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  1. I think so too. I guess finding the specs would be a challenge.
  2. I'm about to purchase these clubs for next to nothing. Can anyone shed any light on these clubs? What year they came out and relevant specs if known. I've tried searching online and so far have come up empty. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  3. I realize this thread is old but I was wondering if you found out the manufacturer of the Titleist Custom Select graphite shafts. I was able to get a set of DCI 981 irons that have those shafts and was curious as to the full specs and manufacturer. Thanks.
  4. I bought a used 910D3 that came with a Made for Titleist Aldila Voodoo shaft. I know the shaft is not a stock option for the 910 and it possibly came from a 909 driver. Does anyone know if I can measure from the surefit adapter tip to an area in the shaft graphics that would tell me if the shaft has been tipped? I'm looking to possibly use the shaft in my 910F 15* and was hoping to butt cut only to save time. Plus, I wouldn't want to tip it again if it has been tipped already. Thanks.
  5. I would build an entire set. Proper fitting and custom built clubs is a major need for my game.
  6. [quote name='Binary' timestamp='1398775767' post='9194049'] I've had many knee injuries that have led to cronic knee pain. The best cure I've come up with, short of surgery, is to work out your knee. Build up the muscle around it to help support. You should be able to find some physical therapy type work out online. Feel free to PM me with the specifics of the location of pain, and I can help guide you towards the types of strengthing I use for that area. BTW, dont worry, I'm not telling you to join and gym or work out religiously. These are all things you can do in your living room.
  7. In your heart, I believe you already have decided. Problem is, your brain has started doing the math and it's holding you back. At this point, the important thing is your "business partner" or the "family CEO" has given you the blessing. This means that should this venture fail, you have her support. I'm 44 now and to this day I regret the decision I made as a teenager not to pursue a medical degree. I come from a family of doctors and I saw first hand how busy and difficult their schedules were so I chose the "practical and easy decision" and got an accounting degree. Although I and my
  8. Whew, this thread just made me dizzy. To the OP, does the hybrid have a DGS300 shaft? Also, what weight is the V2 shaft in the driver? Lastly, whereabouts in Canada are you? Thanks.
  9. [quote name='The Gachet' timestamp='1322691318' post='3872757'] I now believe that the loft on his driver in 1992 was between 9 and 10 degrees as there were a couple of 'What's In The Bag' articles published around that time quoting these numbers. [/quote] Is there a resource on the net that has pics of players' bags from the '80s and '90s? I've seen the vintage Masters WITB photos. Just wondering if there are any other sites where I can go. Thanks.
  10. 975D, PT13, Fli-Hi CLKSelling my LH classic but dependable clubs: Titleist 975D 8.5* w/ stock EI-70 x-stiff shaft, $35.00 Titleist PT13 w/ stock x-stiff steel shaft, $35.00 Mizuno Fli-Hi CLK 17* w/ stock stiff steel shaft, $25.00 Buy all for only $80.00. Will split shipping with buyer. Shipping will be via FedEx.
  11. For sale: LH Callaway X-Forged (2009 version)irons 3-PW with factory PX 6.0 flighted shafts. Everything still factory original, 9/10 condition. $200.00 will split shipping with buyer.
  12. You're probably right. He might have played Hogans. [quote name='pahjr1' timestamp='1308755606' post='3326921'] i believe he might of played hogan irons.... [quote name='tembolo1284' timestamp='1308662964' post='3323939'] Here's one for you guys. What did Feherty have in the bag when he played in the late 80s/early 90s? Gachet, where you at? [/quote] [/quote]
  13. Great setup! Being a fellow lefty, I'm jealous with the setup. I saw the WRX grind on the 3-iron, cool! Hey, call it a 5-wood. That way you can claim that you can cover the yardage gap with a 5 while others need a 3
  14. Got mine towards the end of last season. I don't think I've putted better. I promptly sold my Scotty and made some cash.
  15. measurement questionLooking to get the measurement of a raw, uncut Grafalloy Epic 68X shaft from the tip to the first instance of the graphics. I have a pullout from a 3-wood and I'm trying to determine how much the shaft has been tipped. Thanks.
  16. Don't have the answer to your question but you must be referring to Angel Cabrera since you used the words "big guy". Miguel Angel Jimenez uses Ping clubs as well.
  17. 1" tip based on Titleist shaft chartHas anyone tipped by 1" their stock Diamana shaft in their 909D2? Did it lower your launch and spin numbers? I'm thinking of having my stock setup tipped 1" based on the Titleist shaft chart. I will have the clubmaker put in a 1" extension at the end to bring it back to 45". Thanks for any feedback.
  18. measurement from tip to graphicsI have a Grafalloy Epic 68X pull from my 3-wood which I bought used. I'm not sure if the shaft was tipped because it didn't feel like an X when I was using the 3-wood. Now I'm thinking of using the shaft for a driver and just putting in a butt extension to get to length. Does anyone know the uncut measurement from the tip to the graphics on the shaft? It's a long shot but hopefully someone knows. Thanks.
  19. I need a new extra-stiff shaft for my driver and "free" seems to fit the bill. Thanks!
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