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  1. standard lie, loft based off 46 degree pw. length based off 38.25 5 iron
  2. For sale Scratch AR 1 Tour dept. set. Antique finish 4-Pw KBS Tour 120 Stiff Loft based off 46 Pw. Driver Slider grind Shipped CONUS. Paypal $575.00 not looking for trades.
  3. 1. Frankfort Ky. 2. 4.3 3. It would be used for multiple purposes, Hybrid/ fairway from all types of lies. I hope it fits a certain yardage gap but can still be pulled back to hit some shorter distance gaps. 4. Looking for a versatile club that fits the longer clubs in the bag. 5. yes I agree
  4. 1. Frankfort Ky. 2. 4.3 3. currently Odyssey Rossi white hot. Still trying to find a new gamer. 4. just in a store 5. I was interested in the putters the few times I rolled them in shops, just not enough to pull the trigger on one without being able to take it to a course first. Now might be that chance. lets see if you can be a new gamer. 6. Yes I agree
  5. For Sale Spider EX flow neck 35 in. stock Superstroke Pistol gtr 1.0 260 shipped Conus. Paypal
  6. So my NX9 has bit the dust, the only thing I'm getting is E2. I put in a new battery and get the same thing. Anybody know what this means? I think it's done for.
  7. I made the mistake of going to the EX from the X just for a different neck, the one that was a little closer to face balanced. The worst mistake I could have made. The neck is fine, but this putter is a POS. I hate it so much that I have pulled a 25 year old Rossie 2 out and I'm rolling it better than I ever did with the EX. Well it won't be long until I find a replacement.
  8. I was told that the 59's are the only thing ping is going to get shipped before December. I think you will find similar stories across the industry with the exception of Titleist. They supposedly stocked up on shafts grips etc. before they ever released the new Irons to the market.
  9. I think the 59's feel 98% the same as the I-blade, although the new version looks better in a little smaller package. I think they are more forgiving than say t100 although I have only hit both 7 irons into a net. I haven't had the chance to get both irons out on grass just yet, where everything can change.
  10. So you are waiting to get them, I thought they would build them on site for you. They did for us on the Sldr trip and we had them in the bag that afternoon for our round.
  11. Did they fit anybody to a different shaft other than what the stock option is? Fitters are slowly finding out that 128-130 gram wedge shaft isn't best for everybody. Any different options with lower gram weights, like a nippon 115 wedge shaft.
  12. Are they moving over to the short game area as well, in order to get bunker work and other touch shots into greens. I would be surprised if they just fit with Trackman on the main range.
  13. I would have liked to see them next to an I-blade. Most stores around me are not even fitting anything Ping because of their lack of product or their time delays. They say Ping is the worst, and won't even mess with any of their new product at least until the end of the year maybe.
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