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  1. Driver: Calloway EPIC Speed 10.5 w/ OBAN Kiyoshi 05(x)flex 3wood: Titleist TS3 w/ Atmos 7x 2iron: Mizuno HMB MP-20 with Mitsubishi TX105 Irons: Srixon Z-785 w/ DG white x100 Wedges: TM MG3 w/ DG s200 Putter: SC Newport Select Bag: Ping Hoofer St. Jude limited release
  2. From this angle it looks like you are aimed a little more to the right than you trajectory shows, is this correct? according to the issue you stated, the heel strikes and push are a direct link to the in-to-out path and how steep you are coming into the strike. If you have an old box for clubs or a 2x4, set up with an iron (9-7) with the toe of the club resting on the inside edge of the box and take the initial start of your swing with the toe keeping contact with the aid. once you get to about 6-8 inches away from you itital address point. go ahead and take the club to the top of your backswing and STOP! Do not finish the swing. Once you complete this drill ten to twenty times you can slowly progress to the downswing and impact...this drill is to exagreate the opposite move you are currently making and correct to a more "out-to-in" swing path. this should help square up your strikes and rely less on wrist rotation to make good impact. for keeping your behind more extended, go to the chipping green and rest a putter or a wedge on your right butt cheek and hit 50-60 yard shots. if you keep your butt extended and rotate the club should fall behind your right foot. if not the club will fall between your legs or jab you in the leg (which is why you use something with a grip and not stab yourself).
  3. Those irons are seggsy as hell. I'm about to send out my old gamers to do something similar. I hope they turn out half a nice as these
  4. Golfarb1 - Can I expound on your assesment here? "The next thing that you need to do is to shallow the shaft more in transition...moves down, towards the body AND TOWARDS the TARGET LINE . The last movement toward the target line is a result of right shoulder external rotation and is integral in shallowing the shaft and getting the right elbow in the proper position at impact " As this is correct, there is an easier way to get the results here, rather than manipulating your sholders and elbows. You have completed almost 1/4 of your downswing before your lower body engages and rotates out of the way. If you engage the rotation of your left hip your hands will naturally drop into proper position (mentioned above). You can really see this in the 10-11 second frames of your first video, and the 3-4 second frames on your second video. I work a lot on feeling the swing; and I try to emulate the "feeling" of starting my left hip rotation to finish my backswing, the shoulder and elbow naturally drop and the club will also fall to the inside of your backswing path, shallowing the swing out
  5. 1) Drive for show; Putt for dough - you have to be able to get to the green in order to putt 2) Practice makes prefect - Practice does nothing more than provide you an avenue to get better, you get out of it what you put in. if you practice a bad swing you will have a bad swing 3) Torrey Pines South course is a good course - It's long and has about 4 holes that look over the cliff. other than that it's a fairly bland round of golf.
  6. Playing in a golf tournament for work two(ish) years ago. I won the long drive with a drive of 322 yards. I was called out by someone who did not believe I could hit the ball that long. He kept saying that he was/is longer than i am and that there is no way that someone could outdrive him by 20 yards. I figured he was quite lubed up at this point, as it was a 5 hour round with free beer on every 3rd hole, so I paid it no mind and went to collect my winnings; a $100 gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods...WooHoo The guy just wouldn't let it go for about 30 minutes, we were eating after the round and he was about 2 tables away and would not let it go, finally a guy in my group said something to the guy and he lost it, he bet me $100 to do it again...on the same hole...he would even give me 3 shots. So i took the bet! Our two teams and about 4-5 other guys went out to the 17th hole (Par 5) and on the first ball I proceed to nuke my drive 330 as straight as I have ever hit the ball in my life. I look at the guy and ask if that is "good enough" and I have never seen anyone look so dejected in my entire life, the obnoxious guy couldn't get the $100 bill out of his wallet fast enough so he could get the hell out of there.
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