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  1. I have been on GolfWRX for over 7 years and have never posted or read anything from The Clubhouse Grille. I had something funny happen today at the course and didn't want to start a thread, so I thought I'd post it here. A little background to the story. I play at a goat track course that is out in the country. It is public but has memberships. I play my rounds with a buddy, Jessie, who has been a member for 20 years and can shoot anywhere from 67 to 75 typically. I have been a member 5 years and have never beaten him until last Saturday. I shot a 74 last year while he shot a 70. That was my
  2. I put a hybrid back in my bag after many years of not being able to hit one. A Titleist 910h 19*. From 2010 and I am hitting some great shots with it. Off the tee and from the fairway.
  3. I've got a saying......The longer I stay married, the more I like mowing grass. Peaceful time. So I could see myself on a grounds crew also.
  4. It is episode 105. I will post a link but not sure if it will pull up or not on the No Laying Up Podcast. It is long but is worth the time. NLU Podcast, Episode 105: Club Pro Guy | Podcasts | No Laying Up
  5. GB, you are on to something here. Love the part about Hank and the popsicles. I read Hank's book and that was one of several weird things about Tiger that Hank wrote about.
  6. Absolutely! When I heard the NLU Podcast with CPG I about died laughing at the US Kids club deal! Playing a 28" driver hurt him!
  7. My wife says that I will have a hobby for a few years then switch and she isn't entirely wrong. I played golf when I was just out of high school for a few years then got into bowhunting and 3D Archery tournaments. So It was shooting a bow all year long and I loved it. Shot for about 12 years. I then started quail hunting and training pointing dogs. Did that for about 6 years but that was a pretty expensive hobby. I gave that up and got back into golf about 11 years ago and hope to stick with it for many years.
  8. So Tiger lost all claim by letting one slip away so that makes Jack the GOAT........wait Jack let 19 slip away....well who would be next in line for the GOAT then?
  9. A good part of my clubs are wedges. I play a set of Ping iE1 irons from 2015 that has a 45* PW and 50* U wedge. I also use Cleveland Wedges in 52, 56 & 60*. PW- 130 yards U - 120 yards 52- 110 yards 56- 100 yards 60- 85 yards
  10. I started playing the QST last year around this time. I had played the ones I would find at the course and liked the way they felt so decided to take advantage of the BOGO. A buddy and I went to a nice course that we had never played and I debuted them. He actually thought I was crazy to try them on a new course but I played a really good round with them. My lowest score before using the QST was several 78's. I have shot 74 twice with the yellow QST's. Not gonna lie, I was disappointed that Srixon went to B2GO but it still is a good deal on a great ball. I ordered 6 dozen this afternoon.
  11. Looks like John Rahm was just told some bad news by an official.
  12. I tied my ATL and shot a 74. 3 birdies on the front for 35 but a bogey and a double on the back for a 39. First time I ever beat my buddy as he shot a 75. Scorecard is now in my home office on tucked into the picture frame of the layout of Augusta National.
  13. I don't really have many putters, compared to an average WRXer. In order of most recent usage: Cameron Squareback 1 Cameron Newport Mid Slant PP Ping Cadence B65 Cameron Red X I have a few different Ping Blade putters that never get used.
  14. I really like yellow golf balls and have played them along with a mix in of Callaway Chrome Soft TruVis in various colors over the last few years. My favorite ball right now is the yellow Srixon Q-Star Tour. Most of the time I play my rounds with a buddy and he only plays white Pro V's. I played in a little fun 2 on 2 match today and 3 out the 4 were playing yellow/green balls. Bridgestone E12 in yellow, Maxfli SoftFli in green and my Q-Star in yellow.
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