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  1. Two pair 34x30 $50 for the pair plus shipping Used - but in good condition One pair black with white pin stripe down the leg. One pair grey with pink pin stripe down the
  2. Looking to pick this up locally. It's cheap. Real?
  3. I think TM and tennis is a good fit. But Blake is a little past his 'prime'. Still a good move IMHO
  4. #youwin Bubbles: Mad MC skills, leave ya struck, and I roll with ma kitties, and I'm hard as f*** Best TPB Season? *Hint: Answer is Season 3
  5. Thrillhouse: 1. If I can't smoke or swear, I'm f*cked or? 2. R. - I grew the xxxxxx' dope, it's my f*ckin' money B - You can't scream 'dope' out in the bank. R - Dope! Dope! Dopety-f*ckin'-dope-dope! PS - I'm from NS, so to me, the cultural relevance of TPB is boundless
  6. [quote name='poizster' timestamp='1339560184' post='5082164'] 1-0 Seattle, nice. [/quote] x2
  7. My brain says that I should pick OKC. They are the team to beat, imho. However, there is a lot to be said about Miami's win last night - I think that win gives Miami some much needed momentum. The defensive matchups are going to be interesting for game 1.
  8. I think he borrowed those from my Dad's closet
  9. Just cut the bottoms out of the pockets. Problem solved
  10. [quote name='tbomb' timestamp='1339081081' post='5046782'] EI: The Rodeo - While "performing" from behind, you tell her that her sister is better...and then you hold on.... [/quote] We have a similar phrase. "Dog in the Tub" - When you attempt to put your twig [b]& [/b]berries in her behind at the same time, is like trying to keep a dog in the tub.
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