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  1. These things are seriously ugly. I will decide to keep or sell mine after actually holding it, but have been gaming my T22 which I thought was busy, and that looks down right classy compared to this.
  2. I believe you are correct, the price should be $600. Mom and pops can upcharge, unclear on my club’s pricing as my pro won’t even tell me what he is getting in yet. I guess I’m just lucky to get my hands on the model I want, albeit at a pretty bit uncharge
  3. MAP at $600 means that is the lowest you can sell it for, to my knowledge no maximum.
  4. What are people who preordered seeing for a price? I asked my head pro and he didn't know what he would charge as of last week, estimnated it in the $850 range. My local shop is charging $1000, and the fitter nearby doesn't know yet. I know MAP is $600 but cost is $480, so the shops aren't happy with less profit on this than a retail stick apparently.
  5. Ventus black fan here, so I vote give it a shot. That being said I have never kept a combo that my heart wasn’t into. If numbers are comparable go with what you trust more, but you should give it a fair shake if you got fit for it. If your only issue is that it doesn’t say MRC on it, that’s your call.
  6. I have played the PX LZ all season in 5.5, and think that may be a good option. I just did a Titliest fitting and they only had PX LZ in 6.0 and after two separate sessions I was about to decide on the 5.5 flex again, but the fitter had me a try the Modus 120 in stiff based on the mizuno swing optimizer recommending it. After 5 swings I was sold on the modus, same smooth kick that the PX LZ 5.5 gave me but with crisper feel. The shots were super consistent, and mishits didnt punish me as much. I didnt expect such a difference in PX LZ 5.5 to 6.0 but the stiffer flex just made work harder a
  7. I played AP2’s with AMT white forever ago, and then bounced around with AMT black, DG 105, and finally PX LZ in my T200. Going for a new set of T200/T100-S and definitely going PX LZ, just fits my swing better than DG did. The feel is awesome, and I just find it works for me. I am currently playing 5.5 but always have to fit with 6.0, and with mid 80’s 7 iron speed I think 6.0 isn’t an issue… I got good numbers with 6.0 but always took the blind leap down to 5.5 which I can’t get after too hard. These shafts will feel more lively than AMT white and have a more pronounced load and unload. My u
  8. Totally agree with this, to me the special select was a step down. My studio select was the best feeling Cameron I own. Something about the special select head shape and contours that just don’t look as good to me, and the feel is very firm. To each their own, but this is really a special select with Tei3 insert not a button back as seen originally.
  9. I think the numbers on this release is as at least as big as T22 which means anyone who reasonably wanted one in time got it. The numbers I mentioned for my area alone are double the T22 allotment we got. This isn’t rare it’s just expensive and not a retail model.
  10. I’m told my local shop will be selling these for $850 for so, but MAP is $600 so that’s the lowest you’ll see it for anywhere likely. My club was getting 3 and my local shop was getting 4, a nearby fitter was also getting 3 or 4 and that doesn’t even count club champion. These were everywhere if you when to look, that’s the key part. Got one with my name on it but will probably pass at that price for it to just in my collection. As for next go around you just have to keep hounding your shop to ask if they can get it, I’ve never missed a limited I have tried to get but I’ve also jumped on it a
  11. I thought about it, but the red is working well enough. I play black in my driver and love it
  12. Soles are at least as thin but less blunt and rounded as current set. Look wise at address I can’t tell much difference
  13. I was told late august, and I just placed my order today. Initially I was told I had to wait till Monday till he could input it, but our Titleist rep was in store today and put the order through manually. He said lots of orders on already and should ship a month from now. Impossible to predict, but I ordered the stock shaft I think so that can only help I hope. The new T100 felt awesome, very soft when flushed
  14. Just got to hit both, and I went combo set with 5-6 in T200 and T100-S in the 7-GW. Couldn't be more excited. The new T100 feel amazing, the T200 feel OK, but definitely give you the help I need in the longer irons. The sole on T200 is quite a bit wider than T100, but looking down at address it is better looking than this years model for sure. Feel is less hot than this year, and sound is different not sure if I think its better or worse. Just thought about how this season went and I think the help I need most is in long irons, where I like to feather the shorter irons more than T200 allo
  15. Curious as to what this polymer is as well, as the pros at my place that hit them isn’t say they felt cheap or anything.
  16. This is super helpful to know, as release is so soon and I can’t wait to order. I’m torn on T100-S with T200 long irons, or a full T200 set. Been gaming the current T200 in a full set and honestly don’t have much complaints, just used to play AP2 and that feel was very sweet. I’m a 6 handicap (with a 3 year old) who gravitated to the T200 when my club fit almost everyone like me into them. the T100 seem to be getting more and more blade like, so the extra help seems to trump the lack of total finesse get with the mid to short irons. anyone hit the new T200 and could comment on the f
  17. Agreed on Ventus black, not at all boardy and just goes when hit well. I put black in my driver and red in my fairways and will not be changing any time soon. The gains I saw were too good to pass up, others may not get the same results of course so I don’t pretend it’s for everyone. I think the combo of feel and performance make it a winner for me, I got similar performance from a tensei white but only on my best swings. The Ventus gives me a wider band to get good to great results. Velocore isn’t fake, it’s not the only good high end option out there.
  18. I’ve hit both models, and I am no pro, but any fitter will tell you it’s not in any way the same. I’d be shocked if anyone couldn’t tell the difference honestly if hit side by side. Again, if you don’t need to spend an extra $350 to get acceptable performance than don’t. But anyone who thinks a free stock shaft is the same as a $350 aftermarket is going to be disappointed if they are after the performance of the latter.
  19. The following post is correct. The TM Ventus shafts only share the same paint, they are essentially the same made for shaft Fuji always makes for TM. Nothing wrong if it fits you, but it’s much softer, higher launching, and higher spin than any velocore model. I hit the stock Ventus blue shaft for fun, and it was fine, but night and day different than the Ventus blue real deal. For reference I got fit into a Ventus black for my driver and Ventus red for my fairways, as I saw real improvement over what I was playing. If the stock shaft fits you than you saved $350.
  20. Totally different shafts, but misleading that it’s so similar looking. The profiles are nothing alike between velocore and non, almost to the point where if one works for you the other most likely will not.
  21. These look really good, obviously lots of other angles to cover here photo wise, but initially very appealing. I had a set on pre order but cancelled as I just couldn't justify buying clubs I hadn't even seen yet, plus I wanted to hit the titleist offerings. These should sell just as well as the previous versions.
  22. Thanks, promptly going back to FJ for me after these pairs wear out. The fit and comfort was just too good to pass up, and these caught on like wildfire at my club.
  23. were these gallivanters or MG4+? I have had no issues (yet) with gallivanters after a couple months of wear, but immediately with any pair of MG4+. Back to footjoy for me, but will continue to wear the Gallivanters assuming no issues develope.
  24. I'm lead to believe the MG4+ just dont fit me due to two pairs immediately separating. Bummer as they are fantastic shoes. I did my usual 1/2 size up, and even tried on my normal size to compare and it was bit too tight.
  25. This is definitely on the softer side. It’s basically a deep milled style but with diamonds instead of brush marks. I find it soft as anything I have ever putted with, actually put a firmer grip on it to offset it once the stock one wore out. Although the different style grip was more because the you can’t get a replacement stock model, so this was the only grip that was same size.
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