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  1. Thank you everyone, a lot of great advice here! I've analyzed the 3 courses I play regularly, which avg. 6500 yds. and the 4i slot (190-200 yds) would be a utility player - equally distributed among Tee shots, Approach shots, and Lay Up shots on Par 5's, plus the occasional rescue shot when getting out of position. Given the shots I need to hit, a higher launch and more forgiving profile will be key, not necessarily distance or workability. I think i'll demo the Titleist 818H2 and Cobra 23 hybrids and maybe try out the Titleist U510 4 Hybrid as well and see what works best.
  2. Ha. Was going to recommend Cobra Speedzone driver. I went from Taylor Made rocketballz to the Cobra 3W with stock stiff shaft a few years ago and noticed the same thing, lower launch. The loft is adjustable so I ended up moving it to a strong 3 wood (14degrees) and love it. I like the lower penetrating flight which tends to fly straighter and rolls out a long way on the firm courses I play. It has become a fairway finder for me off the tee now too.
  3. I just put Taylor Made P7-MC's in the bag, but was reluctant to get the 4 iron because I need something more forgiving. My "3 Hybrid" is a 19 Degree Titleist 910 and my 5i is 26 degrees so I need something similar to a 4i with more forgiveness in the 23 degree range. What do you like? I prefer Cobra or Titleist at the top end of the bag.
  4. This is a good drill. The Nick Price Takeaway Drill. Helped me with takeaway issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXlnbcfcO_A
  5. I have a 50, 54, 58 setup. The 58 is a Vokey K grind which is really a 1 trick pony - should be illegal it's so easy to get out of the bunker, unless it's a firm bunker. It's also not very versatile around the green compared to some other grinds. I've been reluctant to kick it out of the bag because it's so magic from the bunker, but of rethinking that as my bunker play improves with my 54. My 54 is everything inside 100 yds. Never had much problem opening up the 54 for all variety of shots, but have also never used a 58 for any greenside chips or distance wedges so i guess I don't know what i
  6. Basic Question, do you carry a strong 3 wood (less than 15 degrees) and if so, why? My Driver total distance is 260-270. I started playing the Cobra F7 3W a few years ago adjusted to 14 degrees, which can get me 240-250 total distance. Most courses i play are 6500 yds so the strong 3 wood is what I need to reach many of the par 5's in two. More importantly, I have a lot of confidence with it off the tee, so if driver isn't cooperating, I have a comfortable Plan B, going to the "hot" 3 wood off the tee, without giving up much distance. Once in awhile i stripe the 3 woo
  7. You are right, they are not as forgiving as I thought. i took them out for 9 today and hit the ball pretty well, but was playing a 150 shot and hit an 8i off the toe which landed 20 yards short of the green. Reloaded and same exact thing. My old pings would have been more forgiving with that miss and perhaps made the green.
  8. Christmas came early today, TM P7 MC's arrived and took them for a spin on the range. I was fitted with Nippon Modus Pro S, 130g. 6i Fitting specs w/ P7-MC's were 86 mph swing speed, 123 ball speed, and 1.44 smash factor. I'm coming from a 10+ year old set of Ping i20's,, black dot w/ stock Ping CFS stiff 110g shafts. Right off the bat, first thing I notice is softer, buttery feel and more stable face at impact, likely due to better shaft fit. Another thing I noticed is how much straighter ball flight was, point and shoot. Again, I think the better shaft fit has a lot to do with
  9. 1. Finish your range warmup by simulating the 1st hole as if it were real e.g. if your first hole is a Par 4, dogleg right, on the range you will finish warmup by hitting the driver shot you plan on playing off the 1st tee. Tiger said he always finished his warmup by playing the shot he is going to play off the 1st tee. Did you stripe it? Remember that feel and take it to the first tee with you. Did you hook it? adjust and hit another so you can take a positive swing thought to the 1st tee with you. I also like the earlier post here about hitting to targets on the range during your warmup whic
  10. This has been my experience. I use 4 iron (24 degree) for 200yds, 3 Hybrid (19 degree) for 210+ and 3 wood (14 degree) for 230-240. It's rare that I would ever have a 220-230 shot to the green at the courses I play which are generally 6,500 yds, so this setup works good. That said, I'm considering swapping out the 4i for a 7 wood for more forgiveness out of the rough.
  11. Yep, Got fitted for TM P7-MC, ordered November 7th - ETA is Late January.
  12. Great topic! Learning the control distance wedge over the past few years has saved me at least 1-2 strokes a round. I no longer try to hit a 135 yd PW (even though I can). Instead I take a controlled but aggressive 1/2 or 3/4 swing with my 9i with much better results. Driver carry is 260+ and most guys I play with are 230 range. I love it when they pull W into a green side bunker from 125 and I stick one all over the pin and they ask what I hit and I proudly show them my 9i. I get some confused looks,...like it just does not compute for them why I use less club even though i'm a club longer th
  13. My Ping i20's come stock with the Ping CFS stiff shaft which is 110grams. I've always played stiff shafts, never X. I tried the Nippon Modus 120S and 130S and there was not a huge difference, but I got tighter dispersion and slightly longer carry yardage with the heavier 130S.
  14. Did a fitting with Tru Spec out in Palm Springs last month and tried out the Titleist T100/ T100S, TM 770's, 790's and TM P7MC. Coming from the 10 year old set of Ping i20's, all of these model's were super sexy. The Iron and Shaft combo's that worked best for me, may not be the best fit for you so take these comments with a grain of salt. I'm a 6-7 Hdcp with a 6i SS of about 87mph. With all models, I was able to pick up 10+ yards of distance. I am above average on distance already compared to my playing partners, so my goal was just to find the club with the best dispersion pattern to impro
  15. . What is your nearest Titleist fitting location: Twin Lakes Golf Course 2. City and State? Goleta, CA 5. Handicap? 8.4 4. Current Driver Setup? Titleist 913 D2 10.5 w/ Aldila RIP 60 2.9 stiff shaft 5. Where you fit for your current driver? Yes 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TS2 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
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