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  1. What’s in your current bag? Callaway Legacy Black w/ Speeder 661 Stiff, What is your current handicap? 12 Where are you located (City, State, Country)? Houma, LA USA What driver (brand/model/loft) will you be installing this in? Callaway Legacy Black or Epon AF 504D If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing Mitsubishi Rayon / Graphite Shaft TENSEI™ CK ProWhite review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the shaft. YES! Absolutely! Desired driver shaft weight and flex (reference product specification information for details)? TENSEI™ CK
  2. [quote name='RMT28265' timestamp='1440983665' post='12236716'] What is the number on the Rors? [/quote] its in the 300s i believe .. but will have to double check
  3. Ok got 2 kids now and stepping out of the game to become a occasional golfer now... need to get these out ... please use pictures as the condition of the items as ALL ITEMS ARE USED! if you need or want more pictures please let me know. First up is Yamada Musashi (Either im selling this or the Nike RORS not both) 34" with blue grip. stock head cover included .... $1,000 Shipped NIKE RORs Putter ... everything included besides balls... Putter still wrapped up and perfect!!! - $775 shipped YES! Putter Rachel ... $80 Shipped Epon 153 9.5* with BangVOO Premium FLEX-S 250 cp
  4. ok ... selling these beastly WOODS and wedges ... i just cant handle anything over stiff after i hurt my elbow... FIrst, JBEAM BM-435 BLACK with Crazy La Bomba Royal Decoration Athlete Magarun Flex SX.... $750 Shipped CONUS Modart 3 wood ... MA01F 16* with Diamana B Series Shaft is X flex... plays to 43".... $335 Shipped CONUS Epon 210KGX 50* and 58* wedges with N.S. Pro 105 Wedge shafts... has life left in them ... $$sold for both Shipped CONUS...
  5. Thanks guys ... It is a great putter ... Just got caught buying the yamada putter from here... One gotta go quick lol
  6. Well... Got the NIke Method Prototype 006... $SOLD ... If you just want the putter .. let me know... we will work something out
  7. Man first I get the Nike proto 006, then grabbed a Yamada off bst, now I'm eyeing the hell out of this 009 to try to see what putter would win a spot in my bag!!!
  8. Might be selling mine ... Got a yamada off bst today ... Only one will be staying
  9. jesus that was worst than sneaker releases my little brother does.... had no chance
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