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  1. I don't know why, you would have live tv on every network that is showing the tournament.
  2. Better just get a 7 day free trial to Hulu live or something similar.
  3. For sale 54D Vokey SM8 Brushed steel finish. used 4 or 5 rounds, just wasn't what I was looking for. Kbs tour 120 shaft. $ 115 shipped Conus. Paypal
  4. 1. Frankfort Ky. 2. 5 handicap 3. Can game, and rack up rounds played with them quickly. 4. Ping Iblade backup up set scratch Ar1's both with kbs tours 5. Has to look good, turf interaction, feel and what degree of forgiveness if any. 6. I agree to participate in any way needed.
  5. 1 Golf headquarters or club champion both across the street from each other. 2 Frankfort Ky. 3 5 handicap 4 current setup Callaway mavrik sub zero 10.5 playing 11.5 Fuji speeder 661 evolution 5 5 yes 6 either head, probably tsi 3 7 yes
  6. Doc420

    2020 US Open

    When is the last time no scores in the 80's. Time to run the sub air 24-7
  7. Doc420

    2020 US Open

    These scores are too low, I'm ready for some carnage.
  8. Ping ZB Vault 2.0 Stability Tour shaft, Lighter weights 335 G. 35 in. 360 shipped Conus paypal no trades
  9. I understand a 120 g version is supposed to be released, have a date for those?
  10. I would be interested to see, I guess they are a new hotspot. Kentucky governor has now ordered anybody coming from there to quarantine 14 days. They tracked one group of 15 that went there and 11 tested positive within a week. on the flip side they are going to allow some spectators at the Kentucky Derby in September, so they are all full of it.
  11. My governor just spent a decent amount of time warning people not to go to Myrtle Beach. He said they have become a hotspot. They traced a group of 14 where 11 came back positive. He also said the mayor has had to go back to declaring a state of emergency. This makes me wonder if they will actually have to call off the world am. I see many courses beginning to get very sloppy with the safety protocols. I guess they still want to maximize that cart money.
  12. These hacks need to go back to work. #shrinkthegame lol I was able to get out at 5:30 on a Thursday. I didn't get 18 walking in though. First round of spotlight golf since the shutdown.
  13. City, State? Frankfort Ky. Handicap? 5.1Current gamer irons? Ping I-blade, backup set Scratch AR-1Why do you want to test the Sub70 639 forged irons? I always want to test equipment from all kinds of companies. I feel I can give a fair review to clubs produced by both the big OEM's and small companies like Scratch,(National Custom). What set do you want to test. I would like to test a combo set, especially If I could pick where the cutoff was, If not, I wouldn't mind a full set of MB's. Do you agree to Participate in an ongoing testing thread, Posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes
  14. We have been playing in my state, I bet that is getting ready to end after this weekend. Rules are in place, but there are a few who haven't followed them correctly and have drawn warnings from the Governor. He has made warnings all week, and people are going to courses and taking pics in order to snitch. Golf wants to grow the game, I don't, I would love to get rid of some of these idiots.
  15. I can attend. I have tried Ventus My guess an F3 6 would be the fit, but you never know. I always like working with new products, you never know when you might come across something that is a better fit over something you game currently. Current driver- Callaway Mavrik sub zero, 45 In. At D8, shaft evolution V 661 S, grip new decade standard size single wrap I was fit for current driver Handicap 6 Current City Frankfort Ky.
  16. Valhalla was purchased in part to be the backup location. If this tournament was moved I would expect to see it moved to Louisville. The course would play completely different in the spring, you want to see big rough, that can definitely happen in May.
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