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  1. Would you be interested in a 913 d3 8.5 with a Miyazaki Kusala 56X tour issued shaft? as a trade.
  2. Here are my last two Bettinardi sticks left.[attachment=2455511:DSC_0329.JPG][attachment=2455517:DSC_0334.JPG]
  3. [quote name='J.W.' timestamp='1413156552' post='10275843'] [quote name='boycer11' timestamp='1413153919' post='10275633'] [quote name='J.W.' timestamp='1413148238' post='10275323'] Absolutely killing mine right now.... honeymoon... maybe. Its 10-12 longer than my 913D2... a little more optimized and a little faster ball speed. Awesome club. [/quote] What setup are you playing? Are you able to compare it to the g30 woods? Thanks! [/quote] Yes, I had both setup identically: G30 9- Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.3TS, X-Flex, 44.75" MCC Grip @ D4 swingweight vs 915D2 8.5-Fujikura Mo
  4. I just purchased a pair. I'm hoping I don't have the falling off spike issue. I'll know soon enough, playing on Tuesday.
  5. geobec

    Winter ball

    [quote name='ocburg17' timestamp='1412951164' post='10265323'] [color=#282828]Bridgestone E6 works well for me in the fall/winter. Also NXT Tours which I will randomly throw in the bag year round. [/color] [/quote] I second the Bridgestone E6
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