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  1. Lefty96 thanks for the thread. Ordered an NX7, look forward to getting it.
  2. Herdman nailed it, that is a bike weekend. Plenty of traffic delays so allow extra time for travel to courses. Travel on by-pass Rte 17 and stay away from business Rte 17.
  3. While an agreement is an agreement. Caddie expenses are a business deduction? If so why wouldn't he want to defer some of his winnings to the caddie. If a $1,000 is a tip on top of the of the $4,000 is in his mind more than adequate, then that is his opinion. I'm not defending him and in hindsight he probably regrets the way he has handled the situation. This will cost him in the court of pubic opinion, as I'm sure his sponsors have been aware of the negative publicity
  4. The Myrtle Beach Costco has the Callaway Super Hot 55 two dozen for $26.99 next to the Kirkland Signature 3 piece two dozen for $23.99. Both outstanding values plus no shipping costs. Our Costco in New jersey has no golf balls for sale and when they do not the same prices those Callaway's are usually at the $50 plus level. I do like the Snell offerings and price ranges.
  5. Received my order of Get Sum, nice thank you from Dean on invoice!
  6. Without drama there are no TV ratings! Without a voice of dissent, there is no bear crapping in the woods or tree falling. It's no different than any announcer that is a homer, you either love them or hate them. Brandel has an opinion and he states it, it isn't commentary it is a bias. Tiger will never be what he was, but he isn't washed up either. There is still some good golf left in that 40 year old body. Hopefully Brandel will have a long career on the mike side of the game.
  7. They are out of stock. Plus I really like their $14 Kirkland jeans.
  8. Bethpage State Park, The Black Course, NY TPC Dorado Beach, PR Tierra del Sol Golf Course, Aruba West Point Golf Course, NY Abu Dhabi Golf Course, UAE
  9. Been using a Coach money clip for ages. Have my ID, transit card, couple of business cards and cash. [url="http://www.coach.com/coach-mens-wallets-money-clip-card-case-in-sport-calf-leather/74985.html?cgid=men-wallets-money-clips-coin-cases&dwvar_color=SAD"]http://www.coach.com/coach-mens-wallets-money-clip-card-case-in-sport-calf-leather/74985.html?cgid=men-wallets-money-clips-coin-cases&dwvar_color=SAD[/url]
  10. Washing machine for me as well. Gentle cycle and I hang dry them.
  11. [size="3"][color="#000000"]Apparel is Adidas’ core business not golf equipment. If they jettison the other three brands they will continue to sell golf apparel branded Adidas. The loss they took on golf equipment doesn’t sit well with stock holders. CEOs that want to keep their jobs, fat salaries and perks know how to make sure the profit statement is healthy. It’s just economics to them, the can probably make a profit on the sale if they split them up.[/color][/size] [size="3"][color="#000000"]Swoll Cracker nailed it on the 2013 changes to the Taylormade driver line.[/color][/size]
  12. Cigar smoking is not the same as cigarette smoking. There are different types of risks involved with each, as an adult we make our own choices as to risks we are willing to take. No different than drinking, texting while driving or other risky behavior.YMMV With that said enjoy your cigar, but please whatever you do don't lay your cigar on the ground.
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