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  1. Since I've got two, one gamer and one for collection...figured I'd better slim down the duplicates... Selling my JDM Takehiko Oda putter, only action it's seen is the carpet sitting by my desk. Comes with head cover and Iomic putter grip. shipped CONUS and insured. Local pickup available and am willing to knock some off the price. SOLD Thanks for looking! -Kaz
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I really couldn't pass on it. Gave it a few google searches while i was there, and came up blank; Figured if google didnt' know, someone on here would.. At least I hope.
  3. Stopped by my local second hand Japanese store, and picked up this driver on a whim; was wondering if anyone's ever heard of or seen one / played one before.
  4. Anyone know of any reasonably priced spots that do hot melt? Just looking to change the sound. -Kas
  5. I was in the opposite boat as you, I picked up the passing point straight necks by luck, and then followed with a K grind wedge, and now an MG hybrid. Feel is obviously subjective, and for me these just flat out work. I personally like feedback when hitting a club so i know if mis-hit, and these give you that. They're not overly punishing (depending on your strike), a good combination if you will, and when you pure a shot, you'll know it; a completely different feeling. If you can find a shop that carries them, I'd say to test them all out and go with what you suits your eye, and gives you the most confidence.
  6. ^^ I'm in the same boat, less the LASIK. I'm wearing *script sunglasses, but in general have sensitive eyes, so I wear mine the minute I step outside.
  7. Selling one of my PRGR Red 9.5 drivers (Headcover included). Stock PRGR Fujikura M37 Spec. The shaft fits a slower swing speed, or a smooth swing according to PRGR. The ball definitely comes off hot on this thing. 2 range sessions, 1 slight scuff on the top toe courtesy of a friend. Overall condition 9 out of 10. I'll try to get some better images up tomorrow when I've got daylight. $750.00 $650.00 600.00 shipped (CONUS) and insured. another price drop, open to offers. need this gone. Open to trades: JDM (putters, possibly irons)
  8. 8802 style. no sight lines.
  9. I'm usually available Tuesday AM's. Prefer to play first tee time or close to since I have regular scheduled conference calls from 11 on.
  10. Digging that entire bag, and those head covers; just stunning!!
  11. I've got a few carry bags, and 1 Titleist Sunday bag that I've been using on the regular. I bought it initially for walking, but I showed up to a course one AM knowing I was going to ride that day, and completely forgot to switch bags. Needless to say, I was surprised the Sunday bag worked with the cart. It's sort of a relief, I carry less things in the bag, it's less hassle when moving things around, and very "minimal" even with the 14 clubs. I played as a single, so the bag sat a little sideways in the cart, so we'll see how it does when I ride with another player.
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