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  1. Looking for the kbs in x but not a deal breaker
  2. Tried to order custom but they said they won’t bend because it’s hollow ? it’s like 2.5 upright at this stock lie angle ... Can this be bent by clubmakers ? Easily ??
  3. I love driving irons and have many this is a great club I just put this shaft in and it’s a tad much for me fourteen type 7 39.5 inches Rt hand new velvet align new Aldila prototype 125x there is a little lead tape left on the back... that’s the silver in pic $75,00 shipped PayPal [email protected]
  4. I see a used 3 mid gapr in golf store when changing to increase or decrease or play standard the adapter is not center to the alignment dash . It lines up a little left of the standard or the other 2 . how does this affect loft ? Will it play 1 degree more or less then it should ? Any help ..please I want to buy but i can tell it’s a reshaft and seems less then factory
  5. Finau is so good . Bet him every week top 10 get rich
  6. Love the vest . Always on the look out I always get them a little smaller so I can putt without getting caught in the fabric JL has so good ones but I won’t pay more then 70.
  7. Anyone remember or have any info on this ? going to put it in a 20* driving iron. cheap on ebay . Maybe it’s a find
  8. I know it’s stiffer in x then most can handle so please tell me your experience with any flex you play in long irons
  9. Elevate in x is a dream shaft for all stiff / x in between golfers. It does feel softer then most stiff shafts but it works
  10. Used once at range 4-p Nippon modus 3 105 stiff Cp2 midsize grip standard length lie loft $960 shipped paypal [email protected]
  11. Here these are softer then the i125 Has anyone went x flex in these instead of stiff ? was definitely going to play i125 in stiff due to its stiffness not in x
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