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  1. Hi there just looking for some insights as I can get a great deal on a Cobra xtreme head. I have an F9 that is very sensitive of increasing loft from 10.5 to 11.5 in that it becomes a hook machine with the face closing ( added lead tape to toe to fix it). Just wondering if anyone has a similar experience with the xtreme (hoping it’s more similar to my all time fav cobra fly z that caved)? I’ve been told I could get a 12 and then dial down so the face will open up a bit instead also. thanks for any feedback.
  2. So now I realize it wasn’t so much the weight as it was changing loft from 10.5 to 11.5 on the hook! does anyone know how many degrees the face closes when you loft up? I did it mid game to see and badly hit low hooks...switched back and all was well again ....great drives but want a little more height so might try higher launch shaft and/or more weight in back.
  3. maybe too new for any member reviews yet?
  4. Maltby using the speed fins in their hybrids. Face shape very similar to ping too. STh2 made as the more forgiving higher launch one. Just curious as a friend got the 410 and crushing it long and high
  5. hi gang saw these new heads and similarity to the Ping 410s. Anyone have any experience with these yet?
  6. Sorry...tried to reply but didn't go through. Finally got to the range as it has been raining here. Things are alot better with the extra weight (thanks jvincent!) in the front but I ordered a weight kit so I can try a bit more in front and maybe back off the 14 in the back...(thinking 8 and 10 as a starter when they get here). Like the driver but its not there yet. Think some swing flaws are creeping in too so let the games continue. Thanks again!
  7. finally got to the range....its been raining a ton here. Looked alot better but will tweak a bit more. Still going left a bit but again...alot better..I ordered some weights to play more...lead tape gets too tricky to cut..lol Thanks gang for all the advice so far
  8. i have an f8 i never put into play (115 new on ebay...last year).., what weights worked for you on it?
  9. Thanks guys. A rough calculation has my fly z at d4. what i just did was measure fly z with no weight and then f9 with no weights. 7.3 gram difference so jvincent was there with the guestimate for the front weight. I added strips of lead tape on the bottom of the 2 gram weight (that was 2.4 ). Got it up to 6.8 and its still pretty flush. Going to head to the range tomorrow.
  10. Hi there Wondering if you can help me out. 'm a die hard cobra guy and I recently cracked my Fly Z driver which I loved. Had it cut to 44.5 and had a 16 gram weight in the back....perfect flight and feel (diamana kai li 60S shaft). I bought a new F9 Head with the same shaft put in, but am struggling with weighting it to play similar as the rear 14g makes it pull hook alot and in the front doesnt feel like the face is flexing at all. Any suggestions for weighting to get a FLY Z similar play? Thanks in advance
  11. last time i looked it they had an entire line
  12. Cool....always great to find a deal. More and more members at my course say its rediculous the cost of regripping every year now
  13. hi Gang just a silly question but I caved my Fly-z whixh I loved and got a F9. The FlyZ had 14 grams in the back and total weight was around 201 @44.5. I figured with the same shaft by adding weight to the back for the F9 to get it to the same weight the club and frequencied the same it would behave similar. Unfortunately I was pulling every shot and not hitting well at all until in desparation I flipped the heavy weight to the front and instantly started hitting it well. How is it that the extra weight in the back makes it (so) draw biased so much vs extra weight in the Fly Z ? Thanks Ga
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