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  1. The tensei white is much smoother to me, and softer in handle than smoke.
  2. I think it’s a fair question, as it is every year with new models coming out and not being much longer. From a TS to a TSi I doubt you will be much longer assuming a proper fit in the TS. What I think you do gain with an incremental update is more forgiveness, as in more ball speed across the face. My mis hits with the TSi were much better than my TS. Sound and feel we’re both improved as well, and my opinion the new TSi3 is classics lead shape so improved looks too. I think Titleist really made a meaningful improvement with this model, not that the TS was bad but this is really a convergence
  3. Totally have been blindsided by fittings before, crazy what you can end up with compared to what you think.
  4. I was coming from an ADTP and 10.5* TS3 head. Amazed by what the fitting numbers showed vs what I thought I was seeing. The DI with an 8* head was so high and flat it made me realize by current setup was hitting high flare ups.
  5. I just did a Titleist fitting and tried the IZ and DI, ended up jiving very well with DI and an 8* head. I have never liked the IZ but immediately loved the DI, so just goes to show you need a proper fitting as I would have never settled on an 8* head. Tensei white was a close second. I personally think the IZ is not so much boards but harsh, the DI was pure butter. It was the tensei white feel with a tighter snap and more control for me.
  6. Played a round with the HMB and sold them immediately after. Dig city as someone mentioned before, literally couldn’t hit most shots with them. The MP grind does not work for my swing. T100-S is my current setup and I have always played AP2’s before, so it was an easy switch. Helps me get some mote distance but peak height and holding greens is no issue. I love how the go through the turf, which contributes to making the different shots I need. Not even close to me, I have been and always will be a Titleist iron guy. For reference I played the P790 for almost a whole season, didn’t hit them mu
  7. It works great with the same shafts I put in my irons, which is AMT black. I couldn’t get along with the HZRDUS shaft in it stock, never felt any kick or have any feel with it. Pretty much my complaint about HZRDUS in any club I’ve tried it in. It may produce a good result now and then but too firm feel for me.
  8. I brought this issue up a while ago, like 5 years ago and still dont have an answer. TM told me on the phone they tip 1", and this is further proven by an option to negative tip trim a shaft when you order on their site. I got fit for a Black Tie in an M1, and when I got my own club it was unhittable.
  9. Anyone know anything about Rickie’s new Cameron? Looks like a #7 copy from the sole with the usual X5 back and face. Intriguing if they put the JT release neck on it.
  10. Absolutely love mine, feel and pace for me are really good with this setup in my Toulon Las Vegas. I honestly have never pitted better with anything, not to say other putters don’t work as well. This just seems to be point and shoot for me. I am not sure what others don’t like about it, but it certainly is polarizing... that’s why they make other brands though!
  11. I have played multiple putter since getting my Stroke Lab Las Vegas, and finally put the Vegas back into play last night. It just flat out fits me well for some reason. I tried to put a Scotty back in play, multiple CT’s even, but the Toulon is a flat out better roll for me. Feels like a deep milled but with a nice click, and the ball has such a pure roll. I honestly don’t know why I tried to move away from it, just glad I didn’t sell it.
  12. I asked the same question, and mine finally came in. Feels light at 34.5" but when I extended to 35" it didn't feel like a sledgehammer, which the T5W weld neck did. They definitely accounted for the neck on this model, unlike tour models. The headshape is milled so the could have taken weight out from all over really. I ended up slapping in some 5g weights as I like my putters lighter, and that never worked on the tour model.
  13. You’re not wrong on the rumors of the select line being true, so that has me wondering. I just can’t see the X5 head staying strong 5 years on but the Newport is still cool.
  14. We’ll have to wait and see I guess. It would make sense for this to be a trial run for the neck, but welding all those necks wouldn’t make sense. Likely just mill it like Toulon Vegas H7? Since he has mallets with a slant neck, this might just be a one off run? X5 shape is still popular by in large just dated in that exact form.
  15. I think this is wishful thinking on everyone’s behalf. Only a couple of times has a Limited Edition made it to retail, only a Holiday ‘12 comes to mind albeit a different finish and black shaft. I think this release is fitting for something a lot of people have been asking for, to just give a few a crumbs. If he releases a slant neck mallet to retail (other than the already released fastback special select) it will not be this shape.
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