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  1. For sale is a lightly used pxg dagger putter . I’ve used it less then 5 rounds never really matched my stroke . Thinking about holding onto it to see if the price possibly gos up since this putter has been discontinued however I would also like to use the money for more goodies ?. Pictures can do the talking as far as its condition . Please review serial number for authenticity $450 obo
  2. Or you could hit it 10-15 yards short any time you do not get it square on the face with a blade...... I am not sure what GI clubs you have been playing but I never get these mysterious jumpers from a good strike in the fairway. Distance control is very solid with my current clubs and seems to be very solid with the 2 replacements I am considering. I would love really to see some data on this because I would think that the average golfer would see more shots per round come up short by slight mishits with a "players" iron than they would see of "fairway jumpers". I know for me that was the
  3. Get anything bigger then an ap2 and you’ll probably start getting flyers with your shorter irons that go 10-20 yards farther then you would like . Not from the rough , iam talking from clean fairway lies . I switched so many times to gi irons just for the heel to toe forgiveness and I always wind up throwing a forged set of blades back in or something similar . Just because the extra distance adds strokes .
  4. Just looking to clear out some equipment and make room for some new toys . The s55s are still in very good condition . Compared to the other sets out their it’s hard to find them in this quality especially with a 3 iron. Lofts and lies are standard , black dot with CFS x flex shafts and still good quality GP NDMC grips . $325 The mizuno 54 and 58 have been my babies . Grooves are still sharp and I still get compliments on these blue wedges almost every time I play . Loft and lies are standard the lengths are extended +0.5” Don’t know why im selling these but $125 shipped for the pair .
  5. dont get rid of it . I cant shake my 910 d3 for no love or money , the thing is as long as all of the new " technologically advanced " drivers . sounds the best of the bunch and spins the lowest ... and it costs $50 on ebay .... actually i outdrove all of my playing partners yesterday by a good 10 yards every time i got a hold of one ( we are all 4 handicaps or lower)
  6. I have a set of nippon modus3 120 x shafts 5 - pw that I recently pulled from a set of mp5s I bought from a member here . Was going to use them for a weekend project but decided to use the money for some new equipment instead . $120 shipped to your door ... SOLD SOLD Grips are still very tacky and in good condition , lengths are standard
  7. What some people fail to realize is the most epic athletes to ever live have a unmatched work ethic that takes them to the next level of elite . Yes there are fantastic athletes out there by the thousands however there are only a handful of elites . Michael Jordan , Tiger Woods , Michael phelps , Jerry Rice , Lebron James , Serena Williams , Roger Federer , ... the work ethic is simply unmatched . These people literally put all things in life to the side and focus on there respective sports throughout their careers until something breaks or the body won't do what your mind wants it to .
  8. Rescue 11s are fairly chipped up , as you can imagine the white paint chips fairly easily , there is a tiny dent on the crown of the 3hybrid right underneath the T logo i didn't even notice it until I took the pics . Also the ferrule is broken on the 3 hybrid . Both have Aldila RIP shafts in Stiff flex , standard length . Honestly I know there not in the best of condition but the shafts are worth as much as iam looking for both clubs . $95 shipped for both . Cleveland smart sole was a present I bought for my dad and he didn't like it . It's been gather dust so I figured I would sell it
  9. I sold my Mack Daddy slate u grind thinking the Nike toe sweep would be perfect for me and it turned out to be a bad choice . The only bad thing about the MD was the fact it would fly 10-15 yards short of my normal 58 on full shots . Other then that it was really hard to hit crappy shots around the green . The thing was magic . Is there another wedge out there with a similar grind , does vokey offer anything like that ?
  10. You really can't beat golf balls direct . It's 50 taylormade tp5/Tp3/Penta mixed in pretty decent condition for $35 .
  11. Can't seem to come across a blade iron that fits my eye , I always loved the look of the adams MB2 , iam looking for a similar blade iron shape wise ... anything come to mind ? #ClubHoLife
  12. The best advice I ever took from my crazy subconscious mind is to play the course on the range . Meaning play every single shot you plan on hitting on the course that day on the range before you hit the first tee . If you wanna shoot 68 hitting 14 fairways and 18 greens hit those shots and then go to the practice green and finish out your putts till it hits 68 . Takes 20 minutes and it will get your body and mind where It needs to be to finish that round . Shaved 3 strokes almost instantly to get the year started with a 73 .
  13. Gg brings some fun to the table while teaching the method I found out as small boy . Get the club pointing straight up and down in the backswing and turn your body hard in the downswing . That club will drop like a hot potato , your hands will move out , you elbow will tuck in and your hips will naturally open . I think a lot of the teachers these days are going back in time and grabbing the gems the old timers left us and interpreting it with new age technology and terminology .
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