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  1. +1 on the Xcaliber Rapid Taper iron shafts
  2. I can't understand why people don't see this simple, straightforward solution.
  3. When I lived in Pacific Grove in 1982, the "ocean 9" was actually the front nine holes. There was no better golf for the money. The par 5 3rd hole (now the 12th) was one of the great holes in golf.
  4. Thanks for your comment Dave. I was our Club's handicap chair for several years under the old USGA handicap system. I'm wondering how much specific wording has changed now that we're under the World Handicap System. Perhaps your question should be re-submitted to the USGA for verification under the WHS.
  5. Thanks for the note. I took a closer look at Appendix G and do have the same questions that you do. Specifically, the following note at the end of the table in Appendix G states the following listed below. The note seems somewhat ambiguous when it states that a "temporary rating procedure may be used". I guess you would have to further dig out the definition of a "competition" and "committee". So, if a bunch of golfers want to "change it up a bit" and play a mix of tees, can they declare the round a "competition" and say they are the "committee" for defining t
  6. I bought 2 pairs of Costco's Eddie Bauer pants last Spring, and they were fantastic. Also loved the $20 price. Just a few days ago, I bought the latest version of the Eddie Bauer pants from Costco. Unfortunately, the size of the pants changed. The same size that fit me in last Spring is at least an inch too large in the waist. I returned the latest version of the pants to Costco. And, I have not re-ordered since these pants only come in even-numbered waist sizes.
  7. Totally agree regarding private club membership. Even on the weekends, with the tee sheet packed at 8-minute intervals, anything longer than 2 hours for 9 holes is unacceptable. On weekday mornings, I can play 18 holes (walking) in less than 3 hours.
  8. My club now has 7 sets of tees: green, white, white+, gold, blue, blue+, and black. The white+ tees are a combination of holes played from either the white or gold tees. The blue+ tees are a combination of the blue and black tees. The plus-tees (white+ and blue+) provide a nice flexibility that suits our Club members to best enjoy their golf based on their capabilities and desires. There's nothing more frustrating than playing behind golfers who are playing "too far back" . . . . for example, a bunch of 20 handicappers who drive the ball 200 yards playing off t
  9. The USGA provides guidelines for adjusting the course rating and slope based on modifications to the golf course. For example, if you move up from say the white tees, and played shorter yardages on 2 different holes, then you'd modify the course rating and slope of the white tees based on the combined yardage difference on the 2 holes. If the combined yardage differences is, for example 100 yards, then you would subtract 0.5 from the course rating and subtract 1 from the slope. The specific numerical guidelines are provided in a table in Appendix G of the USGA's World Handica
  10. I quit buying shoes without trying them on. Too many times I thought I was getting a bargain by buying online, only to be burned by getting shoes that don't fit. Here's just one example. I have been wearing New Balance athletic shoes in size 10.5 for 30 years. The NB golf shoes, size 10.5, were at least a size too small. Try the shoes on before you buy, even if you simply go to a sporting goods store to check out how different sizes from different brands fit.
  11. I have the Maltby TS-2 irons with Xcaliber Rapid Taper 75g graphite shafts. These were built by Popeye64. I'm very happy with these irons. I was looking for a higher ball flight and the benefits of graphite shafts after having major hand surgery. My previous irons were Ping Gs with Nippon 950GH steel shafts.
  12. CodeChaos is the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever worn.
  13. Read Local Rule E-5 and use it to promote fast play. My Club uses Rule E-5 for all play EXCEPT the top flight of the Club Championship.
  14. International CC is an excellent golf course (except one hole). The course has always been in excellent condition the dozen times that I have played it. The greens are superb -- and fast. There's a very nice practice area also. With everything in Northern Virginia, getting around the area is usually a traffic nightmare, especially on weekends.
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