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  1. Wilson irons are criminally underrated. Have the Staff Blades and V6's and love them both. GLWS!
  2. Up for sale is a gorgeous set of Callaway Legacy Black aka the "Stenson" model. Hard to find these, let alone in great condition like this set. These are the softest set of irons I have ever played - just an absolute joy when middled. I would be happy to keep these, but they are not getting that much playing time and figured someone else should enjoy. asking $old! On to the specs and pics! - KBS Tour HT 130X, soft stepped 1x on install and built to a D4 swing weight - minus 1/4" (37.75" 5 iron length) - lofts are standard Legacy Black spec and lie angles are currently 2 degrees flat - Lamkin crossline ace 3gen standard grips
  3. Three items up for sale. PM me with any quesitons. I am quick to respond. Will ship within 24 hours of PayPal payment. 1. Raw Mizuno Pro MS 201 in Parotitic theme - 3-PW - Standard L/L/L - DG S300 shafts (no shaft bands) - STM S-1 grips - BB&F ferrules - I bought this set from Twirled Clubs and have only used them once. - Pics tell the story - amazing set! - Willing to sell as two half-sets if I have buyers for both asking $650 for whole set or $315 for half set 2. JPX 919 Tour - 4-PW - Black KBS $-Taper 125 S+ - Standard L/L/L - Aftermarket ferrules - MCC Black/White grips - There is substantial face wear on the short irons - Priced to move given the condition of the short iron faces asking $old 3. MP18 Fli-Hi 2 iron - KBS C-Taper 130x - Z Cord Align grip - Very nice condition and sparingly used - This is an absolute bomber and great for cheating the wind and running out asking $125
  4. Two great items today. PM me with any questions. I will ship within 24 hours of PayPal payment. 1. Raw Callaway X-Forged 2018 4-PW - I picked these up on here recently and played 2 rounds with them. Fantastic set that feel so soft, but just not the right shaft for me sadly. - Plays of 37.75" 5 iron (1/4" below) - PX LZ 6.0 shafts - New MCC grips (note the 5iron has black/white grip) - BB&F ferrules - 4i is uncut and not gripped (I will ship with two extra MCC black/white grips) - Standard loft and lie Asking $old 2. Chicago Golf Club RLX Fleece - I had the great fortune of playing Chicago Golf Club recenelty. Sadly, this awesome fleece that I picked up does not fit me well. Feels more like a small-medium, than a true medium. - Brand new with tags - Will include the CGC shopping bag and a CGC pencil (kind of cool for those of you into that kind of stuff!) Asking $175 OBO
  5. So how did they play out at Lawsonia? Twirled Clubs is amazing. Also had a great experience with them.
  6. For sale are two combo sets. I will ship out within 24 hours of payment. Please PM me with any questions. Will entertain trade offers for other unique sets of irons. Don White-Scratch Golf Raw Combo Set 7i-PW blades, 5i-6i pocket cavity, 4i full cavity KBS Tour 120s black shafts (no shaft labels for clean look) Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard size grips (in very good condition) 1* flat lie angle, 1/4-1/2" under standard length and standard lofts Raw finish with a nice patina going DD grind I will probably regret letting these go! Asking $old! Srixon z5/7/965 Combo Set 7i-PW 965s, 5i-6i 765s, 4i 565 PX LZ 6.5x shafts Golf Pride MCC standard size grips 1* flat lie angle, 1/4" under standard length and standard lofts Some browning and wear spots in 6i-9i Asking $295 OBO
  7. For sale is a beautiful set of Mizuno MP20 HMBs. 4-9 iron (i.e. no PW). These are built by Mizuno at 1* flat, standard length and standard loft. They come with really slick looking KBS Black PVD $-Taper 130x shafts and standard Golf Pride Z-Cord grips. These are a great set for someone who is interested in hollow head forgiveness and speed, but without the "flyer" balls that some other hollow head irons produce. Have great feel as well, soft but with speed. Asking $575 $old OBO.
  8. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel : DONE 2. Search for your local Club Champion location : DONE 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Chicago, IL 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Irons
  9. Happy hump day! For sale are two great items. Please PM me with any questions or offers. I will ship within 24 hours of payment. Thanks for looking! 1. Nike Roshe G - Rare / hard to find color way, size 11.5, brand new... have not even tried them on...asking $old 2. Mizuno JPX 919 Combo set - 5-7iron are forged and 8-PW are tour, KBS C-Taper 120s, JumboMax UltraLite grips, Standard L/L/L - asking $450
  10. For sale is a great set of Srixon 745s. I picked these up here a few weeks ago and just haven't been able to take them for a spin. Figured they deserve a good (better) home. 7 iron has the most wear. 4-PW KBS FST Tour 120s Lamkin UTX Standard Cord Grips Standard L/L/L Asking $425
  11. Up for sale is a very clean set of Srixon 945s. I picked thus up on here a few weeks back, but going to stick with my Miuras. 4-PW Rifle 6.5s (no shaft bands) Standard length, loft, and -1 Flat Winn DiTrac grips in very good shape (Installed in April) Custom white ferrules (the ferrules have some slight discoloration from a new stitch bag liner...I'm sure would buff out no problem) Asking $old
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