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  1. I've used the HB for years. I wish they would jump on the single length bandwagon...
  2. How are you determining your actual carry distance to conclude that the device is 10 yards short?
  3. I like the Cobra Rail F fairway woods off the deck and off the tee. shallow face.
  4. I added the club tubes to a bag. Adds a little weight but it achieved my goal of keeping my clubs from interacting with each other in the bag.
  5. Cleveland HiBore XLS. The one I never should have sold.
  6. Thanks for the updates. A second store said they couldn't even measure the lie angle of a fairway wood. I'm having doubts about the lie angle mesured for me on my woods. Is it really possible that the 7W is 63*. Cobra doesn't list any Rail Fs with that lie angle.
  7. Is the lie angle on a fairway wood adjustable on a Cobra Baffler Rail F fairway wood? I have three fairway woods - Cobra Baffler Rail F 3W 15.5* 42" with a 60* lie angle, 5W 18* 41" with a 61* lie angle and 7W 22* 40" with a 63* lie angle. I love the 7W but the 5W and the 3W peel off to the right most of the time. Can I get the 3W and 5W lie angles adjusted a degree or two? One club shop said they can't adjust these. Why not?
  8. Today (July 29) 99 yd Par 3 with a pitching wedge. Hit the ground and rolled in. I even heard the ball hit the flag.
  9. I buy enough clubs online to make sure I have a stash of empty boxes for shipping.
  10. That reminds me that I need to put a new sharpie in the bag.
  11. I switched golf bags recently. Here is what I transferred from one bag ot the other, aside from golf balls (12), tees (~20), pencils (~10), and two towels. rain parka in bag bucket hat windbreaker bug spray sun screen can sun screen stick can coozy cigar cutter lighter coin/ball marker bottle opener I try to keep some cash for emergencies but I always seem to have an emergency. I should add a small first aid kit and maybe some tape.
  12. I just switched from my OGIO Edge to OGIO Crush. The Edge was starting to wear out which was too bad as I really liked the bag once I modified it. I cut off the stand legs (I use a pull cart or a sunday bag so carring a 14 club bag will never happen) and put tubes in to keep the clubs separate. I really liked the torque strap, the ball pocket, and handles for loading into the trunk. The pockets were just the right size for a windbreaker, bug spray, cigar cutter, huggie, etc. The Crush is nice with the 14 club slots with one dedicated for the putter. The pockets are nice and big, perhap
  13. I use them because I dont like the club noise when I walk.
  14. I'm looking for an adjustable wood or hybrid. I don't need 28 settings open/close with loft + lie. Just a couple of open or closed settings plus neutral. Lofts in the range of 17-18-19 and 22-23-24. Suggestions?
  15. I use OOBGOLF to track my rounds. The app on my phone works well for me. The problem I have is that any kind of sun makes it nearly impossible to use. It isn't so much as that app as any app. What do people do to avoid the effects of glare?
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