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  1. Lesmond still around? I need someone who can send me a link to replacement spikes for the old LC3. I’ve tried every spike in local shops and nothing works. I’ve got 6 pairs I’m trying to donate to local junior golfers and I want new spikes in first.
  2. I’m getting it as well every time I open the site.
  3. I’ve heard its better. They aren’t really supposed to be soft though, almost every green has a false front and you’d spin it back all day. The frustrating part is then the back falls off as well so when they reverse it there’s still a small rise into the green.
  4. Is it plain or loud? Don’t know how it could be both. I looked up a few of those brands and there just isn’t a large enough segment of golfers that also wear clothes like that, no offense meant.
  5. For me it’s yardage gapping and can you hit the soft shots around the greens with lower loft. I need a 60* for those, my buddy prefers to open up his wedges and has never carried higher than a 54*.
  6. I thought the 302’s were more forgiving than similar sized Miura CB’s, and like the feel more. Been playing them for 5 years now. I do throw a set of baby blades in the bag every now and then, can’t really go wrong either way if they fit you well.
  7. I would need to get longer. I could shoot those scores from 6500 yards but anything 6800+ changes the game. And so many guys are long off the tee when it comes to statewide Am golf.
  8. I’ve had 5 and witnessed 3 more in the last ~7 years. Also 2 albatrosses. Pretty wild.
  9. Most of the guys I talked to a lot just don’t get on here any more. I pull up the thread all the time but just not a ton going on.
  10. how hard were the irons to build? The assistant at my club wants a shot building mine but if they were too tricky I need to take elsewhere.
  11. Local kid who made it to finals for KF qualifying took the second spot in a playoff. Wish I could go watch.
  12. There’s an all white with black trim titleist sta dry that I’ve see in person and is pretty nice. Probably my favorite bag of all time was an old all white hoofer, might be worth a look on eBay.
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