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  1. Here we have the Never Compromise limited edition Gambler Royal milled putter in the black finish. This thing is a sexy beast. I bought it because it's a sexy beast. Against my better judgment of how I usually respond to blade putters. Which is poorly. Gamed twice and practically brand new, pics tell the story. The only mark I can find is a little spot out on the toe that I tried to get a pic of that was there when I unwrapped it. It's 35" and comes with the sweet alligator looking black headcover. $100 shipped
  2. Here we have a Ping G20 fairway 3 wood. 15* with stock stiff shaft. In fantastic condition, no chips or marks on head. With headcover and a brand new NDMC red mid grip. Pics tell the rest. SOLD Will trade for G25 20* hybrid or entertain offers for 35"+ putters
  3. Woods have head covers? They only sold as a pair?
  4. I have to say, last year I was there on the 16th ALL day on Sunday and it was a total blast. I loved it, it was so much fun. This year I was on the 16th all day on Saturday and man, the sea of uppity pretentious college frat boy Dbags was terrible. Drunks as far as the eye can see acting like total asshats. The rules are simple, quiet before the shot. Cheer like a maniac if they stick it on the green, boo like a maniac if they miss. There were douches screaming non stop the entire time throughout the swing. Booing and jeering even if they landed a GIR just because it was 10ft from the hole or if a poor guy got his 20ft lag putt just within the leather. I love the 16th hole and its concept, it's a great idea for one event once a year. I will continue to go. Just not on Saturday thanks to the overwhelming majority of drunk college idiots that take a great idea too far and in the end will probably ruin it for everyone.
  5. Love the PVD but damn, so. much. pink. He should be sponsored by Pepto Bismol. Respect for being different though! Looking forward to seeing the Pepto Bomber in Scottsdale next week
  6. Alrighty, here we have a Taylormade Spider long putter (48") in nearly mint condition. Has brand new Winn grips and cover. I babied this thing so it is beautiful, awesome putter. Will probably regret letting it go, SOLD. Also here is a Krank Rage 9* driver in really good shape as well. Titanium head, has a Fubuki Ax 65r shaft and comes with the headcover. Will send this out with a second Gieco lizard headcover. SOLD (Mods, just in case there is a question/issue this is a second lizard cover, I had two and first one I listed a few weeks ago is gone. It's a freebie anyway. Thanks) Will also be interested in trades for other 9 -10* drivers
  7. Yeah I'll sell the lizard separate if you want. Didnt think anyone would want it haha
  8. So here we have a few things up for sale or trade. First is a Cobra Amp 8.5 driver with stiff RIP shaft. In great condition with the cover and a wrench, pictures pretty much tell the tale. SOLD or possible trade for another 9 or 10* driver. Stiff or strong R shaft preffered. Also we have a pancake flipper of a wedge. You have to watch your face when swinging this guy, you might pop yourself in the nose. Fun to play with but I just never use it. 64* Callaway Jaws with 12* bounce. Shafted with a DG spinner shaft and a brand new Winn Dri Tac wrap grip. Mack Daddy grooves have plenty of life as you can see. $50 shipped Anyone wants to grab them both and I'll include this sweet Gieco lizard head cover :taunt:
  9. Damn that Machine was a great deal. Kiddo wouldn't eat thier dinner so we had a long standoff. (Dad always wins) Postponed my BST browsing! Curses! You have that to look forward to as well ;-)
  10. Awesome, thanks for that! Im looking forward to trying this out. Makes total sense to me
  11. [quote name='Cleveland Golf' timestamp='1381511481' post='7987539'] Hello WRXers, Thanks for your interest in our new Smart Square putter. We've read your comments, both positive and negative, and taken them to heart. We are always looking for feedback from consumers like yourselves and greatly value your opinions. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or you just want to vent about golf, we're all ears! We look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Cleveland Golf P.S. For those who don't like the look of the Smart Square, here's a custom heel-shafted model complete with matte black shaft and Super Stroke Slim 3.0 grip. Change your mind? [attachment=1909055:IMG_7748.JPG] [/quote] Thanks for the post Cleveland. Do you have any pictures in the center shafted version? I have yet to find one
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