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  1. The dictionary gave up because so many use it wrong- eerily similar to everyone using a loft /lie machine wrong now makes it okay to accept the sub standard workmanship.
  2. It amazes me anyone commenting can justify that kind of workmanship. Refunding you the cost of the work they performed does not come close to compensating you. Get the local Mizuno rep involved. Play the season and have them send them back to Mizuno to refinish them. *I'd loose the mullet also.
  3. 1. City and State AZ 2. Handicap 6 3. Current Ball ProV1 4. What color e12 Contact do you want to test yellow 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos yes
  4. Probably best if you show us the shorts and pants now.
  5. I have a set of shafts, 2- PW, uncut,that is missing the 5 iron shaft. The first step of the shaft changes 1/2" through out the set. If I soft step the 4 iron shaft into the 5 iron and tip trim 1/2" how close to the original spec do you think I will be? Maybe I'll have to bore slightly?
  6. The quickest way to show marked improvement is to just lie. Baby steps. Don't come back with "28 putts", you have to work your way down. Go down to 36 next week, maybe 32 the week after. You'll feel better about yourself and build confidence.
  7. 1) What does it feel like when you’re putting well? Putting has always been a strong part of my game. Currently using a "Heavy Putter" which keeps the face very stable for me. 2) What is the biggest challenge when you’re putting poorly? Speed. If I get out of sync with speed I start to lose the line. 3) What is your handicap? 4.5
  8. After careful study Id say your playing partners suck. How could they possible determine if your ball was OB, could you even position yourself to see from one white stake to the other? Unless of course you're trolling, then there's no question its out.
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