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  1. I played over 100 rounds in 2021, thru all four seasons. I saw a Playing Conditions adjustment maybe two times.
  2. Totally agree that the soft cap of 3 strokes should be higher. The soft cap does not account for how seasonal differences affect the playing conditions. For example, playing on a dry golf course in 80 degree weather in the summer is far different than playing on a wet golf course in 40 degree temperatures during the winter.
  3. My wife has 4,000 flight hours. She says to first see if you're taking any medications that might disqualify you from flying -- which may be likely at age 70. Good luck with pursuing your aviation dreams.
  4. Got two 32 Degree vests from Costco for $29.99. They work great.
  5. My wife and I will be in Scottsdale for 10 days in January. We are hoping to play 4 rounds of golf (during weekdays). We can get a Troon Card for $299 with the military rate. Any tips on using the Troon Card would be appreciated, especially making tee times, etc.
  6. My 2020 CodeChaos shoes are still waterproof after playing over 100 rounds in them. My 2021 CodeChaos shoes leave my feet soaking wet, even when playing in light dew.
  7. Read the Maltby TS2 thread. Popeye64 is a VP for XCaliber.
  8. XCaliber Rapid Taper 75g regular flex shafts have revolutionized my iron game. I get a nice high ball flight. They are also easy on my hands and joints. I have arthritis and Dupytren's.
  9. Planning a January trip to Scottsdale to escape winter, and looking to play 4 rounds of fun golf. Thinking of getting the Troon Card, as it is reduced to $299 for retired military. I am an 11 handicap, wife is 32. We are seniors. Recommendations welcome on courses to play. Not looking to play brutally difficult courses that will punish my wife (and me). But, also don't want to play the blandest of golf. Willing to pay for fun golf with good course conditions. Will be staying in downtown Scottsdale at an upscale hotel in order to enjoy the local food and drink.
  10. I've been playing XCaliber Rapid Taper shafts (75g, reg flex) in my Maltby TS2 irons for nearly 2 years now. I have a couple posts with my reviews in the Maltby TS2 thread. Bottom Line: I love these shafts!
  11. I was working and staying in Dundee in October 2012 during the time that the Dunhill tournament was being played at St. Andrews, Kingsbarn, and Carnoustie. The drive from Dundee to St. Andrews was easy. The parking lot (car park) for vehicles at St. Andrews was on the Dundee side of the entire St. Andrews facility, making it especially easy to get to the tournament and get back to my hotel in Dundee. Yes, the crowds for the Open will be much larger than those at the Dunhill. But, Dundee is an excellent choice to stay, with plenty of pubs and restaurants.
  12. Where are you playing golf? I lived one year on the peninsula. Unfortunately, it was an El Nino year (Winter of 1982-83) where it rained nearly everyday for 4 straight months.
  13. Take a look at a Fujikura Vista Pro Graphite Hybrid Shaft. I am trying to replace my 15-year-old King Cobra Baffler DWS hybrids that have Aldila NV-HL 65g shafts. These Aldila shafts give me a nice high ball flight. The folks at Golfworks told me that the Fujikura shaft has a similar soft tip for high ball flight as the Aldila shafts in my Cobra hybrids. So far, based on limited testing, the Fuji shaft is performing like the Aldila shaft.
  14. I found the 2020 CodeChaos to be the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever worn. So, I purchased the 2021 CodeChaos shoes. The 2021 version is just as comfortable. However, the 2021 version is also much hotter. My socks are soaked (not from wet turf) after a round of golf in the 2021 CodeChaos. Perhaps the recycled material is just that much hotter.
  15. I get suspicious when seeing results reported to this level of precision . . . . i.e., to the tenth of a percent.
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