memberships with initiation costs as low as $1k and monthly dues under $300. Simply doing the math on how much I spend on golf a month, I usually average around $320, and more if I decide to play some of the really nice courses in the area. After a little bit of research and contact with one of the nice local clubs I found a very nice club with a maximum of 380 members with $1200 initiation fee and $280 a month for Jr members. At the age of 24 I quality for the Jr membership for another 11 years and it is within my price range. This all sounds great to me, but I would like to know form other possible Jr members or equity members of country clubs, is it worth it to play at the same course (albeit a nice, non crowded course) over and over again? Is it worth it if you can only play full rounds during the weekl, or are weekend warriors such as myself going to find these kind of clubs to be a good value and worth the investment? My knowledge of country club life is non-existent as I have never known anyone who was a member of one, so any insight would be helpful.
  12. Gambling has usually brought out the worst in my golf game. Some of which I think is the fact the people will verbally be rooting against me, which to me is incredibly discouraging when my goal is to play the best I can. Some people have alluded to golf being like poker, where poker is no fun if there is no money involved, and while I agree with the fact that poker is no fun without the money, the basis of golf is not rooted in betting money. I used to play poker a lot and I would find myself at my best when a significant amount of money is at stake (+$500) but golf I find myself losing focus and throwing strokes away for stakes as small as $5. Maybe this is because golf is such a mental game for me at this point, but really any distraction right now, causes me to hit bad shots and lose strokes.
  13. [quote name='darkhelmet' timestamp='1313532142' post='3493279'] I found the thing that killed me was posting 9-hole scores. When I was playing a lot a couple of summers ago, I would jump out and play 9 holes after work once, maybe twice a week (in addition to playing at least once on the weekend). I was usually by myself, with an open course in front of me, and could usually get into a good rhythm -- led to lots of sub-40 9-hole scores. Only problem was, for 18 holes, I would average around 82-84, occasionally as low as 80, or as high as 89. But my handicap was down below 7 because all those 9-hole scores got used. So instead of being my true "potential", my handicap was more like the "potential of my potential", if that makes any sense. I found out later that I was one of only a handful of the people at the club that was even entering 9-hole scores, which gave everyone else somewhat of an inflated handicap (sucked for me whenever I played any kind of tournament). The only competition I did well in was a match-play bracket tournament, since at least I could have a couple of blow-up holes that wouldn't matter as much. [/quote] I agree. I have had some great 9 hole scores on really difficult tracks, including a few 39's or better, but I can never seem to put two good 9 hole scores together in a row to shoot sub-80 scores.
  14. When I worked at Rancho San Marcos golf course in CA, Michael Jordan would come to play maybe once a year. When he came, we had to clear out 3 tee times before and 3 tee times after him to allow his 6some to play. However I can say for sure, that they were the fastest playing 6some ever in golf and I don't think I have ever seen anyone run up to their ball and hit as quickly as the other players in his group were forced to. That being said, he did this for an entire week straight, and we got pretty much stiffed on tips from Mr. Jordan, but everyone playing with him was very kind and tipped well.
  15. [quote name='TexasAg' timestamp='1313521992' post='3492634'] [url="http://popeofslope.com/sandbagging/odds.html"]http://popeofslope.c...gging/odds.html[/url] [/quote] Wow, excellent resource there about all things handicaps. Using that chart, I was able to calculate the approximate net differential for the most recent round of golf one of the people I played with shot, which was -4.3, which according to that chart is around 121:1 odds. Combine that with the fact that he usually shoots sub 80 scores on a course with a slope of 125 and rating of 68.8 (par 71)...I'd say that he's sandbagging. I think I may stay away from any handicapped betting until I can beat them scratch. I love seeing my index go down as my goal is to become a better player overall, but they seem to enjoy posting their bad scores.
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