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  1. Actually, Callaway has gone on the "PING/Titleist" cycle as well. Except for special releases. So it seems everyone is learning flooding the market ain't the best business approach. Between 2015-2016 Callaway has released xr, big bertha 815, v series, xr 16, big bertha 816, another big bertha, now steelhead. That doesn't even include different iron lines. Not to mention odyssey has launched 3 different lines of putters and callaways has launched 6 versions of wedges. I am sorry but I couldn't disagree with you more. They are flooding the industry.
  2. Ya Allenby is a baby back.... cry baby.
  3. It drives me insane how older players think they had it so tough. The fields have so much depth now and the players talents levels are so high.
  4. I wonder how these would compare to our top golf balls...
  5. Golo is such a good looking mallet, he always has the sickest color schemes as well.
  6. Thanks again for all this input.
  7. I don't think he wasted his golf talent, golf has given him alot. I think he wasted his life talents. He does a lot of good and seems to be a guy's guy.
  8. [quote name='YMark' timestamp='1353970611' post='5981867'] [quote name='golfermike01' timestamp='1353919646' post='5979393']Tiger even let my friend out drive him on a hole (Tiger hit 3-wood though). [/quote] Your friend out drove Tiger and Tiger hit a 3-wood? Impressive. Tiger could out drive me with a 3-iron, but I can't put up WRX numbers like most. [/quote] AHAH!
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