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  1. @netty we searched you tube videos on how to airbrush sneakers and used acrylics from walmart
  2. I have Hogan 3 shafts in driver, 3 w, 4w and 5w but unsure of time period. Let me know how to tell the difference and if you're interested. [email protected]
  3. Not a thread Jack but my most recent before and after...tape job is the most important.
  4. Initially laughed at this post but in 2018 I purchased a total of 5 bags
  5. Did you ever figure out a new insert for the nubbins
  6. I only wish I knew how to change out the rubber insert
  7. My daughter who signed up a week after me has received hers and I have not yet received
  8. Listed as a Bobby Jones Jesse Ortiz 64 degree. The Pelz system. I like it but it has limited use.
  9. Dont know if you realize it but that's the scotty Cameron remake of the bullseye. Good find
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