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  1. Get a needle gun. Much better way to save grips. Much less stretching of the grip.
  2. Need to clear the extras from the garage. -Sim max 5 wood. These were bent flat at the kingdom. Both lie angles are close 57.5 they could get them. You can only bend these safely if you have bending blocks like they do at the kingdom. Firm at $205 for each head. -m6 tour issue 5 wood. Unsure of specs. $200 shipped -m6 tour issue 5 wood in plastic. Unsure of specs $205 shipped -m6 tour issue 5 wood with specs sticker $210 shipped -gapr tour issue 3. $90 shipped -Srixon “FL” driver head. Small dent/ mark on rear. Not visible at setup. Used by many pga tour players. It took me forever to find one previously. $200 shipped -7 taylormade Lamkin grips pulls. Decided to not use them, 0 shots or rounds on them. Asking $50
  3. For sale today: 1) Sim max 3 wood/5 wood. *these were bent flat at the kingdom*. Lie angles on both are as close to 57.5 as they could make it. You can only get these bent if you have a bending block. Both are in great shape. Asking $235 shipped each. 2) m6 Tour issue 5 wood in plastic with spec sticker. I have extra hot melt plugs and can include if you would like. Asking $220 shipped. 3)m6 Tour issue 5 wood in plastic. Does not have spec sticker. I have extra hot melt plugs and can include if you would like. Asking $205 shipped. 4)gapr mid Tour issue 3 iron. This is not the glued version. This has an adapter just like the retail version. Asking $100 5)chrome soft yellow.2 doz asking $50 for both shipped.
  4. What the buyer will receive ^ (Blocked out my name and manager name at the company for privacy, will send un edited photo to interested buyers)
  5. Selling my X3 Red (newest version of the x3). I was given a free upgrade from my teal color X3 to the newest red 5G. However I have no use for it anymore as I made the switch to Trackman for simulation. It was used for very few sessions. It is like new with 0 marks or signs of use. THIS COMES WITH A FREE LICENCE AND SOFTWARE TRANSFER. I arranged this with Flightscope and can provide proof, never heard of anyone else doing so. I have 0 problems video chatting and doing demonstration to interested parties. I can skype or facetime to any perspective buyer . Asking for Local Pickup but would ship if buyer covered shipping. Located in Central PA. Will add more photos this evening. WAS 13,000 now 11,000 Pin 1/19 pin 2/2
  6. There is a blue version coming as well as other head shapes. Really good product, I will post pictures when rep gives me all clear.
  7. New Pix balls designed by RF. Looks great and creates an amazing look when rolling. Meant to give feedback when players use a line.
  8. Hello, I purchased what was advertised as a Spider Si Center Shaft Tour Issue on Ebay. I didn't suspect anything at the time of purchase except I was curious as to why a tour issue club was available in multiple quantities online. I received the putter only to find it has a ton of epoxy on the topline of the putter. This is not something that would've passed inspection by a tour player. I then messaged the seller and they told me "they received the putters from a Taylormade rep". Since I was able to scrap off the extra epoxy to make it usable. I feel that this level of work shows this might be fake as anyone who works on clubs for tour players/ does club repair often would not make this mistake. Being in the industry I'm curious if tour reps or reps ever dump loads of tour issue putters to second hand re sellers? Im just curious to as of how the account of "golfstealsanddeals" got these putters. Also opinions appreciated to if this putter is legit? I appreciate all opinions, Thank you. !
  9. That putter is awesome, any idea how removing the finish was done?
  10. > @curtism said: > Will a 913 fairway shaft fit on the ts3 15 head? I believe so but not certain, I don't have any experience with doing this. From my understanding the Tilteist adapters have not changed in many years. Hoping someone can chime in for you.
  11. *all prices are including shipping* Rogue pro irons-5.5 shafts used for 3 rounds -$500 4-PW 1 degree upright Ts3 8.5 head- has marks on crown shown in picture. I will send more photos to anyone who requests $270 Ts3 15 degree head- $210 shipped. Head is in VERY good condition with no marks on crown. Evenflow blue 6.0 driver shaft- standard length with Titliest adapter $100
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