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  1. This driver looks absolutely amazing at address and i am a very high spin player. This driver would provide confidence at address with the performance necessary for booming drives
  2. My putting is very questionable and it would be great to add a tour putter that may help the stroke
  3. Thoughts on this ball. I know some of the Nike staffers are using this over the One Tour and i was wondering how this ball compares to the ProV1X and other balls of its kind
  4. Spencer Levin Adam Scott Tommy Armour III Rich Beem
  5. Need HelpI need serious help with my impact position. I often cast or flip with serious use of my hand on the downswing. This leads to an incredibly steep downswing along with a weak trajectory. Im looking for a piercing strong trajectory that i need good compression for. What are some tips for a strong impact position and one that is without so much hand use
  6. sounds like you are thinking WAYYY too much. Get back to basics man. Check your grip. Check your alignment. Make sure you swing with a smooth tempo and start the downswing with the lower body. When you focus on simple things like this instead of wrist ****, steepness of swing, i think you will find you game much quicker and with better results
  7. my diet is usually cereal, pizza, pasta, and cheeseburgers. Unhealthy but im 17 years old, have a fast metabolism, and can't resist the temptation of delicious food
  8. Spencer Levin. People tend to say a lot of bad things about him but when i met him personally he was incredibly cool and friendly. I also am rooting for Matt Every
  9. they can't they turned pro at the Big Stakes
  10. I know he bombs the ball but i am still suprised to see him playing the hx tour 56. I would think he would definitely compress it too much or spin the ball too much with the driver
  11. go blueboard. Provides enough spin to work great with the low spin head of the j33. I have the blueboard in mine and i love the feel and performance
  12. Baddely's team fired a 54 today at the pro-am. insane.
  13. absolutely. Most of the time they talk about long irons shots it is on sunday with the adrenaline flowing. Now i know the announcers inflate distances but i would not be suprised seeing a pro hit his irons very far when hes in contention on sunday
  14. I absolutely love my Hogan Apex 2 iron. Long and accurate off the tee and a very good club to keep under the wind. I won't be switching to a hybrid anytime soon
  15. Woody's the man im really pulling for him. I love how he isn't afraid to say whats on his mind while most PGA tour players are afraid of offending
  16. YOU DA MANNNNN GET IN THE HOLEEEEE who knows why they do it. alcohol would be my guess plus no regard for etiquette
  17. Does anyone know what ball Pablo Martin and Anthony Kim are playing??? Black or platinum
  18. this was absolutely brutal. 125 yard par 3 so i decided to hit a soft PW. It started off right at the pin and i knew right away if i had the right distance the shot could be really good. Well, it was.....just inches away from the cup. It was so close it messed up the right side of the hole
  19. rory sabbatini came off as a total ***** when i saw him in person
  20. I actually really like it. Nickent must have seen the good feedback TM got from the black finish on the Superquad and wanted to emulate it
  21. I like Stenson to break out and come up with a major
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