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  1. Kai'li white is supposed to be a slightly softer feeling shaft isn't it, supposedly 'white' type launch conditions with 'blue' feel. Is the torque higher to get that feel? I'm not an expert by any means, but Kuro Kage XT also has relatively high torque ratings at 60 gram for what is quite a stout low/low shaft. 4.1 at Reg, 4.0 at Stiff and 3.9 X.
  2. Tried the Tour AD GP 6? 6s might be a little too stiff but you could get a Regular and tip it or even a SR, I had 6s for nearly 2 years in my g410 lst and i've never hit a driver lower, my swingspeed is around 105, high ball hitter and high spin, this shaft really worked to lower spin too. Its a bit of a strange one because its not really supposed to be a low launch shaft but it seems to create those conditions for some and it did for me (do a quick search on here).
  3. I didn't see any options to increase the head weight on the sites i was looking at, i figured if i needed to i would use a bit of lead tape and get one over here when they came out. Ordered stock with the ping tour 65 with arccos. Checked the weight in the back and and it is 14 grams but it is good as it is, maybe even fractionally heavier than ping g410 with stock weight - i play my driver at 45". Didn't have any of the other shaft options like rogue 130 as standard which was a little disappointing, but i was always going to put the GP in it anyway.
  4. Got my 9 Deg LST from Japan last Friday, played 2 rounds with it since. Been using a Tour AD GP 6s which was in my 410 lst. Tried it at 9 and it was slightly higher launching than my g410 lst, so cranked it down to small -. Initial impressions: Very similar in look from the top, maybe a slightly deeper face on the 425?? Bottom of the club is much better. Feel/Sound is totally different kind of similar to the M6 which i've tested, worth buying for the feel alone over the g410 imo. Seems a little more fade biased than the 410 which i like, similar to the ping g ls tec which i've also played. Could have been hitting it slightly further than the g410 with a little more forgiveness - too early to tell though could just be the honeymoon period! So far so good, feels like small improvements in performance but a massive change in feel.
  5. I'm in the UK and ive just had the hosel crack on my 9 lst. I took it to my pro and they sent me a g400 lst for a replacement. Have to say the UK customer service was excellent. One option might be to ask them out about it on social media, twitter etc, you might get a more helpful response.
  6. Been playing the private reserve m5x this season and its the best feeling putter i've ever had, including scotty, bettinardi etc. Milled aluminium face but to me it feels like a soft steel, stunning.
  7. Glad i didn't buy it then! Its on ebay uk, link below: [https://ebay.co.uk/itm/Odyssey-Metal-x-Milled-putter/183776790904?hash=item2ac9f34978:g:ZaYAAOSwtYRctbo4](https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Odyssey-Metal-x-Milled-putter/183776790904?hash=item2ac9f34978:g:ZaYAAOSwtYRctbo4 "https://ebay.co.uk/itm/Odyssey-Metal-x-Milled-putter/183776790904?hash=item2ac9f34978:g:ZaYAAOSwtYRctbo4")
  8. Anyone ever seen a metal x 7 milled like this with 'normal' milling on the face? Can't find any info on this one, same shape as the f7 two ball
  9. Sliding weight. You can get the ones off ebay which fit both ports. I've ordered 3 sliding weights (a heavier one and two lighter ones), also got a 17 and 11 front weight to play with.
  10. If you call Callaway customer service, theyll send you weights at no charge. I got the ones I requested last week. Not in the UK they won't, already asked but they will sell one through an authorised distributor. Cheaper on ebay.
  11. Brilliant, thanks for the info, going onto eBay for some cheap weights.
  12. You can Callaway customer service and get a 14,16 or 20g weight for the APW track I'm in the UK so not that easy unfortunately, they will only sell through an authorised callaway dealer, i can go that route but its easier to order online and miss out the middle man. So that's why i was asking the question - do the sliding weights from the old epic fit the new epic flash head? Anyone tried yet?
  13. Just got the Flash SZ, had it on the range last night and sounded terrible with range balls. Out on the course this morning with pro v1x and it sounds much better, not that bad at all and quite muted. Headweight is really light though so will have to lead tape it for now, does anyone know if the epic sliding weights fit in this driver?
  14. G30 ls Tec is the most anti hook driver I have ever played, far more than the newer ping versions. Cobra Ltd pro runs it close second.
  15. Is the Tour version a 440cc head? Says on a website in the UK it is...... unless its a mistake, on the specifications table at the bottom. https://www.golfonline.co.uk/cobra-king-f9-driver
  16. Been using the Kinloch C, love the feel of it and its great on long putts but struggling with the aim compared to the piper c, tends to come out right slightly at shorter distances. Wish ping had given the option to have an adjustable shaft with this line like the previous two.
  17. Cobra Forged Tec, big heads but not massive, strong lofts, solid feel, medium top line, good looking clubs with good stock shafts (c taper or c taper lites)
  18. As posted in another thread, bought the Epic sub zero about a month ago but going back to my ping g ls tec. Epic is a nice driver, and miss hits are very forgiving but only similar to the ls tec. Epic was not longer for me and looks a lot smaller, which might be a plus to some but not me. The feel is better on the epic but the LS just edges it on everything apart from that.
  19. I'm going back to the G LS Tec, after a month with the Callaway Epic sub zero. I've not seen any distance gain and i'm hitting it okay, the Epic feels very nice, but looks a lot smaller compared to the LS and is less confidence inspiring.
  20. See the other thread, you probably didn't need to ask this question twice. Thanks for the reply, i wasn't sure i posted in the right thread, and does it really matter??
  21. What weights will fit the bottom of the SZ? Will the 815 weights do the job?
  22. What weights will fit the bottom of the SZ? Will the 815 weights do the job?
  23. Anyone in the UK received the epics yet?
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