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  1. I dislike playing with the player who knows everything about golf and its wrong.... 2012 US Open... Harding park played so tough... Rickie Folwer was the best player at KU ever... i meet this guys and it drives me mad
  2. Course 1 7100 6750 6450 6250 Course 2 6900 6600 6200
  3. I live in Texas as well and if you are seriously tight on cash for this experience... DM me.. I will cover it and we can settle up when you are in better shape. I am a man of experiences not stuff and this is an experience that you should have given the invite - while it may be a little rich at the time - its a drop in the bucket long term. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I feel golf is such a business to these guys... who is #1 has some impact to them but not nearly as much as we think. Winning is important but so is building their "brand"
  5. i think 75-100k for a foursome is prob in the area of getting it done...
  6. I am looking at same set up... curious.. what did you play prior? I had the MI6 10.5 with GD MT 6s shaft
  7. I played Dallas National in the off season and they have zoysia fw's and they were great even in Jan.... some of Texas top courses will all have zoysia in 2020... Whispering Pines, Dallas National, Bluejack National, carlton Woods - F side
  8. incorrect. $250 in season.. $125 out of season
  9. SV is more fun and better hang... the sandbox is perfect with a 6 pack..
  10. take 2 weeks off and play in the rain in a money game on a course you have played twice... lets see how you play ...or anyone for that matter... I would not gamble with TB as a 8
  11. depends on your financial situation... what is "worth" something to me may not be "worth" it to you.. but its your money... spend it how you like I dont have an issue with any price their charge...
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