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  1. Melbourne, FL1.0Titleist T200sI’m looking for a set of irons outside the “established” mindset. Also, not completely satisfied with current set.ComboDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Absolutely!!!!
  2. Any news on new launch monitors coming in 2020 for less than $1000?
  3. IMO, not far enough in the toe to create a significant distance loss.
  4. I recently put into play t200’s with AMT stiff white shafts. I’m a one handicap and have immediately noticed concerning results. I’ve noticed shots towards the toe fly close to 7 to 9 yards short of a shot compared to the sweet spot. My understanding were these were forgiving irons. I love the feel of these irons but these toe shots are very different than my previous Callaway cf16 Apex. Has anyone else experienced this or any other concerning traits?
  5. So I just put into play KBS 120 stiff shafts with new apex pros. I was playing Modus 130 stiff shafts with 2016 apex pros. My first impression is the old clubs feel softer and have less vibration than the new clubs. Also the old clubs feel smoother through the downswing. Any thoughts?
  6. Maybe the spin rate and launch angle....your comments don't bother me.....it is what it is......
  7. I played the X today and I must say this ball is the longest ball off the driver I have ever played. 15 yards longer than the TP5X. Irons are longer to. Ball launches high and keeps going. Interesting flight with the irons as the ball launches high but seems to flatten and just keeps going. Will continue to experiment with the X and the non x this weekend.
  8. Was fit into a TM M1 with graphite design BB 6X this week. Fitters asked what ball I played. I explained I was going back and forth between the TP5 and TP5X. They both immediately withiut missing a beat said I need to be playing the X. They said I need more spin off the driver. They then placed the X in play for use with the launch monitor and bingo, the spin numbers came up. The X is a great ball and I will be playing it all summer.
  9. Had 2 separate fittings trying to beat my aeroburner. The epic in both the indoor or outdoor with trackman could not beat the aeroburner. I wanted the epic to win but the aeroburner is just getting it done.
  10. I was shipped the tp5 and purchased the x. I've been using the nike rzn black, which btw is the most under rated under the radar ball ever. None the less the tp5x stands out in an interesting way. I have never seen a ball go as far down wind than the tp5x. I mean it's a joke. Today, the x was 20 yards longer than the tp5 or the nike rzn black. The x was in areas I never reached...ever. The tp5 is noticeably softer off irons and putter than the x. The x seems to curve a bit less than the tp5. More to come later. Driver ss is 103. Scratch hcp.
  11. So I just received a dozen TP5 delivered by FedEx sent from TaylorMade. I didn't order anything from anyone. Is this part of a golfwrx trial?
  12. ​Current USGA handicap: 1.0 State the goals for your golf game in 2017: I consistently qualify for Florida State Golf Association am and mid am championships but never make the cut. My goal is to qualify and make the cut in all state events. Favorite/least favorite club in your bag: Favorite club is my TM Aeroburner Driver. Least favorite is my TM Aeroburner 3 Wood. Which new club excites you the most in ‘17: M1 M2 wood family State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf: This opportunity would allow me to get the best support possible to reac
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