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  1. Is it pretty much the same space wise as a stadry, or is smaller? I keep getting attracted to it by the looks but want to make sure it’s easy to walk with since that’s what do most of the time. Seems as waterproof I’m told, which once I upgraded to that I can’t go back.
  2. What’s everyone take on these, have a stadry players 4 currently and biggest difference is the divided layout. Seems to be the same pockets mainly just only 3 dividers on linksmaster vs 4 on my stadry. Are these linksmasters more than just good looking, or do they carry well throughout a round?
  3. I found the wedge and gap wedge of my OG T200 pretty useful too. I am looking forward to my new set eventually arriving. I think properly fit these are great irons as the looks are improved over the set I have. Went with a different shaft so I am hoping that isnt a mistake, but fitting showed good numbers.
  4. I kept my FJ Flints and once they broke in I could tighten laces and really like them. Still like gallivanters but these are strongly in rotation.
  5. I played the one round with my set before moving them, and the distance was very consisent. My biggest issue was the shorter irons didnt fly enought for me. It's likely a shaft issue, but the fitting is only with a 7 iron so I had no way of knowing. I didn't get on the sim to confirm, but the range session before my round I noticed these flew really high and possibly spun too much based on the apex. I actually found the feel to be more like the P770 and not my favorite, but good shots with 7 or 5 iron i was very impressed with. the wedge and gap wedge just didnt fly for me at all, and I would rather stick with my OG T200 at this point since I know the short irons work. I found this set to be very forgiving on mid and long irons, but the short irons were wonky. Kinda opposite of what I experienced with my current set where short irons are awesome, but long irons can be demanding. Looking to try a set of Mizzy Hot Metal Pro as numbers on sim were excellent, and the IO shaft is free.
  6. Played a round with mine today, and had mixed results. The feel is improved on old version and the launch does seem higher. I will likely move on from my set, as what I had works as well for me and I am comfortable with it. The nee P790’s are solid though, it’s the WRX’er in me.
  7. My set arrived this morning, so taking them out tomorrow. Played the previous gen a while agk, so I kinda know what to expect. Kinda looking to test these against 921 Hot Metal Pro… based on comparing to the demo 7 iron the soles on P790 are slightly thinner and they are a little slicker looking. Will be curious to hit 7 iron again 7 iron tomorrow, both with DG105 shafts. The HMP’s are legit but I snagged a custom order P790 set with the stock shaft in 3 days from order… lucky DG105 works for me.
  8. Can’t comment on straight hot metal, but I believe they are the same construction as the Hot Metal Pros. I had a fitting and took the demo 7 HMP to my range, and am in love with them mainly due to feel. Very soft feeling, but still fast. Not mushy at all, and the ball just jumps off the face. I have never found an iron that looks like the HMP and play so easy. Barely bigger than original T200 and less offset, coming from Titleist I like the rounded shape. Somewhat hard to pinpoint wear slight misses occur exactly, but you know when you catch it pure. Some of the the best feeling irons out there right now, no harshness or clank unless you really mis hit it.
  9. I paid for next day too, got the shipped email and FedEx status still just says picked up since yesterday. Is what it is, was hoping to see it in Memphis at least.
  10. I had a custom ordered set with stock shafts but longer ship from TM thurs, but now FedEx hasn’t shown them move. Figures.
  11. Ebay always sells for less I feel like, otherwise people would just buy them right? I get the new lead time world but I never am happy with what I get on eBay.
  12. That’s right! I’m not one to give things too many chances, but I ended up keeping them or will sell them as the full combo set (5-GW). Still planning on comparing them to a full T200 set… I honestly think the T100S is more blade like than ever, the T200 are more my sweet spot.
  13. The LZ’s are a constant weight shaft so the long irons might feel a bit heavier than the lighter AMT black. The AMT black might have slightly crisper feel to them, I have played LZ 5.5 all year and got good results but they are rather dull feeling. I think flex wise, to me at least, the 5.5 is a good match for a DG stiff. On paper both are a mid/high launch so you should have good results so long as the DG fits your timing and release.
  14. My card just got charged, when do they usually ship after that? All stock components I was told and in production as of today.
  15. Had a good range session with my combo set, and really enjoyed the T100S mid irons. The modus 120 takes some getting used to coming from LZ, but it’s so smooth and you just need to swing. I was able to really hit different shots with the T100S and still found them sorta forgiving. This is a much warmer review than my initial impressions, the new T200 in my long irons do feel soft so it’s nice set when blended.
  16. I received my combo set with modus 120 and am not in love with the T100S, but it’s likely because I’ve been playing T200 all season. The new T200 are a major improvement in my book over the last gen, I’m not sold on shaft but results seems mostly OK. Couldn’t wait for my LZ 5.5 and fitting showed better numbers than stock LZ 6.0 with modus. I have ordered the balance of my combo set in T200 now, should be here in sept and looking forward to comparing to P790. I will say either the shaft or new head makes the new T200 slightly longer, and feel is vastly improved but could be the modus feel over LZ.
  17. I was hitting balls at the range today and I hit one of buddy’s ‘19 P790. He had the stock 105 shaft but in X flex, and even though I am a stiff these felt amazing. I forgot how good these looked and how good they felt, I went home and ordered a set immediately. Showing 9/3 ship date for all stock just longer length. I picked a sonar mammon grip as that was the only one I found that wasn’t behind the clubs in leadtome. Here’s hoping they ship 9/3
  18. There is a difference between retail and Circle T, certainly in the feel department. I have never messed with GSS but friends of mine who have say it’s not worth the premium. Prices on CT’s are super high right now, so I would choose carefully before buying. If you know a certain style works for you the matching CT model will just feel different than the retail version. Mallets are identical to retail unless they have a different welded neck or something. if you just want to collect and not play it, than by all means buy whatever suits your eye. I have cycled through about a dozen CT’s and understand both sides of the argument for and against. If you have the income and want one enjoy it! Cameron collector is a great resource for these sticks or feel free to PM me with any more questions. This site is very polarized on the subject.
  19. Much smaller, the new T100 and T100S are basically a blade profile. Much different then even the AP2, so much thinner than the TMB.
  20. I played two rounds with a T100S/T200 combo set, and turf interaction is very fast and very smooth. It was super soft where we were this week, so I was taking divots when I usually don’t take much of one. They were shallow and even, and the ball felt great coming off the face. The new T200 are serious cannons… the ball jumps off the face. The T100S are no slouch, just firmer feeling less jumpy. Switched shafts from my previous set so not sure if that is playing a bigger role, but I seem to be at least as long if not slightly longer than my old T200. Feel overall with both models is improved, and I think the sole helps. I’ll have to report back after I get to play in former conditions, as I can’t tell if the feeling that they could dig is due to the thinness of the T100 sole, but on pure shots it’s not an issue with the leading edge. They are seriously thin though, basically a blade profile.
  21. I’m regretting not going full T200, as I went combo with T100S. Currently play T200 last year models, and they have been the best irons I have used just don’t love the offset. The new T200 are slightly trimmer and way less offset, so an improvement in my book. I realized I like the confidence I get from a slightly thicker club, and the T100S are seriously blade like in looks, while not nearly as unforgiving the T200 are just so damn easy. Taking stock of my game, the new players distance category seems to be the one that fits me best as I don’t shape shots as much as I need help making the ball goes reasonably straight. Last gen T200 have been in bag all season, and with lessons I dropped from a 6 to a 4.8… they just cover up small mishits so well and give me confidence looking over them. Played two rounds with T100S 7-GW and not sure I will keep those.
  22. I went combo t200/t100s and actually miss the forgiveness of the full t200 I currently play. Sad, but I didn’t find any more control just less consistency. I might have to admit that t100 are just as little too much club for me now.
  23. Just played my first round with my new T100S/T200 combo set. Pretty impressed with feel, still adjusting to the looks as I am coming from last gen T200. The lack of offset and size is noticeable, but they fly pretty much the same distance if not a little longer even. Went T200 in long irons, and didn’t have the best shots to test them, but on range they felt more solid than last gen and flight looked the same. Switched shafts this year to modus 120 and think the fitting nailed it, coming from LZ 5.5 and just find this to have slightly crisper feel at impact. The more soles are super fast through the turf, that is probably what struck my the most. It was super soft today, but these literally just glided through the turf with nice shallow divots… whatever concern I had for the new design is gone.
  24. Mine are getting grips put on my local shop right now for pickup tomorrow. Heading on another golf trip thurs morning so not sure if will stick with old T200 since they are working or take the new combo set in blind.
  25. Wore my FJ’s again and found them less enjoyable than the Gallivanters all around. Will actually try to return them via FootJoy’s satisfaction policy for pro SL I dislike them that much compared to GFore in the premiere leather shoe category. Pro Sl are great for waking and are my favorite in that category still.
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