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  1. I love the lpga. Talent is insane . But why are the courses this easy or am i wrong ?
  2. Will listen to all stiff shaft offers
  3. Anyone order with the highest weight ? can’t find on eBay . Where can I buy ?
  4. Great club found a hybrid that I can finally hit used 5 rounds 40 inches stock golf pride 360 velvet steelfiber i110 in stiff $90 shipped PayPal [email protected]
  5. Looking for stock $ 120 stiff shafts
  6. Any info on these ? are they softer then the regular finish ? Do they hold up or fade ?
  7. Why can’t I watch the semi final ? no streaming of it anywhere? Is this correct? what a waste
  8. 43.75 tour ad tp 7x has ping. G400 adapter will include a Ping 410 adapter as well 150.00 shipped ping midsize grip PayPal [email protected]
  9. Most players odds are at 71.5 o/u first round . I went under . Do we think even par is going to be a top 10 score tommorow?
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