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  1. I find this to be the case as well, and actually like Modus 120 stiff as a second place to LZ 5.5 (albeit different feeling). I can hit an LZ 6.0 but usually it’s in a fitting and not on course, the 5.5 feels plenty stiff for me and I strongly fit into stiff whenever I try other brands. Hope that helps.
  2. Agree with above poster, as it also applies to most subsequent generations. I echo that the TSi is a great line and will serve you well for years to come
  3. Interesting, lots of weird glitches on their end lately. Hope they don’t catch it on you!
  4. What’s the deal??? I went on tgw and it’s the usual $200 uncharge do ad di. I know HD was free for a while, but seems to have been resolved now.
  5. Looking to move on from my Mizuno 921 Hot Metal Pro (5-GW). LZ 5.5 +1/2” and 1* upright. Almost new, only hit a handful of times. Only light wear in face and soles really. Asking $750 and I’ll ship UPS at that price.
  6. for people who ordered through titleist direct do they charge at point of sale or when they ship?
  7. Mid size will be larger on the upper portion, and likely thinner on the lower portion. +4 is like above poster said, same width all through but the upper portion will be slimmer than a mid size
  8. I have hot metal pros, coming from T200. Not an exact comparison, but I am liking the Mizzy’s so far. I get much better results on good swings and bad swings don’t punish as bad. There is a difference in feel, I kept the same shafts in each, but the HMP feels slightly harder to pinpoint impact. Consistency is what impressed me… I find more shots on range landing closer in yardage front to bag. These are obviously straight too, so a winner in my book. Need some more time to get to used to them, shorter irons especially.
  9. I went with a set of these, and think they beat the T200 I came from. Softer feeling, slightly more distance and noticeably tighter dispersion. Kinda hard to believe they are basically the same size as 2019 T200, the new ones look slightly smaller but have a plastic back. Really good iron in the HMP that most people seem to overlook.
  10. Careful when you reshaftvthese new T200, my local shop showed me what happens when the back plastic gets even the slightest heat… it’s a shrink wrap that crinkles up. I gotta say, the backs on the new T200 are as bad as people above complained about now that I have my set.
  11. I have both, and yes the new one looks a bit smaller but I think they are the same forgiveness wise. Unless the lack of off set throws you off, you should see the same level of help if not more. The looks are the biggest change to me.
  12. I’m tuned into this topic, as you have summed up my feelings on Ventus Red perfectly. The performance is undeniably there but the feel is kinda hard to describe with that ultra firm handle. I play an active feeling LA golf shaft in my driver and the transition to 3 wood is harsh sometimes. I agree with above poster, the GD product vary slightly with feel but top to bottom of their line up doesn’t seem to vary much. I have had good results going’s with same model in driver and fairway wood before, so it’s worth a try.
  13. Played a full 18 with AD HD in driver and 3 wood, driver was the best round off the tee I have had all year. The 3 wood literally almost went as far as driver on pure strikes, which makes me think the driver may not be optimal. I switch between a Ventus Red 7S and this AD HD 6S for my 3 wood, as it’s primarily a tee club for me. The HD feels more active but actually helped me swing it straighter than Ventus which I slightly over swing most times and pull it ever so little. The driver was easiest I have swung in a while, really felt a snap through the ball. Going to test stuff on trackman weds.
  14. I totally agree with that take, the advertising takes place after it’s sold.
  15. I found the new T100/T100S to be thinner than last version, and as such were more demanding to hit well. My swing wasn’t in the best place when I tried a set, but I hit some good shots amongst to get feel. Pure strikes feel great, but the level of forgiveness doesn’t compare to T200. I actually think I like the powerful feel of the T200 more and more, and the slightly thicker too line and sole just work better for me. Really digging the less offset too.
  16. These threads always take this turn, I walked away from my second putter and gave it to the next guy on the list. Taking one and might game it, but otherwise it will go in my collection. 4000 pieces means most people will not get this putter, so that’s why the secondary market is so high. If this offends you don’t even bother looking at the CT secondary market… it’s just a scarce resource with more demand than he chooses to fulfill. This type of release has been going on for years, but all of sudden people care they can’t get one. Before social media people were blissfully ignorant and the the collectors marker for Scotty was affordable (relative to today). If anything the Scotty “limited” market has been easier to get than ever, with 6000-8000 piece releases of the T22 and CC… JT putter was prevalent as well now that I think about. someone might as well start an “I didn’t get a Scotty my girl 2021”complaint thread… most head pros can’t even get one of those, so we don’t stand a chance. Literally any big box store can get you this model if you knew when to ask.
  17. Locked up two of them, pretty excited for something new and truly limited this go around. Black shaft is a mega bonus
  18. I picked one up for my driver and 3 wood. Only got 8 holes in and could only hit each one twice. Initial impressions are the usual GD feel, snappy but not loose. I really liked the TP and this feels kinda similar but more active. Never got along with DI or IZ, but my swing has come a long way since playing those. Will have to play a bit more to see if it kicks out my Ventus black and red.
  19. I literally passed on $800 button backs on eBay 2 years ago, kicking myself now. Every time a flipper sells a putter on their site the next one gets listed at $500 more… In most CT cases they are used too. I literally took a loss on a couple that I sold last year. Sad, if I had only waited this market would have buoyed the prices. Now I just don’t buy, only safe way.
  20. I have been playing Ventus red in my fairways and black in driver. Swing with driver is about 100. I had really good results, am testing the AD HD now in driver and 3 wood, but haven’t quit on Ventus yet. Driving was just so bad I had to change something. The honeymoon with Ventus was unreal, I play stiff in all my models and I think the quality can definitely help an average swinger.
  21. Just hit the portion of my new T200 order that came in, and they seem way better than the original version. I find them softer, and with less offset they tick all the boxes looks wise. I changed shafts, so that might contribute to them being longer than my first gen.
  22. That’s kinda what I’m wrestling with. Got a stadry 4 this year, and it suits me just fine after getting used to the slightly smaller size than 4+. I like these linksmaster bags and my club has a couple, but worried it’s just a looks thing and not as functional. You guys are starting to turn me around, the 3 dividers is my biggest hang up as the 4 I have suit me perfectly. The class is looks are catching my eye, and I am seeing more and more of these or stitch bags around and has me curious.
  23. I just did a fitting and tried the PX IO for the first time, and really liked it. I have been gaming LZ 5.5 and find it great in short irons, but can be a bit demanding for me on long irons or uncomfortable lies. Went IO 6.0 and think the extra kick might be just the ticket for me, as during the fitting I was getting very consistent shots no matter what swing. Here's hoping, as I was showing a gain of about 8-10 yds with the new combo, from the LZ 5.5 setup I have now.
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