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  1. As of yesterday DG120 were in stock at Taylormade but their info isn’t very good. Looks like you got lucky with all parts being in hand, good stuff.
  2. It’s more or less just manufacturing tolerances with brands like titleist honestly, they do not swing weight as complex as some other brands. They bucket the heads as they come in and tip weight almost every iron in every set to get to swing weight. This means every head is actually lighter than the swing weight denotes, as it gives them flexibility. A side note, if your order multiple vokey wedges in the same order they will match the swingweight to together. If you order separate you get what you get. I have been a titleist player at +1/2” length my whole life, and often had swings weights in the upper D’s or even an E range one time. Very heavy clubs in some cases and thy couldn’t do anything about it based on the length and math.
  3. Update to my own situation, was able to cancel get refunded. If you’re gonna buy something now you had better really want it and be willing to wait, no more impulse purchase and flips if they don’t work out.
  4. These delay threads are wild, I just checked in on my P790 PX LZ order from 2 weeks ago. At the time TM confirmed that everything was in stock, so I orderd through DD as a switch from a Titleist order I had placed with them that was pushed again into April. Well, last night TM told DD that they had everything but the 6 iron shaft. Only shafts in steel that could ship timely won't work for me, so I am working on just cancelling and walking away. I'm glad there are people here who seem to be getting their orders out of nowhere, but I have seen nothing but delay after delay. Things are crazy in my line of work so I understand why its messed up in golf clubs too, but all I can do is decide to stomache the wait or cut bait and move on. Seems like no way to figure what OEM may or may not deliver in a timely fashion.
  5. Totally agree. I have found the Greyson pants, polos and 1/4 zips to be as good or better than Millar. Outerwear wise I just ordered a release jacket, as after calling Kjus they said it should be as warm or warmer than my current retention jacket.
  6. I agree with that as look closer. For general golf apparel I am leaning more and more towards greyson over Millar, but for techincal outerwear the Kjus stuff is tough to beat. Millar is junk for outerwear both in fit and materials compared to Kjus.
  7. Agreed in that, I got the 2nd generation of the Kjus Pro SL (with the vislon zipper not rubber coated) and couldn’t be happier. When this wears out I wouldn’t hesitate to get more Kjus, but since it mostly hangs in my closet I think it will last for a while. When you need it, you need it… and it works flawlessly.
  8. Both seem similar, and I have experience with the Kjus but it’s old and I need to update it. Anybody know if the Greyson Yukon is similar? I like Greyson stuff more and more lately, and they cost the same. Been able to wear the Kjus in 50’s with a golf shirt, I know that’s subjective but good baseline.
  9. I have it in my driver, and I have been rotating it in and out with a Ventus red. I feel like with the black I get the most out of out of my best swings, but the red gives me more on my not so good swings. Red makes for the most popular fairway option in my mind, very stable for the “highest” launching of the family. I am very curious about the new model coming out, blue wirh a stiffer handle… could be a black with more launch and action. The Blue has a weird hinge feeling up hight to me, if the new one tightens that up it could be Goldilocks.
  10. I do not find it brutally stout but it’s definitely low/low. Had some action in the mid, relative to handle and tip.
  11. I play LZ 5.5 shafts in my irons as well, and really like their feel. My understanding is that they are pretty stiff in tip and handle, but a little softer in middle. That profile is similar to the atmos blue hybrid shaft, and slightly harsher Smoke Black maybe RDX now?. I also have had good results with a Ventus blue 8S but not sure it’s giving me what I want in launch. I am currently playing a DI 85 in hopes of getting a a much height as I can with my hybrid but still stable. It depends on how you want the club to perform, but those shafts should feel similar.
  12. Mizuno length is same as titleist now stock, but lie needs to be ordered as +2* on mizuno to be close to stock titleist. Technically it’s 1.5* but mizuno offers +2 heads from factory with no bending needed
  13. Lot of comments here that the 225 were too low spin, wonder if that will translate to issues on grass? I only got to hit these indoors as it snowed here, and I was concerned that trajectory was a bit low, but it was consistent with everything I hit that day. I will say seeing you 4K low 5K rpm seems consistent with similar type irons for me over the past two years.
  14. Here's hoping, as of monday they showed in stock still. I called TM on friday and they said the website was generally accurate. Hoping my LX shafts made it into heads before they ran out. I don't want to bug DD yet, as they really helped me out by converting this order from a Titleist order that only 2 irons made it to me before projected months delay fpr the rest.
  15. I’m nervous now, placed an order through Discount Dans Monday when it said LZ’s were in stock (said in stock all previous week too). Now they show April, but since I didn’t place the order I don’t get the emails to see if mine is delayed.
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