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  1. I have played cord grips for a couple seasons now, and always build them up at least one wrap. I have had no troubles with this method, with the only noticable effect of the wraps beign the initial popping sound when the grip slides over the butt of the club. Other than that I haven't noticed any effects on wear and tear beyond the norm.
  2. I just recently received my set of hand stamps in the mail from Ebay, and I have to say this is not nearly as easy as it sounds. I purchased 3/16" size, which actaully looks to be a little big compared to what i see in magazines. However, my big issue was with the level of steadiness required to keep the letters well formed, much less the force it takes to imprint the metal. I think i will try again when i order new wedges, and will be reshafting them anyway, so there will be a reason to have the head loose. Other than that, I believe that 3/16" was a little big for my taste.
  3. I play the V2, in various weights in all my woods and hybrids, for the reason you are suggesting... it keeps things consistant and it works for me. I like the idea of having the same shaft, but I am also not playing something as expensive as the Diamana so matching shafts is not a pricey installation.
  4. Thanks for getting back to me... much appreciated. You correctly assumed that I was refering to a Newport 2 model as well. One follow up question I have, is whether or not tip flex characteristics of an iron shaft would be evident when installed in a putter. More or less my question is, would a more tip fleixible shaft increase feel of the putter head, or is the swing just too slow to even notice the flec profile of a certain shaft? An example of this would be, say a Rifle Flighted long iron shaft butt trimmed, versus the standard DG s300 long iron butt trimmed.
  5. Do certain iron shafts work better than others? I have noticed that most people recommend a longer iron, then butt trim it down to length. Is ths because the longer iron shafts would kick a little lower, than say a short iron or wedge shaff? I would think the lower kicking shaft would improve feel, and if that is the case, do you think a Rifle Spinner wedge would be a suitable alternative for a putter shaft?
  6. Can it be done to get a stepless putter shaft?I have read that some people have used cut down iron shafts for their putters, and I was wondering if this was a good way to go. I am trying to find a stepless putter shaft for a Cameron Studio Style, and all the catalogues show is TT taper tip stepped shaft, the stepless one is .370 tip. Am I correct that SC's are .355 taper tip. If so, would any stepless shaft work as a suitable replacement for a putter shaft. IF anyone has any experience with this I would like to know what flex they used, and what iron shaft they choose in regards to raw length. Thanks for your help.
  7. Do a seatch for new titleist equipment, and at least on this forum, I am seeing that people have confirmed the 906F4 wood, and a set of cast irons coming out this fall. Not that I am necesarily in the know, but based on others on this forum, there looks to be no forged offerings from Titleist anytime soon. In regards to the 695, I have a set, but definitely agree with the comments on the looks. Nothing beat the classic look of the 690's, but the 695's have a more modern sweet spot, which definitely helps.
  8. One of the pro's at my club is using a D1, and he is probably the best player there. I have the same opinion about D2 vs. the D1, but since most of the guys in the shop are Titleist staffers they got to test both models extensively. He told me that he was torn, but simply got better launches from the D1. I could never set it up straight, as the curve in the triangle is supposed to be the like hte Detour, instead i hooked the snot out of it. But its all about what puts the best numbers on the launch monitor...
  9. It you are at all interested in the 695's, I would go for them.
  10. I've also had both, and while my swing has dramtically improved since I had the original satin version, I think the chrome version is great as well. I havent done a side by side, but I can tell a great deal of difference compated to my recently pulled DG's, and find the PX's to be much tighter and easier to get up in the air. I can't comment about the satin ones, but they are hard to come by in a full set and almost impossible to replace individually... mgiht as well accpet that the chrome version is here, and there are people who like it. I have yet to hear anyone actually define a difference between the satin and chrome versions, and depsite that fact that are quite possibly different in construction, what can we as consumers do about it? Give them a try, and you will either like them or not, but its not worth comparing them to the old version, that are no longer manufactured.
  11. When I was on vacation, one of the resorts I rented clubs at had all new Callaway clubs. When i asked how often they bought new rental sets, and they said that basically leased them from Callaway... thus their old rental sets end up in the Callaway Pre-Owned he said. I think the majority of their clubs for sale at the pre-owned store used to be rental sets at resorts or higher end courses.
  12. "golf" epoxy is just a more flexible bond than something bought at a hardware store if you arent careful in choosing. WHen it comes down to it, it's worth the increased cost if for nothing more than piece of mind while swinging. I have bought one bottle of Golfsmith epoxy and have yet to run out, and it has been well over a set of clubs built or reshafted so far.
  13. Based on my conversations with both a clubfitter and the Titleist Repair dept, it is definitely possible to reshaft a 907 locally. It does not have the same sleeve that the 905 series had, which when heated could sometimes slip of the head, and come along with the shaft. Evidently, this is not how the 907 is constructed, and I have confirmed that with Titleist.
  14. Does anyone have any fixes for when a golf hat gets that white sweat mark near where the brim meets the hat? I have had too many good hats look terrible after only 2 or 3 rounds in the summer time, because they get the nasty white sweat stains where the hat sits on my forehead. I am just hoping that someone may have a solution for this, other than throwing the hat away. I dont think you can wash them, as most hats have cardboard brims, which i believe would get destroyed if i washed it. Any thoughts?
  15. I have the flighted Project X's on order, but already play the Rifle Spinners in all of my wedges. I dont recommend putting it in your pitching wedge, as they are not so stable on full swings, but that is not to say they are terrible. Where the spinners shine, IMHO, is on the partial to 3/4 shots. They are incredibly lively, and you can hit it high or low, with spin or without. Might just be my opinion, but I don't see myself taking them out ever.
  16. What size, or part number from Golfsmith?Does anyone know what the best part number from golfsmith is for reshafting Titleist irons and replacing ferrules with? Size of the hosel would also be helpful... i am reshafting the 695's with Rifle PX taper tip, and the best i can find on Golfsmith is the taper tip iron ferrule with the gold ring. I would ideally like something without the gold ring, so ifg anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
  17. Are they the same as Rifle Flighted?I recently hit a Rifle Flighted shaft at a demo day and really liked how it flew, however Golfsmith didnt show them in a taper tip set... I have Titleist irons, and need a .355 tip. I am curious as to how similar the PX flighted are to the Rifle flighted, as there is a set of taper tip PX flighted available. Anyone have any opinions on these shafts, as I also have no experience with the TT owned versions of Rifles.
  18. drscott266

    v steel

    I just installed a Graphite Design Purple Ice 85 into my V-steel and i love it. It is a gigantic step up from the stock shaft, which is not only 4 years old, it probably costs 10 bucks. Definitely upgrade, as the head is fantastic, but the shaft just simply isnt bringing anything to the table.
  19. I am 6' 3" and I play half an inch longer, but only 1* upright... its just what I was fit for. I however, did used to play midsize grips, but switched back, to standard with 2 wraps of tape. I think it makes them +3/64 or something, but it definitely works better for me than midsize. I found midsize rubber to be too big, as well as affecting the swing weight of the club too much. Hope that helps
  20. Thanks for the advice... do you think I am safe with the Golfsmith 30/60 epoxy for reshafting a fairway wood?
  21. I have checked around Golfsmith, and have found epoxys that cure much faster than the orignal package of 18 hour that i purchased. Is there any reason not to use the faster curing epoxys? I recently picked up some 30/60 epoxy, which says it would be ready to go in about an hour or so, which suits my short patience level much better than over night. Basically, I am wondering if using quicker curing epoxy compromises the overall quality of the bond? The label on the 20/60 says it can handle any material, so I am looking for some previous experience or advice. Thanks.
  22. drscott266

    905r & D2

    Of course each person will have different results, but i switched from a 905R to a D2, and have never been happier. I got fitted for a 905 with an NV shaft, but on the D2 I went with the V2... I gained massive distance and certainly am keeping as straight as the 905. I agree with everyone who says it just looks and feels better too. Just my two cents...
  23. I dont think anyone has mentioned the Titleist 755 series yet, which i switched to from the 695 MB's. Just like some others out there, I was tired of the high level of precision that the MB's required on every shot. It just got to be too demanding on the some of the more difficult lies, so I decided to switch back to something that was more of a players cavity. The 755's fit the bill, while they are not quite as small and tight like hte 695's they have classic looks with much more forgiveness. I find them to be ver workable, and easy to hit high or low, and much more classic looking at address then other options. Its at least worth a look, as these irons only really lack some of the feel of a pure blade, but they give you added confidence from all lies. I also gained some yards on each club, probably due to the small amount of cavity, most notably on the longer irons.
  24. Thanks for all the help! I will stick with the 24 hour epoxy and give this project a shot this weekend, when the shaft comes in.
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