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  1. Used once perfect condition 4-P Mizuno 921 Hot metal pro irons black onyx Project x Lz 6.0 stock lamkin grip all specs standard $700.00 shipped PayPal [email protected]
  2. For some reason I’m determined to play this shaft. anybody that plays the tx or stiff tell me why I should spend another 600 to have someone build these for me. it’s important for the weight to be 125 for me. I found the f4 in Steelfiber very playable but the f5 to be to much. Any mmt fans speak to me and ease my mind
  3. My biggest issue is the back heel height the 3 seems good as not slipping from being to low. But it feels tight inside. Is the 1 not as long in heel to let your foot sit low enough to be secure ? That’s what I need to know
  4. It’s a great event on a great course girls are incredible. Went twice
  5. Just hit 6.5 and I thought it was very playable. I would never bother with 6.5 but these were feeling softer then regular 6.5 px… they felt outstanding. Googled and Ended up here
  6. These feel awesome. anyone playing these ? Stock shaft options are tough for me thinking of mmt 125 in them
  7. Going to return but thought I would see if anyone wants these. my return is 920.00 with the restock fee These came in last week as I ordered Gen 2 0311 T 7-P …5-6 are P Steelfiber fc 115 stiff golfpride velvet standard length 2 flat I love the clubs but I took a chance on the 115 weight shafts and they are a little light played 1 round hit some balls and loved the clubs … but reshaft is too costly now so if you want to try and save the delivery time Beautiful clubs $875 firm PayPal is [email protected]
  8. Anyone know if you need tickets for this ? website not helping
  9. First hybrid I can hit …. Set it flat and it’s become a weapon. Great club …0211 is staying forever
  10. Hit 10 balls includes Headcover and tool hzrdus yellow smoke 6.5 x stiff 70 grams stock Pxg grip $220 shipped PayPal [email protected]
  11. I have gen 2 coming with 115 as well. these won’t be cw I’m afraid. I hope they are not to light .
  12. So I’m buying pxgs which are .370 I believe Will the parallel Steelfiber 115 play lighter then the constant weight used in .355 ?
  13. Used 3 rounds .. great combo Srixon Zx5 9* driver purchased a 12 gram driver weight from Srixon Also have the original 8 gram. 45.75 inches graphite design tour ad hd 7x 425 shipped PayPal [email protected]
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