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  1. The course I play is pretty much a goat track and the owner is retired military in his mid fifties. He does not put up with any junk. No one is allowed to tee off on the back nine first. If he were to spot someone try to go off the back they would be promptly asked to leave and better not give him any mouth or they would be banned.
  2. Great find! I would definitely not refinish it. I would use a cloth with some oil to clean it up and game it. I'm into guns also so I would use Rem Oil on it.
  3. Shot a 79 today for the lowest round I've had in months. I was regularly shooting in the mid 70's all summer and got the full swing yips. I played a few rounds with them and shot in the high 70's but ended up couldn't break 80 and was getting in the 90's. I had been trying to fix my OTT swing when it started. I finally quit worrying about trying to fix my OTT and my yips got better. I'm not completely free of them but the hesitation at the top of my swing is not near as bad.
  4. Man, they look awesome! I can't wait to hear how you like them after you put them in play. I still play a set that I bought new in 2015 and I also like the cavity and blue on the badge. I've never figured out why people find them ugly.
  5. If the original weights sat flush I would take a micrometer and measure the original versus the ones you are installing. If this is the original weights that don't sit flush from the factory I would be contacting SC.
  6. I hate when someone starts a thread like this and then disappears. Come on FBD and fill us in on what the rest of the story is and what you have decided to do.
  7. Sounds to me like the Callaway had the right loft and shaft that fits your swing and that brought about the extra yardage. Years ago I was at a Golfsmith and they a good selection of used Titleist 910 D2 drivers with various shafts. Kind of a self fitting. I hit every one of them and the 10.5 with the Diamana Kai'li shaft was far and away the best performer. It would be neat if you could run up with a similar store that has used drivers you could try out.
  8. I am in construction and use an air compressor everyday to power my pneumatic nail guns. I use a big compressor so we can run several guns simultaneously and have enough air to keep up. In my shop at home I use a smaller one of the same brand, Rol-Air but it is fairly loud. I also have a small Makita one that a friend gave me when he downsized his house that works great but is loud. Both does a great job blowing on grips, running one nail gun, putting air in tires and such. I recently saw an air compressor on the job that an interior trim carpenter was using. It is one of the newer kinds that features quiet technology that Lowe's or Home Depot offer. I was really impressed. Unbelievable how quiet it was! If I ever need to replace my smaller compressors, I will be buying one of the newer quiet tech ones and I would recommend you take a look at them too.
  9. I use the line with good success. My best rounds I have really concentrated on using the line on straight putts or ones that have just a little break. On severe side hill putts I use feel. I have not hit my irons well at all lately and I have found myself getting lazy on using the line. My putting is far less consistent when I don’t use it but I did have an oddly good putting round Friday when I didn’t use it.
  10. I bought a set new when they came out and still play them. 4-U with Nippon Modus 105 Stiff shafts. I messed around with some MP 62's and currently occasionally play a set MP 60's just for fun but the I's are my go to's. I have hit more good shots with the long irons than any other iron set I have ever played. Don't even get me started on the U wedge. Money club. Mine have seen a lot of use and have had several sets of grips but still look great.
  11. He might better look into switching to this shaft! I think I read that the borrowed shaft is shorter. Less distance but more control. Pretty neat story. I like how these guys help each other out on tour. Edit: Just saw where I already mentioned the shorter shaft in my first post.
  12. Good for Hovland leading. Like that dude. I haven't seen anything on here but saw on another news outlet where Danny Lee broke Hovland's driver on the range. Hovland ended up using someone else's Ping driver that was a touch shorter in his opening round.
  13. Click on the links in the posts that are above for the Spry Evo conversion and it tells how to take a 7/64" drill bit and drill the button back out.
  14. I had to rewind and go back to see what MAJ said and I too agree with him. If it hit below the hazard line does that mean he would have to go back and re tee?
  15. That's one of my sayings and I use a gravely voice when I say it. Kind of like an older Southern preacher would say. Is that strange?
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