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  1. Been playing a TSi3 3 wood for a season now, and can't say enough good things about it. I don't hit it off deck much (I have a TSi2 5 wood for that) but it is a monster off the tee. I got fit originally for the tensei blue shaft, and it was good combo. Later on got fit for Ventus red, and this thing is beast. Properly fit I think it will serve you well. Sound and feel are awesome, I get a great flat flight with some roll. The velocore shaft is night and day from stock tensei, but it was a good club with either.
  2. Kinda expected to see a new Toulon or two by now, since last major update was when they went to full diamond milled face. Anyone know if that brand will be absorbed by Odyssey completely or will they continue as a family of putters, filling the milled niche for Odyssey? main reason I ask is you can no longer order a Las Vegas H7 from their site, which surprised me. Just shows $0 for price. I wanted to extend mine but consensus seems to be that you cannot due to counter weight plug. I wanted to custom order the right length, but can’t. Wondering if it will get an update?
  3. It’s the handle, which I might just be super sensitive to, but the red feels stiffer in the handle to me. The blue feels like a noodle in its handle, and the black felt like a goldy locks during my fitting. On the course I have grown to like the feel the of the red, more so than when I got fit. The numbers were there so I went with it in three wood, carry increased 15 yds for me. I concerned the black in my driver is depending on quite a bit of roll, as I now only typically carry my driver and 3 wood same distance almost (within 10 yds). Roll out can be 30 yards with driver which equates to mo
  4. I had a summer like no other in my life with a Toulon Las Vegas Stroke Lab, literally could two putt from anywhere and rolled in more 12-15 footers than ever before. Just like it came, so did it go...
  5. I’m kinda in this boat now, got fit on a trackman and have since played more than a few rounds. Black in driver and red in my fairways. Starting to think I like the red better than the black, which has a noticeably softer feel than red... cause me to get a little wild, like I saw with the Blue during testing. The red seems to be a good fit for me fairways so curious if it would also work on my driver, because on the simulator that particular day I didn’t hit it well. I find when I go after the black the softer feel cause me to get wild, while the red can take whatever I throw at it. The blue w
  6. I was curious to hear how people found the Ventus Red to compare to the Atmos TS Blue, as I find the red to be stiffer in the handle to where I can really notice it. That being said the results are unreal in my 3 wood, it actually doesn’t require as much effort as the handle seems to beg for it. The blue just feels wild to me, and it only works if I time it just right. Black in driver is perfect mix of both, so much that I should have tested in my three wood but red have immediate results. Going to try it in my 5 wood now.
  7. Hosel diameter is a rare size, custom to Scotty I believe. Not as easy as buying KBS unfortunately. I believe you can do it in the plumbers neck models, but that's it.
  8. Yup, my old Scotty Studio Select... the model before deep milled. I can't find a putter that feels better, and I have a display rack full of them at home now. I even got it swing weighted to try to match every flatstick I have to it at D4, but can't get them just right still. Just something perfect in how it swings and the feel off the face just feels spot on to me. Weird that I can putt better with a blade than anything else.
  9. I agree with this completely, except for the fact that I do think the putters are slightly different metal. I say this because they feel different but could be milling too I suppose. Otherwise it’s a waste of money if you don’t find value in it intrinsically as a putter
  10. I went with Ventus red in my 3 wood, but mainly hit it off tee. If I hit if off deck I don't expect to hit it high. I went with Ventus Blue in my 5 wood because I felt the softer handle helped me hit it off the deck easier. I never got along with IZ, played a TP in my driver for a bit but Ventus Black kicked that out easily. Never liked the Atmos Red, but had a blue in my hybrid forever until Ventus knocked that out as well...
  11. I’m glad it’s not just me, wanted to believe the hype so bad. Same issue with new Apex Pro, which is becoming a more common opinion too. I had an order in for T100 but lead time was insane. Picked up a set of Mizuno Hot Metal Pro, so we’ll see how I like them. Currently gaming T200 and don’t really like much about them but can’t deny they work.
  12. The red in my 3 wood was almost too good to even try other shafts after. We did and I quickly handed them back, and went to back to hitting red just for fun while my fitter was setting up my 5 wood. Oddly enough the blue worked best for my 5 wood, largely because I think I hit it off deck more often than not and the soft handle felt like it was working for me.
  13. Agreed. Took my driver out for the first round with it, outside of the fitting sim and was blown away. For me it’s not necessarily longer than another properly fitted combo, but it’s way more consistent and I can swing as hard as I want and I feel like it will go straight. Providing honeymoon and mental right now, but results on course match the simulator. Just got word my woods and hybrid are built up and ready for pick up. Cannot wait.
  14. Yes, it’s the same but trimmed. I do not think Fuji says to tip these at all but don’t quote me. The hybrid is its own model.
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