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  1. Is that Nellie a modified design? The flange looks thinner to me. Really like the low profile. Can you post an at address picture? tim
  2. David can make anything. But I’ve read in the past that some head shapes take more persistence and persuasion than others.
  3. I associate that “red T” with the professional series lines and maybe the customs built at that time. Remember, David didn’t even have the option of a one-piece head until ~2008? It’s not David’s fault people falsely identified that T as Tour (knowingly or unknowingly).
  4. Been there too man. I once had a cat named Sammi 2K. And no she didn’t rush for 2000 yards
  5. I think you’ll be thrilled with your new putter when David gets it done! I’m surprised he doesn’t offer a model 1 in lefty.
  6. I still have a Palombi putter from Geo. Seems like such a long time ago now, but PT was the only place to get them. That was a fun and exciting time, seeing a member start making really cool putters!
  7. I was a member for years. This is the first time since it went down that I’ve read any information about why; Really appreciate it. Gonna really miss those collection archives. PT had some of the best IMHO.
  8. The first one is a custom I bought from a previous owner. I think it’s switched hands several times. I believe it’s a klassic model. Those also have flat bumpers. Feels really soft. Can’t go wrong with customs. The second is a trad II model Professional Series. It’s second generation. Not as soft as the first gen putters I’ve tried; little more clickish in my opinion. But nice look at address .
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