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  1. This happened to me in Laguna Niguel in November, in a high traffic parking garage at the gym in the middle of the day. Took two sets of clubs, including tour issue and pretty hard to get stuff...I was pretty sad to say the least. Been slowly replacing clubs from the BST here and an iron set donated by my awesome younger brother.
  2. [quote name='Walkin36' timestamp='1335193938' post='4773380'] [quote name='Splitter' timestamp='1335153858' post='4771598'] Looks like 14? I've put a few into the patios just before those bunkers when I had the hooks. Those apartments are good for kicking em' back into play. Used to be an old guy that would sit just under your balcony and sell "recovered" PRoVs for 1$. Between 14/15 there are plenty in that strip of trees across from you.... As long as you don't mind poison oak and poison snakes.. BTW... #5 has more aces than any hole in Texas. No excuses not to get one this year! Not there any more myself... Enjoy the golf. [/quote] I am sure the apt's left of me to get nailed quite often, but I can see a few lucky bounces coming off of them! I don't think I am going to venture into those woods for a few balls...doesn't look safe with the snakes! I need to play #5 then, I need an ace. Doconner: I will absolutley keep you updated. By then I should have played plenty! Hit me up sometime and you can join up with us...play there quite a bit as well as the other nice courses close by [/quote]
  3. Very cool...I play there all the time. [quote name='Walkin36' timestamp='1335145888' post='4770848'] Haha..it is a short par 4, and the tee is right in front of me to the right. A lefty will have to slice the heck out of one to get me. [/quote]
  4. Nice bag...love the V steels. You play at Rawls often? One of my favorite courses
  5. Have a piretti cottonwood II and absolutely love it...will definitely be adding more Piretti's to the collection in the future. Love the heavier weight, the lower loft and has great feel
  6. Kbs tour X black in scratch AR-1's with orange iomic. Cool giveaway and now I'll be daydreaming about this setup the rest of the day.
  7. [quote name='lucky7s' timestamp='1329096985' post='4271449'] Ive had these MB2s since (?)November or so. They are nice and soft- and easily workable. Ball flight is perfect with the C-tapers. I would recommend them to anyone who can handle them (sometimes they're too much for me--but they look so good.) [size="1"]Hey B.G.[/size] [/quote] Beauties!
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