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  1. Probably the most uneducated dribble I have ever wasted my time reading, I'd actually be annoyed from wasting my time had been anywhere but work to read this. You get so angry your hands shake - that's not a 'big city thing' it's a sign of mental instability. How 'quick' you play doesn't have any relevance to your level of skill You sound like a starts with D and rhymes with sploosh That is all
  2. Am I the only one who thinks it might be the player? If you can only move your ball 20ish yards with your 60 you might have a problem I don't hit a long ball, play off 3. When my laser is telling me 75-60 metres I'm pulling 60 deg every day of the week In sand the swing I'm putting on it to move it 20 metres would compare to 50 metres off grass Maybe I'm the only one who finds this comment strange,
  3. He's an old bloke, take his advice with a grain of salt and move on "I'll give it a crack next time I'm at the range" He gets a warm and fuzzy that he is helping you, you get to play your game I play off 3 and old boys are always giving advice, just accept and move on no big deal
  4. No offence intended But if I see some guy chopping it and on track for racking up a century behind me, I'm not exactly jumping out of my shoes to let you through.
  5. Nah no CCTV It was literally 2m from the pro shop door Took a lot of balls from the guy Unusual here in Australia Lesson learnt hey Will keep my new laser hidden from sight
  6. Thanks mate My only reason for posting is to bring it to people's attention Just be aware there are people out there who will stuff anyone around given the opportunity
  7. Ducked down my course where I'm a member this afternoon for a quick 9. Put my head in the pro shop for 30 seconds to see which 9 they wanted me to play. Hit off the 10th, get to my second and go to grab my laser....gone.along with its case Some cheeky ***** swiped it right off the side of my bag where'd kept it for ages. Gonna set me back 450 dollars....I wish d$&k cancer upon that person and all their families
  8. Played in a stableford comp yesterday Had 13 points on the front 9 and 24 points coming home Played off 7, 4 shots front 3 shots out back Two completely different 9's Couldn't find anywhere near the centre of the club face out the front Out the back I flushed it
  9. Turn that moral compass off Your gear Your money
  10. Mate the AP2's are so friggen easy to hit Get them Give them a few rounds and you will be amazed
  11. I'm the same as you My fade is not consistent so I basically consider it a no go shot My play is to just bang it at the corner and turn it back to middle It might sacrifice a few yards here and there, I mightn't be able to reach that par 5 in two But that's why I work on my short game I'll just put the ball to a number I'm happy with and knock it as tight as I can. There is more then one way to make bird my friend
  12. Take kj for example When he first joined the tour he could barely mumble a word of English, that skill comes with exposure and confidence If the American audience is worried about the post match interview as apposed to the on course antics then perhaps you should be watching some Leno (does he even have a show anymore? No idea bout that junk down here in aus) Victor is a star. His start to the season on the European tour has been nothing short of fantastic (feeder tour.....you guys are kidding yourselves. I watch both and can confidently say that the courses are tougher and more interesting for the viewer to watch,)
  13. What a jerk How dare he tell some obnoxious fans to put their cameras away Who does he think he is telling members of the crowd to not be moving in front of his player They seem reasonable requests to me and anyone else who has ever played golf
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